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Miss USA 2009 Show

The first few girls were actually really good in the openingdance number. Couldn't see them properly but I'm sure I saw Louisiana.

Top 15!
I wonder who make it - Ok most of you'll probably know but as I'm living in the UK I'm only watching it on Youtube - Thanks stevensittchai!

Kentucky - YEAH SHE DESERVED IT! Absolutely Stunning
California - Deserved it but expected it as well!
West Virginia - Wow, I like her but I wasn't expecting her.
North Carolina - I know she.... Anyway congrats you deserve it.
Connecticut - Wow, totally shocked! She didn't perform that well in the prelim's I thought, kinda dissapointed.
Idaho - Wow another shock but she's a better choice than Connecticut
Arizona - She's a good delegate, a dark horse for Top 15 for me.
Utah - Expected it, and she deserves it as well.
Minnesota - Wow! I like her and I thought she was a good delegate but I didn't expect her making it.
Texas - Totally expected, doesn't deserve it though - too many good girls this year.
South Carolina - Wow, I thought she could make it but I had my doubts.
Virginia - She's a good delegate but I was somewhat questioning whether she'd made it.

So who got unjustly cut?
Colorado - She was elloquent and stunning, her evening gown performance and somewhat more voluptuous body could have hindered her but I think she should have placed in the Top 15 at least.
Florida - Her warm smile and beautiful body should have locked her into a top 15 spot, shame.
Hawaii - In utter amazement, one of my favourites (and everyone elses too)! She totally deserved a spot in the Top 15.
Rhode Island - In total shock she didn't make it, possibly one of the best delegates, absolutely confused why she was barred.

Girls I'd like to have seen
Alabama - She is a sexy diva, she'd be great on the runway
Delaware - Her talking about the Delaware Curse, sadly it happened again! She wasn't that bad though.
Maine - For the past few days she had excelled herself, I'd like to have seen a darkhorse do well in the competition.
Louisiana - She is so animated, it would have been nice to see her answer the final question - though I'm not sure I'd be happy if she made it that far!
Ohio - She's so nice and has such a large heart, her look isn't right for the pageant but she definitely has the soul.
Wisconsin - She's a stunner, though I never locked her into the Top 15 I thought she deserved some recognition.

Girls I was shocked didn't make it through (as in I thought Miss USA would like them)
Hawaii and Rhode Island are of course two who they totally forgot about.
Louisiana - I honestly thought she was a lock for Top 15, I guess her gown was so hideous they had to cut her out.
New York - I was debating on whether I'd put her as unjustly cut but she didn't excel in any area, only reason why I liked her was because she was Asian, but anyway I honestly thought they'd put her through to even out the "colour" because the Top 15 is bombarded by "white" girls.

Girls that shouldn't have made it through
Connecticut - I am totally confused on why she's a Top 15? She didn't have a great walk nor is she a stunner. Her web interview was also poor the only reason why she may have been able to make it maybe because she caned the interview with the prelim judges. Totally shocked
Idaho - She's a good delegate but with Hawaii and Rhode Island out of the running I don't think she deserved her place.
Texas - I really don't think she's that great a delegate, she performed averagely at the prelims so I honestly don't think she should have made it.

If I knew Hawaii and Rhode Island were barred, these girls wouldn't have been favourable as Top 15.
West Virginia - Sweet as she is we've got Rhode Island to fill that spot!
Arizona - She is a good delegate but knowing Hawaii and Rhode Island were cut she is by far of a lower standard.
South Carolina - She was always a possible Top 15 but I'd rather see Hawaii than her.
Virginia - Besides being a cute girl next door look she doesn't have anything else in her repertoire.

So In brief who else should (my Top 15 and what I expected) have made it...
Rhode Island
New York

Still in utter shock neither Hawaii nor Rhode Island made it when Connecticut made it!
Did anyone realise that a lot of the girls came from the left hand corner. Georgia (Kimberly) was like standing on her own when she was announced.
Know that I think of it I like Crystle - last year's Miss USA, I was just a bit iffy about her (though I didn't see Miss USA 2008 competition) but now I like her - she's not the prettiest but she has personality and a great vibe.

I like Let It Rock but the performance was poor, it just sounded off and he looked a mess - I was totally dissapointed by it, I actually thought it would be really cool.

Swimsuit Competition
Kentucky - She had great energy and a sizzling body but I was slightly concerned over her walk.
Arkansas - Fierce as always!
California - She had the look but she lacked the energy the music had.
West Virginia - A poor showing, she didn't have the confidence
North Carolina - It was a good showing, not fantastic not bad - a good showing
Connecticut - She didn't have the sass to bring it which I was shocked by. Her body is a bit out of proportion as well.
Tennessee - Her body was fantastic but it was sad that she kind of rushed it.

OK just stop singing please Kevin Rudolf! It sounds like you're being strangled! The song is good but you're not!

Idaho - Besides her body looking a bit square she did Ok. Maybe lacking a bit of energy.
Arizona - She worked it! I totally take back my opinion on her not deserving it.
Georgia - She was pretty but she came off a bit square. I still like her though.
Utah - She was loving the attention! She fed off the energy boosting her oversized ego! lol
Minnesota - I liked her energy but her body just didn't look as good as before for some reason.
Texas - Her arm movements annoyed me and she was rather slow but it was an Ok performance.
South Carolina - She was nice but she didn't work it like some of the other girls.
Virginia - Her walk is a disaster - no confidence either.

So I didn't really look at the judges score so I don't know who is in the Top 10 yet but if I was the judges I would cut... West Virginia, Idaho, Virginia, Connecticut and Texas.
Slightly dissapointed by Georgia's performance and I'm worried she's cut.
Arkansas, Arizona, Tennessee, Utah and Kentucky did the best for me in terms of their look, their walk and their figure.

Top 10! OMG, Who was cut!
Arizona - Yep totally expected, she rocked it! (Interior design girl hey! love her more now!)
California - She did well enough.
South Carolina - hmmm.... She did Ok but I'm not sure she should make it this far.
Kentucky - YEAH, Love her!
Utah - Expected, and she did well as well.(only 5'9? she looks 5'11! Shorter than California and Arizona!)
North Carolina - She did well.
Arkansas - YEAH! She DESERVES IT. (oh my god she's like the oldest Top 10! - she seems like one of the youngest!)
Texas - OMG, how biased can they be!
West Virginia - WHAT! She's nice but she didn't perform well.
Tennessee - OMG I was like crossing my figures for her.

So Minnesota and Georgia were cut. I was slightly sad that they both got cut but to be honest before the pageant I was only expecting Georgia to make the Top 15 and Minnesota to possibly make the Top 15. West Virginia honestly shouldn't have made it - she performed the worst in my opinion.

Arkansas should definitely have won - she's so diverse! Martial arts! Who would have expected it! Ok Tennessee you shouldn't have talked about her wigs! I hear drag queen comments! Oh seeing Hawaii makes me so sad - she should have made it.

The Veronicas performance was Ok, better than Kevin Rudolf but my favourite is still the string quartet of one of the past Miss Universe's I love the slower more soulful tunes in the evening gown competition.

Evening Gown Competition
Arizona - I was dissapointed, she didn't look graceful and she looked slightly hunched! Just dissapointed.
California - She performed well, it was a bit predictable but it was good.
South Carolina - I loved how she looked but her walk was a bit lackluster
Kentucky - SHE LOOKED BEAUTIFUL! I'd loved if her walk was a bit more polished but she looked stunning.
Utah - She was more muted than what I expected. But she definitely stood out and Dayana will be liking it!
North Carolina - I loved her gown! I think she tried to get tips from Taliana Vargas but sadly she didn't have that sass! I think the high score was because the judges loved the dress not her!
Arkansas - She's absolutely stunning! Maybe a bit too fierce for an evening gown segment but she's definitely fierce - can't believe the judges scored her 8.419! WHAT - Absolutely stupid!
Texas - She did good considering her average gown.
West Virginia - Doesn't deserve a top 10 placement.
Tennessee - She looked stunning, I was slightly shocked that her walk isn't better though.

Ok My Top 5 if I just looked at Evening gown scores would be Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Utah and North Carolina.
If I added the two scores together I'd have the same top 5. Just to say... California actually had the exact same score as North Carolina but I gave the Top 5 spot to North Carolina because I thought she had a slightly better performance in both rounds.
Oh My god 4 girls are wearing white dresses!

Top 5
North Carolina - In my Top 5 as well, mainly because of the dress
Arizona - I think she did badly in the evening gown but I think she's an Ok Top 5.
Utah - Expected and she has the latina feel about her even though she's European!
California - She was an alternative of mine for the Top 5 but as Arizona took a spot I'd rather she didn't make it.
Kentucky - Yep she deserved it.

Sooooo sad that Arkansas didn't make it. It's another bad decision! Tennessee would have been a nice addition. So Hawaii, Rhode Island, Arkansas and Tennessee didn't make the Top 5 even though they were kind of like my Top 5.

Short Introduction Segment (Don't confuse with actual interview)
North Carolina - She doesn't strike me as a Miss USA - a possibility for a Top 10 at Miss Universe. But she had a good answer, needs work on the poise and the look.
Arizona - The introduction is the time for you to be a little bit more quirky and Arizona did that. She doesn't strike me as a Miss USA either and her look was slightly tired.
Utah - She's not the best orator and she looked somewhat average. However she had a nice answer and she was poised. Just to add, she looks like she'll fit in Miss Universe but she doesn't look like a Miss USA.
California - She had a good look and great poise but her answer lacked a bit in my opinion.
Kentucky - She was very sweet but I think she could have worded her answer better at the start, she nearly tripped over her words.

Oh soo bumed that neither Tennessee nor Arkansas made it and even more bumed that Hawaii nor Rhode Island made the Top 15. Besides Kentucky none of the Top 5 made my Top 5. Out of the Top 5 California looks like a Miss USA but she doesn't have the whole package to be Miss USA.

Final Question
North Carolina - She had a difficult but great question, she definitely spoke well to get the crowd on her side and I bet she wasn't expecting that type of question! It was a short but sweet answer she definitely knew how to work the crowd (including judges). However if you obscure the crowd pleasing answer she was definitely in a daze and in actual fact her answer wasn't that well formed. I fear for her if she makes it to the Top 5 in Miss Universe.
Arizona - Did she answer the question? Well at least she looked like she was on the spot but I really didn't hear an answer!
Utah - It was a good beginning to an answer but she really needed to expand on it.
California - She looked pissed! I think she handled it well considering I believe she must be very conservative, she definitely could have developed more on her opinion and I expect she was just trying to escape from a topic so sensitive to a lot of people and a question that could possibly destroy her - bad one Perez!
Kentucky - Yet again a nice intro but it needed a bit more, however it was a great start to an answer!

It was basically a process of elimination, it wasn't who was the best of the night it was about who would fit as a Miss USA. Arizona isn't the whole package - she just doesn't scream Miss USA, Utah was more sass than Miss USA, California's opinion on same sex marriage would not have gotten her far as in the pageant industry you'd need to be more sensitive on that type of issue. Whilst Kentucky is a bit too inexperienced and young I think as a Miss USA that basically left North Carolina who may not have been the best of the night but she was well rounded and she arguably had the best interview as all the other girls just failed to shine in that segment.

Overall coming into the Top 5 it was Utah, Kentucky, North Carolina, California then Arizona. Coming out of the Top 5 I thought Kentucky was the best out of the Top 5 on the night then North Carolina, Utah, California and finally Arizona. If the pageant wanted the best of the night it should have been Arkansas! She had great style and a fantastic walk. In the Top 5 Kentucky would have been the best choice but North Carolina is definitely more of a Miss USA than any of the top 5.

White was definitely the colour this year.

5th - Kentucky! OH MY GOD... how! She's the best out of the Top 5
4th - Utah. I thought she'd be third!
3rd - Arizona, quite shocked she made 3rd I was expecting 4th or 5th.
2nd - California. If Carrie didn't give that answer she really could have won as she had one judge definitely against her and probably a bunch of others as well. North Carolina definitely got a crowd pleasing question whilst however California cut it she would have had a hate group on her back!
Winner - North Carolina - She was an underdog in my opinion throughout the whole process but I'm not too dissapointed as I've been dissapointed too many times already and honestly she was one of the better girls in the Top 5 and I have to say I did put her in my Top 5.

Before I go I've checked on Wikipedia for the scores so here goes!
1st: North Carolina 9.198 - Well I was expecting the winner to be in the top few but 1st is a bit extreme!
2nd: Arizona 9.092 - She worked it, she deserved it
3rd: California 9.033 - Well she's the favourite but personally I'd give her more of a 8.8 score.
4th: Kentucky 8.963 - Yep about right.
5th: Utah 8.851 - A bit lower than I'd expect but about right.
6th: Arkansas 8.704 - Honestly the judges hate her for some reason, she deserved way more than that!
7th: Texas 8.478 - The scores about right but the position is wrong
8th: West Virginia 8.475 - No way did she deserve 8th!
9th: Tennessee 8.442 - Her running onto the stage cost her, she should have been closer to the Top 5.
10th: South Carolina 8.402 - About right.

11th: Virginia 8.199 - About right
12th: Minnesota 8.150 - I think she deserved better than that score.
13th: Georgia 7.946 - No way did she deserve less than 8!
14th: Idaho 7.800 - Yep about right.
15th: Connecticut 7.797 - I think she should have scored slightly higher but I think the judges didn't like her look, me neither, but she performed better than 7.7 in my opinion.

Evening Gown
1st: North Carolina 9.470 - Looking at these scores it was quite obvious that North Carolina would win! She didn't deserve that high a score.
2nd: California 9.275 - She shouldn't be 2nd or score 9.275.
3rd: Arizona 9.189 - The judges just like her as she didn't deserve that score.
4th: Kentucky 9.047 - The scores about right but she should have placed in the Top 3.
5th: Utah 8.849 - Abour right

6th: Texas 8.694 - She was not 6th! She should have been 8th or something.
7th: Tennessee 8.578 - She deserved better!
8th: Arkansas 8.419 - in total shock why she got such a low score.
9th: South Carolina 8.335 - considering the scors of the other girls it's about right
10th: West Virginia 8.296 - About right.

Overall I think the judges had a few favourites since the beginning and whether they performed well or not they just judged them on how much they liked them, therefore the other girls had no chance as the favourites were North Carolina, California, Arizona and Kentucky whilst Utah had a lot of attention by fans and the media alike. Arkansas was robbed of a Top 5 and you could honestly hear that she was one of the girls with the biggest cheers as she came on stage. Tennessee would have been a nice alternative to the Top 5. But still I'm pissed about Rhode Island and Hawaii not making the Top 15 when Idaho and Connecticut did and looking back on the performances West Virginia performed awfully! I guess they just didn't like the former teen contestants as none of them made the Top 15!
And wow West Virginia winning Miss Photogenic! Slightly shocked! She's pretty but there are loads of pretty girls in thie contest - I think it's the Miss Universe organization trying to justify her being in the Top 10! Because I'm sure Utah was leading that ever since the start - even though she's not the most photogenic either, just that she has a load of crazy fans!
In the end with the Top 2 North Carolina and California it was between a girl who gave the "crowd pleasing" opinion and a girl who gave a "sensitive" opinion. In my opinion I respect California for giving her personal view but she could have formulated the answer better. I think North Carolina and California performed about equally on the final question but in the end North Carolina in my opinion performed slightly better throughout. Still I'd loved to have seen Kentucky, Arkansas, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Tennessee as the Top 5! In all I think these 5 girls are the 5 who were totally underscored. The wisest choice for Miss USA would be Miss Utah. She's a solid speaker and performer and definitely has the fashion sense to propel her to the spotlight. As Miss Universe seems to be favouring the Europeans this year she'd have a good shot especially since she has a Venezuelan touch to her as well, though not the best delegate she is probably the most suited for Miss Universe.

Anyway as a final word congratulations to Miss North Carolina, you may not have been the best contestant but you definitely fit the Miss USA vibe. Sadly though I don't expect her to do well in Miss Universe, in well I mean I don't think she'll make the top 5 as most Miss USA's get into the Top 15 anyway! I think she'll make the Top 10 but then fall out basically. She just doesn't have the package that Rachel had whilst she doesn't have the personality Crystle has, but still congratulations! lol!

oh and before I go - stop hating on Nadine Velazquez the female host, she wasn't that bad and in the end the shows about the contestants not the hosts! Oh and I'm quite amazed that Global Beauties managed to get all of the Top 15 in their Top 25 because Connecticut wouldn't have placed anywhere near the Top half for me. Also for Global Beauties to place Hawaii 3rd and Missosology to place Hawaii 1st I'm still in utter shock that she didn't make the Top 15. (Hawaii was in like the Top 5 of every pageant website). Maybe as she's roommates with California they didn't want to put both of them through - dunno! Or maybe it was because of the "bitchy" video they posted (I didn't think it was that bitchy to be honest) as California was the favourite to win maybe they put all the blame on Hawaii instead.

Yeah I've yabbered on a bit but now I realized I got 8 out of 15 for the top 15! A typical score for me. However I only got 1 of the Top 5. Of course predictions are different from favourites and I'd probably have scored better if I looked at my predictions. And just to drive it in....
Hawaii was robbed, Arkansas was robbed! Georgia, Tennessee, Rhode Island and Kentucky should have got better marks!
So see all of you at Miss Universe 2009!

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  1. I soooo agree that Hawaii was robbed of a Top 15 spot!