Thursday, 8 April 2010

Miss Universe GB

How can I make a series of posts about pageants without my local one! Well actually Miss Universe GB isn't that interesting to me you don't get to see it and it's probably very unorganised anyway. Well last year Clair Cooper was a great representative for us and I applaud you again Clair, you may not necessarily be the prettiest but you were definitely one of the most fun, engaging and interesting girls of the pageant you also had killer presence and style. There isn't that much to go by for my favourites, there is nothing besides a small grainy photo and a few words from each candidate, anyway I've managed to find my favourite (and it seems she's the hot favourite for the crown also)... Sophie Jones. Oh I forgot to mention that one of the prices was a contract with Vibe models, who seem to prize themselves with having WAGs in their rostrum!

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