Sunday, 26 April 2009

Zettai Kareshi SP

Zettai Kareshi was what made me interested in Jdramas again. I absolutely loved the chemistry between Aibu Saki and Hayami Mokomichi and the ending was enough to make anyone teary, so, I decided to watch the SP after a long wait for the English sub. Here's my commentary on it.

Watching the mini intro reminded me of how much I loved the series - I MISS IT!
Also such a shame that Hayami Mokomichi is less famous than Soshi (think he's Hiro Mizushima)! Booo! When will Mokomichi have his next drama!
I still get goosebumps from the ending!
Oh my god! They built so many other prototypes! But none of them are as good as NIGHT! They all moved!
Is that Ryoko Kuninaka! If it is then everything comes full circle for Hayami Mokomichi. I knew there would be a new character but I didn't know it was her, actually I think I knew already but it skipped my mind until now.
ENGAGED!!!!!! NO WAY!!!!! They were so formal when they came off the plane! How the hell did they suddenly become engaged (Soshi and Riiko)!
Goosebumps all over when I saw NIGHT!
Oh my god I was nearly in tears when she was thinking about Night, the music and everything was just perfect! AND THEN NIGHT COMES TO THE RESCUE!!!!! YEAH!!!
Oh my god I was in hysterics throughout the start when they were in Riiko's house! Reminded me of the start of the series. How can Night still have his low battery problem! He must have developed the super fast charging system like 02 had right?
Namikiri-san still cracks me up.
Wow everyone is a robot! Oh can't they just revive Night's memories and then it'll all be a happy ending!
How can the two be engaged if they still act like that together!
I just love how Night says Riiko.
Oh my god Mokomichi's body looks so much more buff now for some reason!
NIGHT IS THE BEST! Boo Soshi for not thinking like him!
What's wrong with trying to give Riiko Tenjo back. If Tenjo can live with her forever! Why not give me a fairytale ending rather than breaking my heart again!
Oh no the boyfriend looks the same as the robot Kamiya made!
But honestly what is she making, how could she do it in such a short time. That hospital looks a bit bleak!
Oh boo why wasn't these scenes at the start! I want to see a whole episode of Night and Riiko just having fun!
It's too sweet (currently on when Night says I only live to love you). So sad that it will be one of the few sweet moments left.
I definitely like the episode but the whole thing just seems a bit far fetched, can't they just make it all a little more sweet and simple rather than employ all those random storylines! I don't know whether I liked the series before this finale episode or after this finale episode.
Why do those "robots" run so stupidly and why would the "evil guy" leave himself unprotected - all just a bit too far fetched.
I don't like how Nanase kept on reminding Kamiya he's only a robot - it all rounds up to another sad ending! I hate how everyone is leaving an impression on Night in leaving Riiko again. Can't the creators just make him exist for as long as Riiko exists. I'm not sure I like having watched this finale episode as of now because it's just going to be another sad ending! If it was all happy and frills I would love it as I've had my unforgettable ending to break my heart already I don't want two!
No I just can't stand this again! Please just stop this... WHY! I am in tears because of this, just STOP IT! Can't it just be a happy ending - why did the producers even create this - to break my heart once again! I can't take this.
I really don't see why he can't just stay with her, just because he won't grow old and can't have children doesn't mean they can't continue to love - love shouldn't be restricted to this. In fact I'd rather not have watched this episode it just makes me all the more depressed. I'm just hoping in the next minute the story suddenly changes 180 degrees so that Night in actual fact becomes Human!!!!!!!!! Or maybe Riiko meets someone that looks exactly like Night and basically has the same attributes as him BUT IS HUMAN! This just can't be, just not again! NOT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NO IT DIDN'T HAPPEN - Besides being able to see Hayami Mokomichi in something else I think this episode was utterly not worth it, I really didn't enjoy being heart broken again and the plot was too far fetched, maybe I should make a fan episode (or find one) to make myself happier! If I ever rewatch Zettai Kareshi I will definitely not watch the SP again.

So that's my commentary from a few days ago, the words still hold true; I was utterly dissapointed because I got another sad ending! The fact is that with the actual end of the series we could dream about Night being resurrected or something idk, we could imagine a fairytale ending but with this SP it basically crashed all of that. The fact that it's both Night and Riiko saying that the love should end here and now just makes it impossible for any fairytale ending to occur. I think it would have been better if the director released a 1 hour special or maybe 30 minutes special across 4 episodes of Night and Riiko living together in line with the original storyline e.g. before Night died, and skip out all the unhappy bits because we've already had a sad ending. Basically this SP is as bad as bringing back Sangdoo! Let's Go To School and saying that in fact Eun-Hwan and Sang Doo died! As in the final episode we really don't know if they died or not which left the viewers time to speculate. If instead they released an episode saying THEY DIED, it would just tighten up every loose knot like what Zettai Kareshi did! And going back to Soshi... Just dissapointed! Maybe I should rewatch the series and make a montage of all the scenes between Aibu Saki and Hayami Mokomichi!

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  1. Oh I absolutely loved Hayami Mokomichi, so sad when he "died" at the end.