Thursday, 8 April 2010

Miss Dominican Republic 2010

I decided to post about Miss Dominican Republic because I saw a lot of girls that I liked the look of, though many of them looked a bit overdone and high maintenance there were still a lot of dazzling stunners amongst the plethora of beautiful girls. I'm a huge fan of contestants from the Dominican Republic from this decade only we've had Amelia Vega - my favourite MU of all time, Marianne Cruz and Ada Aimee de La Cruz, Renata Sone wasn't bad either. Anyway back to this year, I've gathered my current Top 5 to show you, see what you think :)

Alma Alvarez Alfonso - Miss Samana
A multiracial butterfly lol! If you watch ANTM you'll know what I mean.

Eva Arias - Miss Espaillat
Looks a bit photoshopped but oh well.

Olga Lidia Navarro - Miss Hermanas Mirabal
I can't be the only one that sees a slight resemblance to Ada Aimee de la Cruz can I?

Libell Duran Caba - Miss Communidad Dominicana en Estados Unidos
There's something unique about her, yes she looks like she's a fan of plastic surgery but 21,387 votes, the current lead, on the official website surely begs some consideration.

Sarah Feliz Mok - Miss Bahoruco
Look at this photo and tell me she doesn't look pretty here, go on tell me! She was also in 2007 which featured Marianne Cruz and Ada Aimee de la Cruz, maybe that year could breed another Top 5 Miss Universe!


  1. This is really a great article thanks for posting it in here

  2. I truly believe that love is a beutiful thing and the world tries to catergorize age along with it

  3. Thanks for putting this here! Man i wish Miss Samana would have won ; im dominican and i was looking for information like this! Im impressed that you wrote a blog about Dominican Republic's contestants for Miss DR 2010 thank you so much you rock!

  4. Thanks for the comment, you won't believe how long it has been since I've had a genuine comment.

  5. these girls are beautiful but they can't compare to the top 50 most beautiful women ever list.