Thursday, 8 April 2010

Miss Universe Canada

Having tons of candidates and only one small photo of each contestant it normally a huge turn off for me in terms of assessing candidates but for some reason I decided to break that tradition and look at the Miss Universe Canada delegates. Like most years there are a bunch of girls that don't really impress but there are a number who popped out to me. Originally, I only had 7 girls but I thought 10 was a better number. See if you can guess the three extras. Here they are :)

Melissa Plante -Sorel-Tracy, Quebec
Wish I could have seen a head on shot.
Aleksandra Malkin - Concord, Ontario
She's not the typical look I go for in pageants but she seems very approachable yet beautiful.

Bianca Gaudreault - Montreal, Quebec
Very modelesque

Laudia Yambala - Montreal, Quebec
I've seen another photo of her where she looks average but this shot is more than enough to save her for now.

Maria Mejia - Montreal, Quebec
An exotic beauty

Paniz Yousefzadeh - Vancouver, British Columbia
Another exotic stunner
Sarah Bernier - Drummondville, Quebec
Is it just me or is it obvious that she speaks French from her look?
Zahra Al-Aubiydy - Orleans, Ontario
She looks really pretty and friendly, something that may be hard to find in some pageants.

Ashley Callingbull - Enoch, Alberta
There are a few East Asian or Asian looking girls in this competition, she along with Maria is one of those I chose maybe lured by her huge number of sponsors - having so many must mean something right?

Theresa Crame - Vancouver, British Columbia
She has a fresh-ish face which looks good in the photo but may look awful with heavy makeup.


  1. Ashley Callingbull is not Asian. She is Native American. That's just rude to call her an Asian when "Calling-ball" is a English translation of a Native American last name from the past.

    1. I was definitely wrong to label her without having done any research, I am sorry that I caused offense.