Thursday, 17 March 2011

Naru, 230 Shaftesbury Avenue

Wanting cheap Asian cuisine but not wanting to go to Chinatown can be tough sometimes, so instead we walked a few minutes away from Chinatown, where the restaurants are probably still influenced by those prices but the atmosphere doesn't feel too touristy. However Naru isn't cheap, well student cheap. We had a three person dinner with one desert and starter shared between the three of us and the bill came up to £45.10! Yes £15 per person! Students all over the country will be crying at that. I was shocked too but I had enough money to pay - thank god.

Naru is a cozy little restaurant situated slightly off the craziness of Soho and Oxford Street, it doesn't have the normal Korean grill in the middle of the table so the place doesn't feel too stuffy but they only had one waitress when we were there so it was a little hectic even when the place wasn't packed.

We ordered, or at least I tasted the Jap Chae Spring rolls (the cheapest starter on the menu!), some sort of Fried Chicken with sweet and sour sauce and red bean cake I think it was. However none of the meals come with rice so we had to pay £2 extra for that. We ordered a starter because we hadn't had any lunch so we were feeling quite peckish.

The Jap Chae Spring Rolls were lovely, the rolls were crispy and the Jap Chae inside was lovely to compliment the texture, shared between 3 it was a little small though. The fried chicken in sauce was quite nice, a little too sticky on the mouth though and a little too much! But it was worth the price tag. Finally the red bean cake was lovely, there were 4 or 5 layers of different ingredients all complimenting each other very well, yet again the waitress was rather surprised when we told her we were sharing the desert - as it was one little serving of cake!

The food was lovely but the price was a little steep for students. The waitress was nice, though a little confusing at times but I would consider coming back albeit with parents rather than student friends.

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