Tuesday, 6 April 2010


OMG, just finished the story side of FFXIII! Whilst I'm very happy to have finished it I'm also sad that now all I have to look forward to is hunts :(
If you don't want to read spoilers STOP now.

Anyway the ending was good but in my opinion rather short. I thought the apocalyptic end should have been more crazy, it felt a bit tamed to me. Vanille and Fang may supposedly be in eternal life but to me they may as well be dead, being in crystal form for all your life isn't really what I aspire to! lol. I'm feeling quite bad for Vanille especially because she was my favourite character. Whilst the ending was good I don't think it even holds a light to FFX's ending, that got me near tears. Whilst it's nice to see Serah and Dazh back I think they should have featured a longer ending with them and the "surviving 4". The final boss battles were difficult but not too difficult but it wasn't as ridiculously easy as FFX.

Whilst typing this I actually feel quite sad that there's not going to be anymore plot for me to go through - well at least I have FFXIII Versus to look forward to.

Anyway here's my opinion on...

Lightning - Besides being a great fighter I'm not sure I was all too interested in her, like FFXII there didn't seem to be a central character and tbh I felt that Fang and Vanille took over from that role more than once. If I was to remember a single character from FFXII a year or two later Lighting wouldn't be the one.

Snow - I like Snow but yet again I feel mostly the same with him as with Lightning. However his semi story with NORA, Serah and Hope was slightly more interesting than Lightning's.

Vanille - My absolute favourite character in the series. However I know a lot of people think she's the most annoying out of the 6. I however found her really endearing and was very sad to her become Ragnarok and turn into Crystal - again!

Fang - Whilst Fang was a nice character and one of the more 3 dimensional characters in this game I wasn't really drawn to her as much as I was with Vanille - it's kind of weird.

Hope - Personally I found Hope annoying and I didn't really like his sudden scenes of enlightenment, they just seemed a bit odd. Did his dad die? That's so sad - the ending is actually quite sad but supposedly it's the best thing to happen to them!

Sazh - Forgive me for saying this but what was the point of Sazh? Ok he provided some comic relief at times and I loved the chocobo in his head but he seemed to do nothing at the latter stages of the story.

Ranking of my favourite characters

In a way the more I type about FFXIII the more unhappy I get with the ending, it was just a bit short and vague, ah well what's done is done.

Music - I absolute loved the music, it was one thing that brought the game together and will possibly the thing that lasts the longest in my memory for this game.
Fights - It can be frustrating at times because you kind of have to find the right combos to defeat opponents but once you do it gets quite repetitive. You also need to get use to the gameplay, if not you'll lose in a lot of battles.
Graphics - OK, this is definitely the best graphics I have seen in a game - I don't think anyone will challenge that, however it's almost too good as my PS3 couldn't cope sometimes as there were a few jitters.
Characters - Will I remember any of the characters by the next FF game? Probably Vanille, saying that I thought I'd remember Balthier FFXII vividly but it took some memory jogging to get his name out. I can't actually believe that game critics rank FFXII higher than FFXIII in general (FFXII has higher overall scores on MetaCritic and GameRankings). I must say I remember very little in terms of story from FFXII - because it was near storyless!
Story - I did like the story but I think at times it dipped. Whilst the story is leagues better than FFXII, as I don't even remember what disaster the heroes were trying to save the world from in FFXII, I don't think it matches FFX. However as an overall I think it gets very close to FFX.

Well my blabbers done for now, if I think of anything I'll update this post. Now off to lament on finishing FFXIII.

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