Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Cupid Stupid

I've just finished watching Cupid Stupid, it's possibly one of the most annoying series I've watched for some time. I applaud Tsui Yue On for being somewhat original in terms of the ending but everything was rather painful to watch, the ending was extremely painful, in a way it reminded me of Shine on You, where the couple we all wanted to be together weren't together in the end. I think Cupid Stupid had a lot of potential to go far but sadly I felt it imploded before the ending and personally the ending was not to my liking. Sad endings are not common for Hong Kong series, whilst Korean series can get away with it because every episode basically focuses on the couples storyline Hong Kong doesn't produce Romcoms like Korea does, Hong Kong tends to try and add other things to the plot which diverts your attention away from the romance plot therefore in actual fact there is little time to develop a connection between a couple pairing.

Personally the ending left me utterly annoyed. I think we all know that Twinkle wanted to be with Chi Yat Po and vice versa but both just let Jeff to take over. I'd almost rather the series was generic and Twinkle went to England to study design and comes back with a boyfriend and Chi Yat Po and Jeff have moved on - that would be so TVB. Whilst annoying endings like these normally leave an impression on the viewer I think Cupid Stupid didn't because in the end we all felt a bit stupid for watching it simply because all the fuss came down to a let down of a climax, it just ended quite abruptly and left you not feeling satisfied at all. It was in fact quite similar to Vagabond Vigilante which aired on Saturday's and Sunday's in the UK. Both had rather painful endings that made us question the point of watching it at all. In the end I watch Romcoms to make me feel happy inside and Cupid Stupid just didn't do it which was a shame, I can go on and on about it but I think this is enough. Now onto my nominations :)

Best Actor
Steven Ma

Steven is really leading the way in terms of Best Actor at the moment. In both series he's portrayed his character well, I find it slightly disturbing that nearing the age of 40 Steven can still portray first love like he's in his mid to late 20's. I think Steven is underated, he really deserves recognition for his roles in A Watchdog's Tale and Cupid Stupid but obviously that won't happen. I actually find his role in Cupid Stupid rather like Raymond Lam in Moonlight Resonance, of course without all that drama. Whilst this role probably isn't as difficult as his role in A Watchdog's Tale to portray I do believe that Steven performed better here, it felt more natural.

Best Actress
Tavia Yeung

Tavia portrayed her character well, not brilliantly but worthy of some recognition. I think she acted better at the start of the series, it does seem that Tavia tends to lose that genuine touch when it comes to dramatic stuff. She is definitely a great actress when it comes to the more down to earth things, it flows well but when there's some sort of tension in the plot we see a few cracks in her portrayals.

Best Supporting Actor
No Nominations

Best Supporting Actress
Kingdom Yuen

Bar a few places where she looked like she was going to call NG on herself I felt that it was all very natural and believable. Her character was very down to earth and relatable. The viewer was led to feel sorry for her situation, it was interesting that such a down to earth character was at one point affected by star signs and the lot.

Best Couple
Steven Ma and Tavia Yeung

Steven and Tavia were the perfect couple in this series, the chemistry they had before Jeff stuck his immature foot in was so genuine and lovely to watch, I think the difference if this series was Korean would be that we'd get Steven and Tavia all the way through but maybe with hurdles such as Jeff they need to tackle. Jeff was just an unwelcome addition to their relationship and I found that the love plots were poorly managed by Tsui Yu On, I just didn't want to watch how Chi Yat Po couldn't tell Twinkle his love, I didn't want to watch how Twinkle was slowly falling for Jeff, it was just all too annoying! What i wanted to watch was Steven and Tavia as buddies and maybe they would develop into a couple but the gem in this series was definitely the friendship Steven and Tavia had.

Kingdom Yuen and Ram Chiang

Didn't expect another nomination did you! Throughout this year I have been more impressed with the supporting couples rather than the leading couples. Kingdom Yuen held this couple together single handedly, whilst there story was definitely by no means realistic the way Kingdom portrayed it made me feel rather warm inside - something the main plot didn't do. Ram Chiang I felt was actually quite bad in his portrayal, it just felt like Beyond The Realm of Consciousness part 2 - this is by no means a compliment as I thought he overacted in BTROC.

Most Improved Actress
Mandy Cho

I've never liked Mandy but this series has changed by view, I don't know why it has actually but from now on I'll definitely have a different perspective towards Mandy.

Favourite Male Character
Steven Ma

Who can hate Chi Yat Po, how he cares and devotes himself towards Twinkle is something truely amazing and just so heart warming to watch. How can someone give all they have and not want anything in return? People donate to charities to feel happy they have done a good deed but how would Chi Yat Po ever be happy when he'll see Jeff and Twinkle together possibly for the rest of their lives. Whilst this is obviously only a story I think Steven and Kingdom truely held this story together.

Favourite Female Character
Kingdom Yuen

In a story like this we need something a bit more realistic, down to earth, to relate to, this is where Kingdom stepped in. She just grounded this series a bit, if not it may have flown away and gone a bit too crazy.

Breakthrough Performance
Just to reiterate Breakthrough Performance is a performance by someone I've basically never really cared for but made me notice them with their performance this time round.

Mandy Cho

Yet again as I have said I never really liked her but now I kind of do, I never actually saw the head over heals prettiness she supposedly had, but now I do :) lol

Most Annoying Character
Michael Tse - Jeff

(thank you HKCeleb)
Do I need to explain myself? Stepping into Chi Yat Po/Twinkle, destroying Mandy's heart, being selfish and rather immature, having his little diva moment - I think I've said enough. His sudden changes in personality were also rather annoying actually. Overall I didn't like it at all.

Recognition Award
Kingdom Yuen

For someone who just never gets recognition. This is possibly her best role since Gods of Honour.

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