Sunday, 4 April 2010

ANTM Final 9

As we're getting close to the final 6 I thought I'd share with you who I thought would get a ticket to New Zealand. This cycle hasn't been as amazing as I'd hoped for but we can still get my favourite top 6 - though unlikely.

Alasia is really developing into a true contender so I don't see her leaving just yet. If Tyra saved her after her first and second photo-shoots; both of which garnered negative comments, I don't think she's just going to eliminate her randomly especially considering Andre Leon Talley's love for her. I really like her so I'm happy that she's finally stepping up to the plate.

Prediction: Top 3

Alexandra is doing well, she's getting generally positive comments and I remember Andre showering her with praise in one of the judging panels so she is a dark horse, however I don't see her winning. Not only is having 2 plus sized models win in the space of 5 cycles unthinkable, even on ANTM, Alexandra isn't really prominent on the series; without much of a story or quirkiness that allows her to go unnoticed for most of the series yet still win.

Prediction: Top 6, one of the first to leave

Angelea's call out means she is one of the favourites but I think she's going to do a Tahlia, the judges love her (the fans don't) and then get eliminated "technically" on a high and considered a shock because her call out is so high. Whilst Angelea isn't as bad as I thought she'd be she's giving me nothing besides the same bored face. I just don't see her making the Top 6.

Prediction: 8th

The last episode has put Anslee on the line. Being quite mature looking and not having a picture which defines her on ANTM is a huge problem. Whilst she can totally shock us and make it into the Top 6 I don't think she is going to be in the Top 6. Next week will be a huge week for her, she'll either fall and therefore get cut or do really well and book herself a ticket to New Zealand.

Prediction: 9th

Brenda is really confusing me, I don't know whether she'll make the Top 6 or not. It really does depend on the next episode - a real turning point for a lot of the models. To be honest Brenda has really disappointed me so far and I'm considering whether I'd put her in my Top 6.

Prediction: 7th

Unlike a lot of fans I'm not convinced Jessica will make the Top 3. Whilst I love Jessica to bits I kind of think the judges are bored of her especially Andre Leon Talley. In a way she's too pretty and conventional for Tyra and Andre who have eliminated Simone already. My gut feeling is that she's not going to make the Top 6 but my heart puts her in 5th or so.

Prediction: 5th

Krista is the undying beast of this cycle, I DON'T WANT HER ANYMORE! But the judges love her. I just don't see model in anything that she has done currently and her bone structure scares me - it's one thing having an interesting bone structure, it's another when you scare the viewer! I really don't want her in the Top 6 but I'm afraid she's a very likely candidate.

Top 6

Whoever doesn't think Raina is a favourite to win must be watching a different cycle. Raina is not only a fan favourite, judge favourite and my favourite she's also one of the most modelesque girls of this cycle. Her photos have been very good throughout and I do believe the best is yet to come. Unlike "back in the day" the expected have been winning for many cycles now - 13=Nicole 12=Teyona 11=McKey - all very predictable and I guess this cycle the predictable also wins.

Prediction: Winner

She's one of those contestants where you don't know when she's going to go. I don't think she'll win the competition but I don't know how far she'll get. At the moment I think she's heading for the Top 6 but I don't think she's going to get to the final 3.

Prediction: Top 4

The problem this cycle is that I don't see any girl plausibly being the runner up - that sounds weird doesn't it! It's just that I can see a few girls winning but I can't see any girl losing at the final hurdle.

Raina - can see her winning definitely
Alasia - has the personality, I wouldn't be at all shocked if she did win
Alexandra - can't see her winning or making the Top 2
Jessica - she's the likeliest runner up but I don't see her making it that far.
Krista - I don't see her winning or making the Top 2
Tatianna - I don't see her winning or making the Top 2 either.
Angelea - Oh god no! I don't think so either.
Anslee - I can actually see her making the Top 2 but I don't think she would
Brenda - I don't think she'd be in the Top 2.

So really the people I think could plausibly make a Top 2 combo are Raina, Alasia, Jessica and Anslee.

Now to mourn those that left :(

If Ren wasn't her drunk-ass self she really would have been a huge favourite of mine, her first photo was gorgeous! Sadly she couldn't get back to that level as she just didn't want to be there.

Simone was a lovely girl and possibly the prettiest contestant but sadly she didn't deliver. Whilst her photos aren't that bad she lost out because her photos aren't that bad. In Tyra's world having mediocre photos is just as bad as having loads of awful photos. As long as she can see potential it doesn't matter if you have a score of weak photos but sadly Tyra couldn't see potential in her as she's just too safe.

If I had the say my Top 6 would be:
Raina - the best atm
Alasia - personality and decent shots atm
Jessica - whilst I'm not a fan of her shots she is pretty and has potential
Tatianna - she's gorgeous and different looking
Ren - Edgy and potentially fantastic, though she could sabotage herself
Simone - she has potential, her prettiness just forbade Tyra to save her as Tyra doesn't like conventional pretty.

Quick Cling on note, after seeing how much Raina is willing to put on her blog I'm kind of worried, mostly you don't get to see an ounce of the contestants after the show when the show is happening. I hope this isn't a sign as I want Raina to win so badly! If not Raina then Alasia or Jessica please :)

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