Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The Apprentice UK Season 5 Episode 4

So we're at Episode 4 and I was really happy that Sir Alan delegated team leadership to Paula and Noorul because we've seen so little of them and in fact I liked Paula but not really Noorul.
Anyway Noorul reminds me of an old science teacher! lol, So amusing that everyone liked him as a team leader even though he didn't do anything! Guess he went into the right profession! Originally I hated how they edited it to make Noorul look a bit daft but honestly he probably is a bit daft!
At first I was skeptical about Empire's (Paula's) decision to use Seaweed as it was probably one of the few marine things I'd rather not use to wash myself with (I guess fish would be on top of my list) but I guess they didn't overdo the seaweed so it was OK. Funny though because when I was writing down the ingredients (on my live commentary sheet) I accidentally wrote Paula as one of the ingredients - an essence of Paula! ewww...
On the other hand Ignite's (Noorul's or actually barring Noorul!) initial decision of using apples kind of baffled me, maybe they did use apples in the end as well but why apples - it really doesn't strike me as an interesting new ingredient to use in soaps or shower gel. In the end their use of honey totally annoyed me as it is neither an innovative idea nor did they make it look good. IT WAS JUST A MESS and I honestly don't understand who would buy that soap! I thought I was watching a bad episode of The Real Hustle!

Ben still annoys me, he seems like the typical pub bloke that you really don't want to talk to.
OH MY GOD! Paula and Yasmina (hitting my head on a plank of wood!) How could they make that mistake Sandalwood and Cedarwood! They really don't sound that similar! Worse so they though it would only cost them like £5, if you had any sense you'd realise that ingredients don't cost you £5.
It was absolutely hilarious when Debra was asking Paula about the Sandalwood which costs £1,200 per kg and then Paula said something like, oh it only came up to about £5 (!) as we only bought a little!

Philip's outburst this week was slightly dissapointing. I understand that Noorul was an awful PM but I think Philip should have learnt to control his anger - especially not at Kim who wasn't doing anything wrong. His use of hair straighteners does baffle me though - absolutely confusing why he needs hair straighteners - his hair is about an inch long!

I absolutely loved the packaging on the soap by Paula! It made it look so good and natural that I would have actually bought that! One of the few things I'd buy from The Apprentice! Great to set their stall at Notting Hill. It's a shame as they did everything else well except for the stupid mistake with the sandalwood. But I think Nick shouldn't have said anything as in the real world they themselves would have needed to realize their mistake - someone isn't just going to come up and say "oh by the way, you spent like £1000 on your fragrances". But I think the ocean is a bit overdone - the honey is way overdone! If they were looking at something innovative I would have liked to see more exotic essences as I've seen chinese and all that but I've rarely seen any Indian type essences or anything like that.

Noorul should have gone even if he'd won, he was just hopeless! I'm better than him! I just don't understand how they made nearly £500 profit. He had some of the biggest flaws - you should never sell low valued products in a "sell you a tv" type of way, you should never change location in the middle of the day unless you are really stuck for sales, you should never sell luxury products at a busy train/underground station - who's going to bother with you! If you did want to sell at a station sell at a train station which mainly does long journeys like King's Cross.

Noorul HAS TO GO! Even though Paula had the fatal flaw she at least had a product! Noorul was basically trying to sell a pot of honey you can't even eat!
If Noorul does go back to teaching I pray for his safety! Paula's team should have won. If only they'd realise that at £3 or £4 they couldn't make a profit and in fact tried to sell half their stock for £4.50 or both the soap and shower gel for £10 or something then tried to find a deal for the other half of their stock maybe they would have won. I'm sure people would have bought the two for £10.

In the end I think Ben should've gone. Yasmina and Paula were probably the most to blame for the miscalculation but Paula actually had the idea and everything else whilst Yasmina has more potential. Ben on the other hand should have participated in the money side of things as well, he could have easily went and checked their figures - that's what a good team player would do. He also has an awful personality which will not get him far in the Apprentice or any other company in fact.

So after this week my favourites are more hazy but here's my list of likes

Philip - Even with this weeks awful showing of his personality he's still one of my favourites and at the moment I think he's the one to beat.
Debra - People may think she's a manipulative and brash person (in fact she may actually be) but I like her.
Yasmina - She's waring my patience a bit but I think she has more to give

Kim - I like her, there's not much not to like
James - Though he doesn't seem to be capable of doing anything he's against Ben and he actually talks a lot of sense.
Lorraine - I liked her today as she showed her calm side and her management skills when Kim and Philip were having a row
Mona - I've only seen a little of her and I haven't really disliked her.

Kate - I don't dislike her but for some reason I can't say I like her
Howard - Yet again he still reminds me of every contestant I've hated before

Ben - Just kick him off will you! He's arrogant and he's actually not that great!
Noorul - WASTE OF SPACE ON THE APPRENTICE - I'm sure he's a great school teacher, just stay at that school will you! But honestly what a great way to represent teachers and chemists! Have we had a successful candidate who's a chemist on the Apprentice! I think besides Kristina we haven't had a successful candidate from the scientific field.

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