Thursday, 29 April 2010

ANTM Top 5

This cycle of ANTM has just been a huge disappointment. I still go by my first opinion that this cycle had possibly the greatest potential but maybe because I had expected great things from this cycle that i feel so disappointed now.

Two things totally blew my model radar away. Krista getting FCO and Angelea booking 6 out of 6 go sees

I think I understand why Angelea may have booked 6 out of 6 in New Zealand. Out of the 6 girls I think I'd understand why
Krista - too old
Jessica - too commercial
Raina - square body
Alexandra - plus sized
Alasia - her body is gorgeous but maybe a bit too curvaceous for high fashion.
Angelea has the least obvious problem - her face is stuck on bitch please mode. I do have to say Angelea looked decent at some of the go sees I saw but I still don't see her as engaging on the runway.

Did one of the designers say Angelea would be a nice person to have around?!?!?

Angelea said something about their penthouse - Tallest building in New Zealand? Only 29 floors? I don't think so! 

That penthouse was INCREDIBLE! SO JEALOUS! Best ANTM penthouse for ages.

Back to ranting. Angelea has produced a few decent photos but there are just too many problems I see with her. Her face doesn't look fresh to me, she looks tired as hell most of the time. Her styling can be a mess, she can be slightly rude at times. Her face is stuck in bitch-please mode for most of her photoshoots. If Angelea wants me to convert to a fan she needs to do a lot more than what she has done atm.

Krista FCO, you kidding me! To be somewhat honest with you I rather let Angelea get FCO cause she scored 6 out of 6 go sees so she obviously wasn't going to be eliminated. Like someone said on the RTVG forums this FCO is probably the worst FCO in ANTM history, if not at least one of the worst.

I did get my prediction wrong, I expected Jessica or Alexandra to get eliminated but when I saw Alasia's photo I knew there was no saving her, she was getting lower and lower callouts. The photo had to be at least as good as last weeks for her to stay and sadly it wasn't.

Next week I see Jessica going and then the week after Alexandra or Angelea. I think Angelea will be eliminated 4th, I just don't see both Krista and Angelea making the Top 3 and at the moment I think Krista is getting more of a winner edit. I still see Krista winning, yes I do.

Alexandra - I don't get all the hate from fans, she's not the best but I don't think she's the worst either. What she lacks is a defining shot, she's produced a lot of middling photos but middling doesn't mean bad imo.
Jessica - She's overated by fans in all honesty. I see her leaving next, I like her but she hasn't really done anything fantastic imo. And finally, the judges comment about her face/expression, there's just nothing there.
Krista - I'm slowly seeing Krista's potential as a model however I think she looks and is too old. She's also not very photogenic imo, she relies heavily on interesting poses so she doesn't have anything to fall back on.
Angelea - I just don't see it, I don't think I ever will. Her look just doesn't evoke model to me. Pretty girl probably but definitely not model. There's just nothing fresh or interesting about her look to me, it's a bit plain-but-pretty Jane.
Raina - Raina is the only saving light in this cycle. If she was eliminated before the Final 2 I think I'd seriously consider not watching the rest of this cycle and possibly the next. It's weird, every cycle (preshow) when I look at the models and think "They look interesting", the cycle is normally weak, every cycle I go "God, I'd rather watch the last cycle", most of the time the cycle is fantastic.

Alasia - It's a shame she was eliminated. I still think she has the 2nd best portfolio she just needed to be a bit more consistent - weed out all the weaker shots. Alasia is a beautiful girl and my god does she have a fabulous body, she was my 2nd favourite on the show but sadly she had to leave before Angelea :(

I think the only thing that may salvage this cycle is if Raina wins. I think Raina is perfect for photo shoots but sadly I'm not sure she'll be big on the runway considering her body shape. Nonetheless she is the best ANTM cycle 14 has left.

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