Wednesday, 29 April 2009

The Apprentice UK Season 5 Episode 6

Sorry for the late update but yet again I was too lazy to move my files from my laptop to my computer! Anyway here's the update (a few hours after the next episode!)

What I don’t like about the challenges are that they give the “apprentices” way too short of a time to make something good, in the real world who would expect a team to come up with something in a less than a week.

Philip either hits jackpot or he hits rock bottom! the body rocka was an absolutely awesome idea but this week it was just manic! At one point he even said "cereal killer" oh kill me!

I think pirates are a good idea and all the treasure hunting stuff but I kind of think it sounds a bit too similar to Birdseye and their pirate and I'm sure they had a parrot in there too. But at least it's not Pantsman! Pantsman wears his underwear the wrong way round but as you're not Pantsman YOU CAN'T! Oh save me (but not Pantsman please!)

Philip has just annoyed me way too many times this episode (and last episode as well). As Kim said he just throws tantrums like a 5 year old, he may have the passion that Lee has but he doesn't know how the control it. I understand Lorraine's negativity to this mess but I do agree that she should be more pro active after the decision has been made. I don't like Howard as he sticks his head into everyones' business. I personally think that both cereal boxes aren't that great. For Kim's the reason is because there's nothing on the back! I think she could at least have stuck something there to say that they at least had researched upon it. I like the use of green but I think it could have been a shade darker as it is a bit too bright at the moment. Personally I don't think Kate's box would stand out, the colours are yucky and not vibrant enough to attract kids. The goal really is to attract kids whilst also having good ingredients so that there mothers/fathers agree on buying it also.

Why is Noorul always the model? I feel sorry for Kim - she has an awful group! One mute, one who think he's god almighty (Howard if you couldn't guess) and then two who are at loggerheads to top that off Lorraine doesn't actually do much and Philip does too much! She's obviously going but it's such a shame.

Kim's advert was disturbing! It felt like at the end of the advert there would have been a government warning saying "This is the kind of person you shouldn't trust your kids with!" I also agree with the professionals in that when selling to supermarkets you do need a direct target audience.

Wake up Call! Who came up with such a lame name! The whole idea just didn't make sense left right or centre! And honestly even Noma (oh my god what is she called, the one who presented? The south African one (ey wait, is she S.African?)) Also why did Sir Alan insist on one character, to my knowledge all the most famous kids cereal brands have one main character and then a few supporting ones.

In my point of view Philip lost the task single handedly. He was to dismissive and arrogant and that personality obviously effected Kim as she couldn't control him but of course Kim is also to blame as well as the "hidden" team members! Philip is someone I'd never want to work with in my life as he's just way too abrasive and borderline mad!

I think Sir Alan's opinion of PM's having to take on every bit of responsibility is somewhat wrong. If the majority of the team is for the idea (especially in things like The Apprentice where the PM isn't fixed on every task) then the PM can't really go against their team as if they did then nobody would work for you! Especially as it is The Apprentice where everyone wants you to die!

I still don't understand why most of the time the teams just have a nice chat whilst in the car! They should be working! I also don't understand why the teams can't split early on! I also don't understand why people don't work OT even when they are in a pretty stuffed situation! I also don't understand why I watch this show! As 7 times out of 10 the teams perform dismally! Guess it's good entertainment to see then perform dreadfully and supposedly be the best of British entrepreneurs! lol

Ok so here's my rankings of the contestants.

Yasmina - I've found it hard to like anyone this series but Yasmina has done probably the least for me to dislike her and she was originally one of my favourites.

Debra - Besides her brash attitude towards things I'm actually beginning to like her as she really is a worker (my prediction is that she is the finalist).

Philip - honestly even with all the bad words I've directed towards him he still makes 3rd! But that could easily slip away if I see more of his annoying attitude.

James - He speaks sense and is humourous, just need to see his work attributes!

Kate - She's done nothing for me to like or dislike her.

Lorraine - She may be negative but sometimes there does need to be someone speaking SENSE, for the team to develop.

Mona - I think I'd like her if they just showed more of her.

Howard - besides reminding me of every Apprentice candidate I've hated he's also a know-it-all!

Noorul - ..........................

Ben - That ignorant, arrogant sexist! He is sooo overconfident as well! And he speaks sooooo much crap! He thinks he so hot as well! ugh... if you call a bulldog hot! Loved to see what happens if he was teamed with Philip. You know what the absolute "best" team would be Ben, Debra, James, Lorraine, Philip - oh my god that would just be sooo entertaining!

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