Friday, 10 April 2009

Miss USA 2009 3rd Preview

So this should be the final preview because I think everything has been released and I doubt any candid shots would change my opinion that much.
So here are my alternatives - in fact there are 7!

7 Alternatives

Arizona seemed to be a fan favourite from the start but I didn't see it until a day or two ago. I really liked her bubbly personality but I'm still not too keen on her portfolio. She seems to be really nice though and therefore she made my alternatives. She also has the biracial look to her making her as Tyra says: racially ambiguous - which is a good thing!

I love Florida's portrait shot, it's so warm! She's actually one of the few girls that seems to benefit from less make up, she works best in simple photos. I definitely like her look and her interview is good.

The reason why Iowa is in the alternatives is because of her interview - without that she wouldn't have made the alternatives and would have probably escaped my eye as her portfolio is average. Her portrait shot is stunning though. Anyway I liked her interview and she looked pretty in it also that's why she's an alternate.

I hate to say it but originally when I only saw one photo of all the delegates Michigan was the only one I forgot as in even though I saw her photo I thought I'd never seen it! But her portfolio now is much more noticeable and her interview was good. A strong alternate but I'm not sure if I would put her as a Top 15 if I had the chance.

Nebraska was one of the girls who in the past two rankings I narrowly scraped her off the list, but I felt her interview was enough for me to place her in my alternatives as she has a decent portfolio to go with it.

To me Ohio has the worst portfolio out of any of my Top 22 (in fact maybe worse than some outside my Top 22) but I think her interview really showed me something about her. She's kindhearted and actually quite pretty. Her interview and usual candid photos actually depict her as being one of the prettier ones but for some reason her portfolio is average at best.

South Carolina
None of the girls in my current alternatives featured in last times rankings, Florida was the only one that has ever featured but South Carolina was in my Top 15 last time however this time she's dropped to my alternatives. In fact to tell you the truth, I changed her positioning whilst I was typing this up. For some reason I just felt she was out of place in my Top 15. I like her but not enough. She has a great glam shot though.

Top 15
Yep Louisiana has made my Top 15! I just loved how much more animated she was in her interview than a lot of the other girls and she does have two photos in her portfolio which I like.

Minnesota was the girl I changed with South Carolina! Minnesota was an early favourite of mine, her portfolio is varied but I still like her enough to place her in my Top 15. Her interview was Ok, it was sweet and easy to relate to but I'd loved to have seen more.

New York
So New York... she's a mover! Not a good one though! First time she was in my Top 5, next time she was in my Top 10 and now she's in my Top 15! Ok reason, I think her portfolio is Ok, it's not as strong as some of the other girls though her interview was also kind of contrived, just a bit put together... I didn't really connect to her which was a shame.

I like Utah but she definitely has something weird going on near the nose. Anyway she's a good delegate but I wouldn't put her any higher, instead I could have dropped her down to my alternatives!

I actually had a feeling I would bump this girl up to my Top 10 but I didn't, I don't actually know why but I can't see her in my Top 10 just yet, she's a possible Top 10 as I like her portfolio and how she looks but as of now she's in my Top 15.

Top 10

California seems to be a favourite to many but I can't put her in my Top 5 as I find her look slightly awkward at times. I like her swimsuit and her glam shot though! Her interview was good but personally I think she's a suitable Top 10 for me, not enough to make my Top 5.

Kentucky has entered the Top 10 everyone! I really don't know why she suddenly made my Top 10 as I thought her interview was Ok but not that outstanding, maybe it's because I like her evening gown and portrait shot. Anyway I think she's one of the delegates that could drop back down to my Top 15 but as for now I'll keep her in my Top 10!

Wow, anyone guessed I actually drop Tennessee to my Top 10? She was my original favourite but I've just found her look to be quite different. She's still pretty but her portfolio isn't as strong as I'd hoped it to be. In fact Tennessee was hanging on a thread at the Top 5 but I decided to enter someone else into the Top 5!

I think more people would have expected Virginia to have dropped down to my Top 10. Her portfolio is Ok, her glam shot and her pre Miss USA shot is good. I think her interview was Ok but it was good that she managed to show her interest and knowledge in something besides pageantry! But I think she deserves to be only in my Top 10, I just can't imagine her being in my Top 5 anymore.

Some may have realised by now that a few "big names" in my previous rankings are missing, well it will all be revealed later. Anyway Wisconsin has one of the best portrait looks of any delegate - she is really beautiful! Her interview was good but she looked different. I think she has the potential to push into my Top 5 but as of now I think she's good in my Top 10.

Top 5! - Before I reveal my Top 5 I just have to say that I'm not great at naming the winners at pageants, I can predict them but my favourites never seem to win! I wouldn't be surprised if none of my Top 5 made the actual Top 5! Anyway here goes!

Chanley has always been on the sidelines I always tried to up her into the Top 5 and now I have. I just really like her evening gown photos and her glam shot is also great! If only she scrapped her swimsuit shot! Her interview was interesting also, much more original. I hope she does well in the actual pageant as I think she deserves at least Top 15.

I don't understand why Colorado seems to be out of contention. She's well spoken and has a nice personality her portfolio is strong - especially her pre MissUSA shot and her portrait. I just really like her, in fact she is in my favourite 3!

GeorgiaGeorgia has always been in my Top 5 and she really deserves it. She's a bit too tanned and her hairstylist needs to make her look a bit more fresh but overall she's a great delegate. She seems like a giant also! Anyway her portfolio is good her interview was good and in fact her tan makes me remember her!

Hawaii has entered the Top 5! I just LOVE HAWAII! Her interview was the best! She's just so charismatic and nice! Her portfolio is also really good, like Arizona she's also racially ambiguous! The only worry is that she may come off a bit old as I've seen one of her photos where she looked kind of aged but I think she'll be a great Miss USA.

Rhode Island
And rounding it out we have Rhode Island (another inductee into the Top 5). Last time I pushed her down in favour of someone else but this time I pushed her up rather than Tennessee. I like her cute bubbly personality and her portfolio is good. She's a nice addition to my Top 5 and I hope she does well.

So anyone realise who's been dropped! Idaho, Texas and West Virginia have been dropped from my alternatives BUT... if you realised someone was dropped from my Top 5, totally out of even my alternatives! It was Washington. I actually stated in my last post that Washington was targeting the top spot along with Georgia for me so why did she drop so disastrously out! I felt her interview was Ok but would probably have pushed her down to Top 10. But her other two photos were only OK so that would have pushed her down to Top 15, but it was her candid shots that sealed the deal. She just looked really different and tired. Oh well...

Some delegates of note were...
North Carolina - she was just dropped from my alternatives yet again
Texas - Just dropped out
Illinois - I liked her interview.
Kansas - her interview was interesting! blink blink blinkety blink! I like her though.
West Virginia - dropped out
Idaho - She's pretty but it's a sophisticated/older pretty.
Alabama - I liked when she said she wouldn't have a superpower and then went on to explain, it made her stand out.

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  1. Thanks for making a portfolio of the girls. Good job!