Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Desperate Housewives Season 6 Episode 20 - Epiphany...

I just finished watching the latest episode of Desperate Housewives and oh my god have I not seen DH this dark in AGES! Whilst the storyline is all too predictable it's actually quite uncharacteristic of DH. I knew from ages back that Eddie Orlofsky was the strangler, he just had to be! He had little screen time for an actor that has more roles under his belt than say Beau Mirchoff - he played the Young Dr. Evil btw! REMEMBER - he doesn't look the same does he. Also why would DH add an extra character to the story without exploiting them? And by episode 20 its getting quite late to make a credible and relevant story out of Eddie "The Killer" Orlofsky - it kind of has a ring to it don't you think?

Who would have thought Eddie was so cute when he was young (hysterial laughter at Eddie... god don't kill me Eddie! - you'd understand if you watched it). The story is all too predictable, guy leaves wife, wife turns to alcohol, wife blames son for all her problems, son goes into psycho-crazy mode for getting no love - however whilst this is all cliche it's not what I expect from DH. DH has battered nearly every cliche storyline I can think of but at the moment I'm interested - more so than cliche Patrick trying to get cliche Danny back from cliche Angie - enough cliches?
It's refreshing to see Mary-Alice back, it's always a joy to see somebody different. If only she hadn't killed herself maybe all this wouldn't happen, oh well. Gabrielle's little story with Eddie was quite sweet actually, if only Carlos hadn't forced her to get rid of him, oh well. Bree hurt him deeply, I believe, if only she wasn't so nosey, oh well. Susan had to be so nice to him, if only she wasn't an art graduate who thought she'd discovered the next Matisse, oh well. Lynette had to show kindness and naivity that's rather rare of her and can potentially get her killed, if only she was less motherly, oh well. Basically throughout the episode there were a load of "if onlys", we saw loads of buildups of Eddie's confidence and then loads of crashing downs, but don't get me wrong I do not sympathise with a character like Eddie's, whilst it is awful that Eddie had to go through so many tough times not everybody becomes a psycopathic murderer because of rejection - if so the streets would be crawling with murderers and I would be one too! Come to think of it Lynette had a somewhat abusive childhood.

I am interested to see what happens next, this episode was basically a long spoiler unto what would happen when Eddie lives with Lynette - hate that Eddie's name is Eddie it makes me think and say Edie out loud. Whilst I want something dramatic to occur I doubt it would happen, what confuses me is that Marc Cherry has hinted upon the two mysteries being intertwined - so is Eddie going to take out Angie and Patrick or something? Or maybe he'll kill Danny - woah that'd be weird! Also are the police of Fairview that inefficient? How many people has Eddie killed without any sort of pre-planned element to it? Surely there'd be loads of hints and clues to a potential killer for all these people.

Overall whilst I was interested in the story the storyline was rather cliched. I'm happy to have seen a bit more about Eddie but what I'm more interested is seeing what happens next. There's only 4 episodes left but the story already feels like it's one or two episodes from the end, what'll happen next? I hope DH will go out with a bang as I haven't felt that from DH in a long time.


  1. Is this guy the strangler of Julie Meyer and Emily? He is the scetch guy in episode "You gotta get a Gimmick", or?

  2. Yeah he strangled Julie. Sorry don't remember which episode is which but I remember he did perform a failed stand up show.

  3. whats his real name pls????

  4. thanks a lot xoxo

  5. hes sooo damn cute isnt he?

  6. He's a good looking guy but not when he's Eddie Orlofsky! Eddie still gives me the creeps.