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ANTM - Down to the final 7

Why is the Final 7 so momentuous? because it's one week before overseas! This cycle promised so much, but sadly it has not delivered the way it could have. To be very honest I think a lot of the girls that have an interesting or potential model look have already been eliminated and what we are left with now are the pretty girls, the plain girls and the Tyra-thinks-so girls.

Gabrielle - She had potential, yes she did, but I wouldn't in a million years see Gabrielle make it further than Week 3 in a competition like ANTM. She just doesn't fit in.

Naduah - In an attempt to make the whole competition a bit more edgy Tyra enlisted Naduah, sadly Naduah wasn't really edgy she was instead actressy and tbh we could find that type of girl anywhere.

Ren - Ren was definitely the biggest diamond in the rough this cycle - bigger than Alasia! She had so much potential and so much going for her, sadly like Danielle - who got eliminated before Top 13, she will just never be able to get far on ANTM as her look is not what ANTM is currently going for.

Simone - A very pretty girl who looked amazing most times I saw her on the show but sadly I don't think she'll ever really cut it as a model. She's a great looking girl and one of my favourites but she's purely there for us to gawk at.

Tatianna - She had a distinct look which could have played highly in her hands. Like Naduah and Ren before her she was one of the girls that looked different and had potential.

Brenda - Brenda looks the part but she didn't play the part. Out of the 8 girls left she had the most distinct look which would get her noticed but sadly she just didn't have the spark.

And the girls that are left...

Alasia - She is a huge diamond in the rough. She needs to believe in herself and then perform because in person she has a lot of potential. With the right styling she just pops out from the group - that was evident in the Seventeen styling. She's a gorgeous girl but she can potential sabotage her own chances. Diamond in the rough 1.

Alexandra - She is undeniably a pretty girl. The conventional pretty girl syndrome has been a part of Simone, Jessica and Alexandra and in Tyra's world that is too much. Tyra has already eliminated Simone and I believe one of Jessica or Alexandra or possibly both will be eliminated before the Top 4. Pretty Girl

Angelea - Sorry guys I just don't see Angelea as a model. She has definitely got some good shots in this competition but whether she'll truely make a good model - I don't think so. Tyra-thinks-so girl

Anslee - In my opinion Anslee doesn't have the model looks or potential. Some may say her face is gorgeous but I think it can easily look a bit aged. She can take good photos but she just doesn't have much to distinguish her from anybody else. She's in my plain looks category. Plain girl.

Jessica - she is being edited as the back stabbing bitch I think. Sadly Tyra doesn't seem to have time for her. Whilst I like Jessica I think she's overated and I think the judges think that too. Pretty Girl

Krista - Yes Krista performed well this week but that still doesn't class her as model to me. Sadly I just don't see it but everyone on the show seems to think she's the second Teyona! Eek. Tyra-thinks-so Girl

Raina - Out of all the girls I think Raina is the best, you must have got the gist by now. Raina just has it all but I don't think she has the title. From reading her blog and seeing how she's showing a lot more post show activity than the other girls I think Raina is going to be part of a shock elimination, sadly. Diamond in the rough 2.

So who do I think will be the unlucky girl to go next week... hmmm.... Let's analyse.

Alasia - A bad edit this week puts Alasia in the firing line for next week. I think the only thing saving her in the judges side is ALT, hopefully his enthusiam for her hasn't waned yet as I do see Alasia as a huge potential. From these episodes I don't actually see Alasia winning anymore but lets hope she makes the Top 3.

Alexandra - How many times has she been featured? How many times has she been edited badly? We haven't seen much of Alexandra to remember lately, that can mean good or bad. For the past few cycles girls who don't get mentioned much early on normally go on to win, but those girls also get a lot of praise and are extremely quirky or different looking, I don't think Alexandra fits into either so I potentially see her getting a lot of screen time next episode and being eliminated. She's been middling with the judges and in Tyra's eyes that's worse than rollercoastering up and down the rankings. Chances are high but I personally think she's into the Top 6.

Angelea - Angelea is looking like a favourite (with the judges of course). Before Cycle 11 favourites (as in girls with the best callouts) rarely won but since Cycle 11 the favourites in the judges eyes has always won. Will Angelea win? I don't think so. Will she go far - sadly I think she will. If Angelea continues to improve I may forgive her rudeness but if she doesn't she needs to go. I also want to rectify this weird thought pattern that some girls have (and some fans actually), REAL does not equal RUDE, you can be real yet graceful and calm e.g. Nicole Cycle 13. Angelea is real but just because Raina, Jessica, Brenda are more calm doesn't mean they aren't REAL. Jessica is slightly fake I agree but Brenda is just an unconfident bunny and Raina is just trying to mind her own business.

Anslee - Anslee is at the bottom of the pile from everything I've read. She may not have produced a god-what-the-hell photo as such but she hasn't produced any great shots either. Personally I don't think Anslee is staying and I still think she's is the most likely to be eliminated girl next episode but she's been hanging on a thin line for the past few weeks so you never know! Also she's been seen with decoys so she's probably gone.

Jessica - I think this episode was the killer for her. Tyra has been hiding her away for the past few episodes so the fans can love her but this episode would definitely split fans. I'm between OK to like with her. The only reason why she's in my favourites section is because this cycles competition is thinning in my opinion. She will never win I don't think but she can potentially go far - or get eliminated next episode seeing none of the judges are backing her at the moment.

Krista - Whilst typing I was also thinking about the potential winner and I got scared because the more I thought about it the more I saw Krista winning! Whilst Angelea is basking in the love Krista is getting some of that attention. She hasn't done anything wrong in the judges eyes for a few episodes and she hasn't really been edited badly for a long long time. She's been getting a few confessionals in and she is quirky enough to go underground most of the cycle and end up winning. The more i look at it the more I see Krista winning - oh no!

Raina - Raina will get far, she has to! But I don't see her chances of winning that high anymore. She's just got a lot of post show things on the internet and sadly that normally spells - I didn't win. I think if she doesn't win it'd be as big of a shock as Whitney winning over Anya - whilst I wasn't a huge fan of either Anya was definitely better.

Possibilities... Girls that normally fall at 7th are ones that haven't had much of an edit
Most Likely - Anslee, Alexandra
Possible - Jessica, Alasia
Could be - Krista, Raina
Not likely - Angelea

Most Likely - For this week it goes to: Krista
Possible - Raina
Could be - Alasia, Angelea
Maybe  - Alexandra, Jessica
Unlikely - Anslee

Ok I'm going to try and predict how they leave!
7th - Anslee
6th - Jessica
5th - Alexandra
4th - Angelea
3rd - Alasia
2nd - Raina
1st - Krista

That scares me a lot! 
If Anslee goes next week everybody left would have an A as the last letter of their name :)

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