Friday, 2 April 2010

The Beauty of the Game

The Beauty of the Game is one of those series where I just can't decide whether I liked it or not. It's an interesting and gritty series by TVBs standards but I found that there was something missing maybe it was something from the storyline. I did feel that there should have been more development because Kate Tsui basically turned into an angel over night. Anyway here's my nominations.

Best Actor
No Nominees

Best Actress
Christine Ng

I've always loved Christine and this role was perfect for her because her image won't be soured by it as she's really funny and nice in person. I really liked her portrayal of the evil Keung Chin Fung, she portrayed it very realistically and the final moment where she finally knew how stupid she was was a great scene as her eyes did all the talking - she was actually paralysed and couldn't talk so... Christine needs to be nominated for this because she definitely pulled this series together. Her final scenes were definitely a must watch.

Best Supporting Actor
Wong Cho Lam

I'm not a fan of Wong Cho Lam but he really did provide much needed comic relief to this somewhat dark drama. Though at times his character was annoying he did make this whole series a bit more lighthearted and I guess that's why Wong Cho Lam is TVBs favourite clown :)

Best Supporting Actress
Sharon Chan

I don't think Sharon is considered a lead as such in this drama so sadly I've demoted her to Best Supporting but she portrayed Cally really well. Sharon is one of those unlucky artists who just doesn't seem to have any luck with TVB, she's pretty, a good actress and been in the industry for a while - so I don't understand why she's still under the Most Improved Category for like 4 years. Personally I think she outshone Kate Tsui here but they both did well overall.

Mimi Lo
I love Mimi, she is such a fun actress to watch, like Sharon she hasn't had the luck as say Kate Tsui has. Remember Blade Heart way back with Raymond Lam, Liza Wang and Adam Cheng - she was like a leading lady there but for some reason along the way she just couldn't stay in that position. Anyway Mimi played a great couple with Wong Cho Lam, there chemistry though weird was very very watchable.

Kingdom Yuen
My favourite character of Kingdom's is still the mother she portrayed in Gods of Honour but in here she also showed glimpses of that caring, self sacrificing mother nature that she has. Whilst she may not have been the highlight of the series she was a great support to Kate's character and really helped that storyline progress. She's a great actress and really deserves some recognition.

Yvonne Lam
Whilst most would probably forget about Yvonne Lam portraying Lena I found her portrayal incredibly believable. Her act as a strong women was so convincing and unlike her comedy roles I don't think she overacted in any instance.

Best Couple
Mimi Lo and Wong Cho Lam

Forget the Chris Lai/Kate Tsui/Sharon Chan business, this was the couple we were all routing for. They were so funny together and that scene where Mimi confessed her love whilst stuffing her face with egg tarts is an absolute classic. I never would have thought this coupling would work so well but it did!

Most Improved Actor
Whilst in previous roles I just found him annoying this time I felt some sympathy towards him and also felt that his character was more "3D" as such.

Favourite Female Character
Mimi Lo
Most of the times I found myself wanting to see more of her, if that doesn't deem you a favourite character I don't know what does.

Best Chemistry
Let me remind you this award goes to Chemistry besides couples.

A lot of you may ask me why but I think these two really did feed off each other when they were fighting against each other. The energy they created really did spark off something interesting to watch.

Most Annoying Character
Kate Tsui
This is mainly due to when she was evil - how she betrayed everyone she could, but a tiny bit of me also puts the blame on her sudden change. Yes she may have been lost int he industry, explaining why she became so nasty but I thought she turned 180 degrees too quickly, I think there should have been instances where she still lingered on to her selfish nature in order to make the change slightly more believable.

Recognition Award
It's your third nomination Sharon! More than you'd ever be nominated with TVB! Anyway she really is a great actress that doesn't seem to be liked by TVB that much. I think the first time when I really did recognise her was in Catch Me Now, a 30 second scene where you could only hear Sharon cry and not see her face really sealed the deal with me - since then she's been in my to watch list.

Mimi Lo
Mimi Lo tops Sharon with her 4th nomination. She's a great actress that needs desperately to be recognised, though it's obvious she won't be. :(

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