Saturday, 18 April 2009

Miss USA 2009 4th Preview

Ok so only two days to go now and I've got a slightly different favourites list. I'll make this easier I'll have my Top 15 and quite a few girls of note, so here goes. No photos I'm afraid - just type in you'll reach the official website to view the girls.

Top 15

Florida - Her natural smile should grant her a high placing in any pageant! She has a good portfolio but in all honesty I doubt whether she'll make it this far.

New York - Though she's slowly slipping in my point of view I just have to support her; because she's Asian!

South Carolina - She's back! This time Minnesota's out! Anyway I think South Carolina has a sophisticated elegance to her but she could easily drop back out of my Top 15 in the next hours!

Vermont - I had high hopes for her but she seems to be failing me. So she's currently only in my Top 15.

Wisconsin - I can only justify her being here because of her awesome looks! Besides that she doesn't seem to be that strong of a delegate.

Top 10

California - The favourite of many I'd expect. She's a good delegate and I do like her but she'll have to do a lot more to make my Top 5 as I don't consider her to be in the Top 5 for looks or interviews so I'll need to see her walk and stuff.

Colorado - I love her look; but yes she has dropped out of the Top 5! I think she's performing well but I think there are others who have surpassed her somewhat. I'd definitely put her at No.6! Still love her elloquence though - she reminds me of Rachel Smith.

Tennessee - At times I think she's a stunner and at times I think she's a dud! It's just way too difficult. I still like her and I'd call her my No.7.

Utah - I still can't get the nose thing out of my head! But I think she'll have a great walk. Still I can't justify placing her any lower than my Top 15.

Virginia - She's slowly vanishing into thin air for me! But still she makes my Top 10.

Top 5!

Arkansas - I absolutely love her now! She's so sweet and her walk is fierce! It would be unjustified not to place her in my Top 5 and if she doesn't at least make it to the Top 15 on the day I'll be mortified.

Georgia - I still like her but I think Arkansas seems to have taken her role. Want to see more of her though.

Hawaii - She's still one of my favourites even though she had that little fiasco with Miss California.

Kentucky - Yep she's made it into the Top 5! I think she's beautiful and her evening gown is stunning and to be honest she seems the most articulate out of my Top 5.

Rhode Island - She just looks so cute! I can't justify it if she wasn't in my Top 5.

Contestants of note:
Alabama - She looks elegant in her evening gown (though it may be a bit too skimpy!) I still like her interview though.
Arizona - She's suddenly fallen into "erm... I'm not sure" category again.
Delaware - I think she's actually quite photogenic.
District of Columbia - A close scrape in becoming an alternative.
Illinois - She's an Ok candidate that I'd just like to mention.
Iowa - I still can't forget her look in the interview, she looks much prettier then.
Kansas - There's something about her that I love, but I can't justify putting her into my Top 15.
Louisiana - Besides looking a bit too tanned sometimes and having an awful evening gown I think she's a worthy alternative.
Maine - The past few days she has started to stand out a bit more.
Massachusetts - I think she actually is quite pretty, she's just obscured because there are a lot of pretty girls this year.
Michigan - I still love her Peter Pan comment, but everything else seems to fall flat.
Minnesota - Currently an alternative I'd say.
North Carolina - Her evening gown is fantastic!
Nebraska - Like a few of the other girls her interview is what's making me clutch to her even though her other stuff is average.
Ohio - As with Nebraska.
Texas - A possible alternative for me
West Virginia - A possible alternative for me as well

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