Thursday, 16 April 2009

ANTM Cycle 12 Episode 9

Celia "Think of Sex" hmmm.....
Fo seems to have distorted views of the modeling industry!
Why does Natalie still have the hippie band - I thought the judges hated it!
I love Aminat's hair - great job Allison
I'm amazed London is not confident with her weight as she seems to be an uber-confident person.
I actually liked London's styling and the photo was weird but interesting.
Wow Teyona won! I think she did well but I don't know whether she should have won the challenge.
Are the ANTM girls ever not fans of the guests! Though I do like Ciara myself I must say lol!
Allison seemed a bit rude to Mr Jay! She just broke out!
It's Aminat and London at the bottom defo.
The whole realizing Brazil thing was just "erm!"

Photo Time!
Allison - I like the full shot as Allison gives off a truly menacing look, her face is a bit to animalistic though in my opinion - a bit of toning down would be better for me, and yeah her pose is a little stiff.

Aminat - Oh no! I'm sure this couldn't have been her best! Her head looks photoshopped onto the body - the body is actually OK for me but the face is... lost for words! I think her posing is probably one of the best this week! But her face just detracts from everything!

Celia - I think the pose is Ok, not fantastic but what makes this shot stand out is the face, she looks really good in a close up - one of the first times where her posing has lost to her facial beauty.

Fo - I like it but it just seems a bit awkward to me, I think her face could have shown a little more tension to be honest as at the moment her movement looks more fluid rather than tense. To me it looks like her hands are long but her body is short - like her hands reach her knees!

London - I just can't believe this is London's best, every week she has done Ok or well but this just falls flat - Her body is lost and her face is square - London knows better than that. I think it was chosen so that London's departure would be justified. At least her stare is good.

Natalie - I think it's a bit too menacing, it reminds me of her immigrant shot. But I do think this is probably Natalie's best shot to date. I don't know why but the whole shot kind of makes Natalie look pregnant! And oh my god that hand scares me - just how long, blue and crooked it looks! Though I have to say bad angles come into play here as her top half looks way too big for her bottom half.

Teyona - I like the shot and her side face is always stunning, however I think her angles could have been better to make her left eye look more present, though it's a beautiful shot. Though yet again her body does scare me a bit in this shot - she looks like an alien amputee!


It was difficult to rank as I thought they all had their strengths and weaknesses (London and Aminat's were just in a totally different league - the junior league!)

So instead of Teyona - who from watching the show I thought I would place first, it was Celia instead! Because Celia looked good and had a great pose without looking like she lost a limb. Teyona would have won if only we had seen her lower legs. Fo did well whilst Allison did well also but needed to work on body proportions, this left London and Aminat - London came next to last because everything was awful besides her eyes! Whilst for Aminat I felt her face detracted from the shot so much that her whole shot looked awkward, if she had done a "help" kind of expression then the shot would have been TOP, but her expression is just awful! Definitely some manipulating by Ken Mok!

So in somewhat of an unexpected twist Celia now matches Fo's record of staying topping the ranks twice this season! I really didn't expect Celia to climb my favourites list! Could she do a Fatima? I remember Fatima topped my charts two or three weeks in a row but then I think I had to discount her as she didn't participate in the photoshoot.

Before reading this it would make sense if I told you that I do a ranking where girls who score more than 0.75 get a "good shot" whilst girls scoring lower than 0.25 get a "bad shot". It's simple I only rank the girls and then depending on how many girls are in the competition I score the best girl 13/13 (1st week) which equals 1 the second girl 12/13 and so on and on, of course as each girl is elimated I drop down to 12, 11, 10 and so on.

Anyway Fo has now for the first time dropped out of the top quartile or bottom quartile category. Beforehand she had made the Top 0.75 5 times and drooped to the bottom 0.25 once, now she has just dropped out of the Top 0.75. Current call out for me 0.76.

Teyona has now fought her way back up to nearly equal Fo's call out ratio. She stands at 0.76 but is a few hundredths away from Fo, next week will be the decider between these two. She now has 3 2nd call outs and 1 1st call out from me.

Celia has unsuspectingly jumped to third place! Before this episode she had never managed to break the Top 4 but now she sits at 3rd having had 2 top shots and a slurry of above average ones as well. If Celia does well next week whilst either one of the top two fail she could easily usurp her position into the Top 2! Scary!

London finishes her ANTM career at 4th. She started off at the top of the pack but sadly she began to slide slowly down. It's amazing that I've actually placed her 6th for 4 weeks:
Shot 3: 6th out of 11
Shot 4: 6th out of 10
Shot 5: 6th out of 9
Shot 7: 6th out of 7
She ends with a respectable score of 0.64.

Allison is at 5th for me now. She's had a few great shots and a few bland ones, with a score of 0.58 she could easily make it back if needed.

Aminat is at 6th, it's not too late for her to make a run for the top either, as long as she doesn't drop to the bottom ever again! Besides Natalie - who in my opinion is a lost cause, she is the only girl without a top shot left in the Top 6.

Natalie is lounging at 7th. If she wants to make an impact she needs to score in the Top 2 every single week from now, but even if she achieves that it's unlikely she'll ever reach the top spot for me. In fact at the moment she is technically 9th on my scoring (under Sandra and Tahlia) but as there was only 7 girls left she is my 7th.
She has never made it to the Top 0.75, in fact she's never had a shot which I score higher than 0.6.

Next week will be interesting, who will win between Fo and Teyona? Could Celia break into the Top 2? Who will win between Allison and Aminat? And will Natalie make it to a respectable position? So many questions left unanswered!

Next week will surely be a Natalie or Aminat elimination. I do sense that the judges have been pushing Natalie to higher call out than she would have got before, the reason is likely that they want to isolate Aminat in the call out ratio, but it's possible that she'll drop out next week also. I know the judges haven't finished with Allison yet, she's a lock for the Top 4 at least I think. Teyona now has such a high a call out that she actually can't be dethroned until Top 5! It's going to be difficult to tell who the judges would eliminate next week as Aminat and Allison have been getting the worst reviews. Natalie is coasting along with the judges but has anyone noticed that we haven't seen Paulina go "she's got no potential" any more. My gut feeling is that Natalie would go but my logic would point to Aminat. It's interesting to see that London was skipping between 5th and 7th all the time, but sadly as there were only 7 girls left and the weak before she achieved 5th she managed to "skip" into elimination!

Though I did promise myself not to focus on spoiler too much it's difficult not to speculate. Normally the spoilers about the Top 2 are generally true - last year Samantha and McKey were locked into the runway since early on, as supposedly this year we have a "bland" blond and a fierce black girl it limits the numbers somehow. Firstly Natalie is definitely nto considered, I wouldn't have even considered her making it past the Top 4, unless something like Jayla cycle 5 crops up - but we don't have personalities like Lisa and Kim to kick out before someone like Jayla this year! I really can't imagine anyone calling Celia a bland blond so the blond girl must be Allison. The fierce black girl would logically be Aminat as she has a great walk whilst Teyona is more bland than fierce on the runway. But I don't see Teyona not making it to the Top 2 and a Allison Vs Aminat finale would be the most unexpected thing from Tyra as both girls currently lounge at the bottom of her call out. I've hoped that Fo would be considered "black" but it just seems unlikely - she's more Mexican looking than black. In all honesty I think I may have predicted it right this year. Natalie/Aminat/Fo will leave before top 3 (though Fo will only leave either Top 5 or Top 4). Then Celia will be third and then Allison and Teyona, this is because they're making excuses to keep Allison and Aminat so it's likely that one will break out and wow them and one will fall earlier on. It's a shame though as I think every thing directs to a Teyona win - only thing though is her way too awesome call out, normally a girl that is way too favoured by the judges falls before the final hurdle because they suddenly spring a problem with her e.g. Anya - considered to have failed the Covergirl and runway, Joanie - considered not to have a personality! etc etc. But I don't see Teyona pulling either of those tricks. The best winner would be Fo! She's just perfect for Covergirl - though I'm not sure about Elite. If all continues to plan we would have had an equally obvious winner as to last cycle - even though McKey seemed to get weaker and weaker as the weeks went on the judges loved her more and more until it was obvious she was going to win. That's probably what's going to happen with Teyona. One more telling factor is that we've not seen anything of Teyona outside of ANTM after ANTM. That's normally a sign of making it far or in most cases winning the whole thing, if a girl normally has an interview it would label her out of the competition e.g. Fo, Allison. A girl shows new hair then she's definitely out e.g. no one yet. A girl seen having fun with other ANTM contestants of past cycles are unlikely to win e.g. Natalie. Girls seen in other purposes have a decreased chance of winning e.g. Celia. That leaves us with Teyona and Aminat. But we'll probably be able to suss who's going in the first 5 minutes of the next episode - they make it soooo obvious I don't think I've got it wrong this cycle yet!

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