Sunday, 26 April 2009

ANTM Cycle 12 Episode 10

Ok I'm a bit late on this but it's because the last time I wanted to post I couldn't get onto my Google Account - so annoying. Anyway here was my commentary.
Fo seems a bit immature as she holds grudges - like me! I'm soooo immature sometimes!
Woah, Aminat saying - it's so pretty - in that voice was utterly scary!
Did anyone think that Fernanda Motta looked like a younger version of Paulina Porizkova when she was introducing Sau Paulo to the girls!
Wow New York to Sau Paulo is 9 hours!
The whole detour to the botanical gardens and the girl of I don't remember! was just random.
However Natalie was a bit rude about the whole experience in my opinion, she just dismissed it at the first moment. It's good to have your opinion but don't just complain, show some respect, she just acts so spoilt and arrogant.
Fo definitely had the moves in the photo challenge but it's so annoying as her face looked pug(ish) and her hair was dreadful.
Teyona had an awful shot whilst Allison had a good one.
Celia had great moves but she covered her face, Natalie's was really weird looking. Aminat was Ok but her mouth was... lol.
So Fo wanted to sabotage Teyona's shoot, well who wouldn't! The judges absolutely love her! Wow if Natalie thought she was gonna doing fantastically and then got eliminated that would be so embarrassing.
They actually had the shoot in the favela! I'm amazed. Allison looked slightly drunk in the shoot but at least she did well.
With Mr. J's great critique of Natalie I was left totally confused on whether Natalie was going (but of course now I know).
I definitely loved Teyona's look in the shoot but her smile is still the scariest thing on this show!
Natalie's personality gets on my nerves, I just don't like her and to be honest I don't think her photos have been that good either.
I'm amazed Fernanda Motta said favela were happy places! Cause I was taught that favelas were basically slums!
Oh no Fo is getting the actress edit. I think Teyona is actually doing too well to win! Because it would make it all too predictable and I think Tyra (and Mr. Mok!) wouldn't want that to happen.

Judges Call out
Allison - Yep agree
Teyona - Understand
Fo - Wow, 3rd, quite amazed
Celia - hmm... well I guess they are pulling the old card now
Aminat - expected it
Natalie - finally she's gone. To all those who said she's good this is my opinion; yes she does seem to be very modelesque and her pre show photos showed potential but on this show she was average at best. I'm not saying she's a bad model because ANTM never really shows how well a model does in the actual industry but on this show Natalie sucked.

Everyone did badly in my opinion! Well Allison and Natalie had average shots.

Honestly though why does Paulina look awful nowadays! I hate her hair! I still hate Natalie, till the end she said "I don't understand why I'm going home" well girl you don't have a great portfolio, that's why! Paulina saw through it all!

Ok my take on the photos
Allison - I think the body is horrible as she looks so short and big but the face is weirdly stunning, she doesn't look superbly pretty but there is an emotion captured there, however the whole shot on the whole is awkward, the face definitely does lift it up though.
Aminat - Her face looks a dreary and to be honest I don't find her pose too bad, she looks Ok in that pose, but yes everything is a bit boring.
Celia - I don't understand this look, Her body looks Ok - though boring whilst her face is just stiff. I don't understand what this has to do with the shot.
Fo - Once in a while Fo just puts in one of the ugliest photos ever, this is one of them, the last one was her immigrants shoot. She just totally flopped this. Her face looks dreadful and her body is weird. Let's say if she makes it to the Final 2 if she had this roll carrying on she would utterly bomb the final catwalk!
Natalie - her face was Ok and her body was Ok, it's all Ok but just slightly boring - however in a week like this one this shot is enough to propel her near the top.
Teyona - I don't like the face, it just doesn't look right to me. I thin as a photo it's more interesting that Allison's but Teyona herself isn't bringing much to the table here, her body is boring and her face is a bit snarled.

My call out
Allison - Though not great it's the best of the pack
Natalie - It's an average photo
Teyona - I just think it looks alien beautiful, therefore awkward!
Aminat - Her face is still very weak in photos
Celia - The terminator! (even though I've never watched it!)
Fo - It's a disaster!

Overall Natalie didn't go because she had the worst shot she went because she talked back like that (showing no professionalism at all) and has given no range, I agree that she had a good shot compared to the other girls (as I'd personally call it average), but I think this is the best she could do in this competition. Ironically Natalie left on her best shoot! Well she had to go! But this episode's photos were all average/bad. And with Fo's awful shot Teyona strolls past her in terms of my call outs. It's now Teyona, Fo, (London), Allisom, Celia, Aminat, (Sandra), (Tahlia), then Natalie! Some may disagree but that was is my call out averages. Now amazingly Fo, Allison and Celia all have two first call outs from me whilst the pack leader Teyona only has one first call out - basically because the other three have been so up and down.

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