Thursday, 22 April 2010

ANTM Top 6

Anslee left like the 99.9% of every ANTM watcher thought. Everything pointed to her not making the Top 6. Her callout, her edit, her place in the ending picture, her being seen with decoys etc etc. I'm not sad that she left because I agree she needed to go but there is one person I want to see go more - that's Angelea. Whilst I think Angelea has taken some decent shots what annoys me by far is that she can do no wrong in the judges eyes. Look at that awful photo she took this week, but the judges gave her 2nd best ahead of Alasia and Raina who both were miles better than her. She also looked awful in judging but none of the judges seem to mind except, I think, partially Andre Leon Talley. If Angelea makes the Top 3 I will literally puke! Whilst I'm beginning to see Krista's potential I don't see Angelea ever becoming, ANTM- wise, a successful model. I literally can't see how she has the best callout of any of the girls - look at Raina's portfolio, Alasia's portfolio or even Jessica's portfolio! Angelea has produced some of the worst or most boring shots this cycle but she never gets criticised. I also don't think she's improving, like Krista is. Whilst I wouldn't like to see Krista win, but I think she does, I'd rather Krista get further than Angelea. If Angelea and Krista both make it to the Top 2 I think I will have lost hope for ANTM and it will officially be the worst cycle EVER!

I still go by my predictions with maybe a swap between Alexandra and Jessica because out of the remaining girls neither of them have the love from the judges. Angelea has the love from Tyra, Alasia has the love from ALT, Krista seems to be getting the love from Nigel, Raina JUST HAS THE LOVE! lol! But anyway yeah I think my Top 6 predictions shouldn't be wrong unless Angelea makes usurps in and trust me if she does the computer screen will not like what I throw at it!

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