Thursday, 1 April 2010

Eurovision 2010

I've just finished listening to the 39 entries of this years Eurovision but sadly I've been left disappointed. It's just a drone of generic songs unlike last year which had a decent mix. Whilst this is probably the first year where I can't say I particularly hate any song it is the first year where nothing really stood out to me. It seems all of the participants are playing it safe for the jury - I'm wondering whether this move was Justify Fulla good one. In some ways I miss the "cheese" of Eurovision because at least that made it somewhat fun and different - the biggest cheese this year is probably Serbia and the UK in fact.

On first impressions I put Ireland, Malta, Portugal and Sweden as people to look out for. Out of the 4 Sweden has the best odds at the moment, I liked her because she sounded different and somewhat contemporary, it's also a nice song. Portugal is low down on the odds for some reason I don't know why because I thought Portugal sang her song well and it was one of the better ballads. Whilst Ireland and Malta I don't really remember why they were notable - eek! Well the Maltese girl was better than Chiara imo.

I also noted Israel, Ukraine and Norway. Ukraine is lying about mid-table in terms of odds whilst Israel is currently 3rd. He's probably the best looking guy this year so it's quite obvious he's high up, his song is also OK with a good deal of big notes to keep us interested. I wouldn't mind if Harel Skaat did win actually.

Germany is currently at top of the odds table. I kind of understand why but I'm not keen. Hearing her I was left with mixed feelings. Whilst I find her quite an interesting artiste I found that she sounded like a 40 year old girl and the song was very girly pop which could be good yet also could be very bad! I'd definitely not be happy if she won. Azerbaijan, another young girl, is 2nd on the odds table. Whilst I think her song is better I think it may be less memorable - it all depends how well they perform really.

I am disappointed with this years crop as there isn't anything striking, I'm worried that Germany might win even with a jury - that can spell bad things in the future.

I think it's near unanimous that Josh Dubovie - the UK entry - is going to land us back in the bottom of the table. I'm sorry Josh you're a nice guy but it's just not working. BUT I put more of the blame down to Pete Waterman and his crew who wrote that weak pop song. It's just not going to work, it may have worked late 90s and early 00s but it doesn't work now - felt weird saying that!

There were also some on first instance I didn't like
Russia - Youtube sensation - lol!
Bosnia and Herzegovina - why is he singing like that? I've heard him in other things and he didn't sound like that.
Finland - what have you done Finland!
Netherlands - very weak child's song
Slovenia - probably the weirdest entry this year, it just doesn't work.

Other notable things
Armenia's quite high on the odds, I think Eva Rivas is a good singer and Armenia normally gets good scores but I don't understand the song. What has apricot stones got to do with it? I think if the song changed the apricot stones to something a bit less random it could be a big hit with me.

Belarus weren't half bad, I liked them actually but we'll have to see - their odds are mid table atm.

Belgium was also decent but the phrase "me and my guitar" got on my nerves.

Croatia are one of the bigger names this year who can win but I thought the song was ruined by the weird key and tempo change early on, if not for that glitch I think they would be one of my favourites.

Cyprus, go Jon! He's Welsh so he'll be flying my flag for the UK! lol, though his odds aren't that much better.

Denmark is a favourite and I can potentially see them winning. They have a classic Eurovision song, they are currently lying 5th.


  1. Too many ballad's this year. But my favorite is Georgia. Sofia Nizharadze's voice is very powerful and beautiful i think.

  2. I like Sofia but it depends on how well she sings live as I've only seen the MV for Shine. I'm not all that keen on "Shine" but Sofia seems decent.