Monday, 13 April 2009

Boys Before Flowers

I had originally typed up a hell load of stuff for this drama but I felt I wasn't doing the series any justice, so I sadly say I won't post my view of this drama yet! I think from now on if I'm ever going to do something like this it has to be an episode by episode synopsis rather than a whole series review as it becomes difficult to judge with only the memories of the series. There's just too much I wanted to say and oooh and ahhh over for me to type in one blog post. Therefore if you didn't realize by now my opinion of the series is a good one! Sadly I'm not going to be rewatching this series any time soon as I have exams to worry about but it's incredibly likely that I'll rewatch this in the summer along with Zettai Kareshi, Tokyo Tower and all the fabulous series I've watched this year!

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