Thursday, 29 April 2010


Why is my brother so inconsiderate? He just does what he wants! He's taken the speakers outside the house and is playing music in the garden really loudly. There's a primary school really near by and they're about to go home whilst my brother is playing loud music with swear words in basically every line. I myself think it's inevitable that children will hear swear words in every day life but some parents are totally against this and make a lot of fuss about it and may complain about us to the the local councils. I don't want the neighbours to dislike us but my brother is making that really difficult. I just don't understand why you need to play music really loudly. If you want to drown out all the other sounds listen to it on your headphones. There's a time and a place for loud music as it can be really annoying to other people. I sound like a killjoy don't I but I really do find people who play loud music without considering those around them to be really offensive and plain rude. How can my brother be less mature than I am when he's nearly 31 and I'm 18!

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