Wednesday, 4 November 2009

TVB Nominations

Seeing the Main, Supporting and Favourite Nominations list a few things were somewhat shocking...

Jessica Hsuan excluded from any awards! I know Just Love II didn't really deserve any awards but I was quite shocked that Jessica wasn't even on the longlist for Best Actress or Favourite Character considering her status - maybe because she's filming so many series with TVB they thought they'd caught her in their net already so don't need awards to do so.

Sammul Chan not in any awards either! This goes to show how being a signed artist is so much better than not being one. Sammul, though not the best actor, filmed in EU and A Bride for a Ride but isn't nominated. If Fala Chen is nominated for Best Supporting Actress for The Stew of Life (When she's obviously a main lead) I think Sammul can be nominated for Best supporting in EU.

Chung King Fai not nominated for Best Actor. Though he's not my favourite actor this year I think if Fala, Louise and Christine are all up for awards then King Sir should also be up for Best Actor, considering Chin Ka Lok's nominated!

Raymond Lam! Its weird seeing a year without Raymond Lam considering he's been nominated since 2006 for Best Actor. Hopefully Shall We State the Case would be good but I don't have much hope for Growing Through Life. I'm annoyed that Raymond hasn't got any series this year nor does he have a long list of series waiting to be aired, TVB needs to continue to promote him!

I'm happy that Bosco Wong got nominated but it's quite shocking that he's the only young gun from the Top 15! No Raymond, Sammul, Ron or Kenneth (well not exactly young but still part of that group technically). I'm shocked Joe Ma is nominated for Easterly Showers. He did Ok but I didn't think TVB would actually nominate him in that series considering hsi status with TVB - maybe it was the Liza Wang syndrome. Shocked that Chin Ka Lok is nominated when neither Kenneth Ma, Roger Kwok or Chung King Fai are nominated. It's quite shocking that these Top 15 are basically all the male leads TVB has used this year! Oh also a bit shocked that Adam Cheng wasn't nominated, I'm happy but I thought TVB would favour him.

As I said I'm a bit shocked that Jessica Hsuan isn't on the Best Actress list whilst I knew Sonija Kwok would be because she's always on there even if she performs dreadfully! I expected basically all of those Top 15 and yet again quite shocking that these 15 are basically all the main actresses TVB used for their series this year.

Pleasantly surprised that Joel Chan is nominated but in general most of the others are predictable. Michael Tse is obviously going to win this. The supporting actress fight seems really interesting with 8 of the nominees from two series! I'm confused why Fala Chen, Christine Ng and Elanne Kong are nominated as supporting actresses when they are definitely mains in their series. I guess it's just TVB's way of putting people in a category.

A bit shocked that Kenny Wong is nominated for Favourite Character but I understand why TVB did that, I'm not sure Chin Ka Lok was liked that much in his series but I also understand why TVB did that. Considering in the past years TVB has begun to give people two awards this award will probably go to Wayne Lai with Michael Tse a possible alternatve and I guessWong He as a dark horse.

Wow Charmaine Sheh is nominated for two characters! How many times has that happened! But that may be to make her happy considering the Best actress will probably go to Sheren and favourite go to Tavia. Shocked that Gigi wasn't added to this list as it would be her leaving reward to be nominated! But I didn't think her character was that likable so I guess TVB finally did something right rather than motivated. But it does shock me that considering Jessica wasn't nominated in the Best Actress I'd thought she'd be in Favourite.

My Prediction (What TVB will do)
Best Actor Top 5
Wayne Lai - Rosy Business
Gallen Lo - Born Rich
Kevin Cheng- Burning Flame III
Moses Chan - Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Michael Miu - EU

Other Possibilities: Ray Lui, Bowie Lam, Wong Hei, Dayo Wong

It's obvious Wayne is going to be in the Top 5 but less obvious who would accompany him. In the end I chose the 4 above because of gut instinct anyway here's an explanation.
Gallen Lo - Though Born Rich isn't receiving great ratings it's still a major production, Gallen used to be TVB's Godson so in order to form better bonds I think Gallen will be given a spot.
Kevin Cheng - I think Burning Flame III will get a nomination. Common sense would have led me to Wong He but I went with Kevin because TVB loves Kevin, Wong He is thinking of quitting TVB whilst Kevin is also in Beyond the Realm of Conscience.
Moses Chan - Moses has been nominated for so many years at least to my knowledge he's been nominated in the Top 5 since 2005. With Beyond behind his back I'd expect him to be here again.
Michael Miu - TVB has this weird affinity with him. He was nominated for The Academy so why wouldn't he for EU?

Ray Lui - it's his first series back in a long long time. It hasn't received high ratings nor does Ray strike me as a Top 5. If Gallen didn't get nominated last year for Cats and Dogs then I don't think Ray will be nominated for Born Rich - though it could happen.
Bowie Lam - In an attempt to get Bowie to do more series TVB may enlist him into the Top 5. The Gem of Life was a huge huge production so it's only right to give one of the male leads some recognition - on TVB's logic anyway.
Wong Hei - This was a hard one to judge. I don't think any series would yield two Top 5 nominations for Best Actor so Wong Hei was beaten by Kevin Cheng considering Kevin won (unjustly) before whilst Wong Hei hasn't
Dayo Wong - Now Dayo is actually quite likely to get a Top 5 nomination, he just got kicked out from my Top 5 list because the 5 dramas the Top 5 are in were either grand productions or really high rating series. You're Hired was a highly rated drama but I'm not sure if it's enough.

Why the others don't stand a chance!
Damian - It's kind of "Geng Lo" to put him into the Top 15 considering Chamber of Bliss wasn't that highly rated a drama.
Bosco - He's still got a long time to go and it's obvious Kevin and Wong Hei will be considered before him.
Joe Ma - He's a filler and doesn't have TVB's support
Steven Ma - A Catherine Tsang filler.
Chin Ka Lok - eh!

Best Actress Top 5
Sheren Tang - Rosy Business
Ada Choi - The Gem of Life
Charmaine Sheh - Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Tavia Yeung - Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Teresa Mo - Off Pedder

Other Possibilities: Anita Yuen, Kenix Kwok, Myolie Wu, Louise Lee

Sheren Tang and Tavia Yeung are obviously going to be in the Top 5 and to some extent Charmaine Sheh also considering she's got You're Hired and Beyond the Realm of Conscience under her belt. The other two needed to be filled and here's why I chose the other two.

Ada Choi - Not officially naming anyone from the Gem of Life for the Best awards is unlikely considering how costly The Gem of Life was. Considering Ada was the most prominent figure from Gem I think they'll give her a Top 5.
Teresa Mo - Come on, Teresa is a famous film actress! For her to come back to TVB and film a long long series must have taken a lot of talk time! I think this would be a mini reward (on TVB's terms anyway) to put Teresa in the top 5.

Anita Yuen - Born Rich is not receiving great ratings. Considering 3 out of 5 spots are filled I think TVB will support Gem of Life over Born Rich considering Gem was sooooo expensive.
Kenix Kwok - The logic is that Kenix never won an award with TVB, as a comeback gift TVB will put her into the Top 5. Possible!
Myolie Wu - I don't really know why I listed her under the possible list. It's more of a gut feeling.
Louise Lee - Considering she's been prominent in the last two years, completely shutting her out this year may not be TVB's style

Why the others weren't listed
Jamie Chik - Michael Miu is already listed! No jk. There are too many comeback queens I'm not sure TVB has enough spaces to fill the gift list.
Maggie Siu - The Gem of Life wasn't that well rated a series therefore I don't think that other than Ada Choi Maggie or Gigi will have a chance.
Gigi Lai - Besides Ada already being the chosen girl for this series I don't think TVB will deem it necessary to nominate an artiste who has already left TVB.
Kathy Chow - Though she's a great actress she hasn't been in the spotlight nor has she been garnering any buzz.
Liza Wang - Though Liza is normally nominated at least to "Geng Lo" I don't think even TVB can justify nominating Easterly Showers when it recorded such low ratings.
Sonija Kwok - She's the always there but never Top 5 actress.

Best Supporting Actor Top 5
Michael Tse - EU
Elliot Yue - The Gem of Life
Ron Ng - Rosy Business
Kenneth Ma - Born Rich
Derek Kwok - DIE Again

Other Possibilities: Kenny Wong, Dominic Lam, Pierre Ngo, Raymond Wong

I don't know whether Ram Tseung or Lee Kwok Lun are really popular because of Beyond but if they aren't it's unlikely they'll be nominated. Michael Tse is obviously going to win but it was a difficult choice to put 4 other actors along with him on this category
Elliot Yue - A "Geng Lo" spot. If Gem was going to be nominated I think Elliot would take this spot over Kenny.
Ron Ng - Based on TVB not being able to support any of its young artists I think Ron will be nominated for Supporting actor especially considering he was in EU and Rosy.
Kenneth Ma - Same reason as Ron, in that he's one of TVB's younger generation that they promote.
Derek Kwok - I'm leaning towards him because I always thought Derek was going to get this award at some point in his career.

Kenny Wong - As I only think one spot is designated for Gem I think Kenny will lose the spot over Elliot.
Dominic Lam - A very likely choice for Top 5. He just got edged out when I placed my Top 5 prediction.
Pierre Ngo - The buzz he created was short but not long lasting, TVB will probably support Ron rather than Pierre.
Raymond Wong - I don't know! He's been on the TV circuit for a while but hasn't had any recognition considering he's a Film-TV actor TVB must think he needs an incentive to stay.

The others:
Joel Chan - Not enough buzz or age to be nominated
Lee Kwok Lun - Beyond is a female drama, the men are relatively unneccessary
Ram Tseung - Same as Lee Kwok Lun.
Tsui Wing - I'm not sure his performance in Off Peddar will get him a nomination, though he was nominated last year but for a much more well known character.
Stephen Au - I doubt he'll be nominated for this character
Evergreen Mak - Unless Stew gets 45 points I don't think Evergreen will be nominated.

Best Supporting Actress Top 5
Michelle Yim - Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Susanna Kwan - Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Susan Tse - Rosy Business
Linda Chung - The Gem of Life
Fala Chen - The Stew of Life

Other Possibilities: Kiki Sheung, Elanne Kong, Nancy Wu

Michelle Yim - To win the previous year and drop to not even a nomination this year is unlikely considering she's in Beyond
Susanna Kwan - Susanna got the short end of the stick last year between Louise, Michelle and herself it's likely Susanna will at least be nominated here I think.
Susan Tse - I think she's going to win this award considering the buzz she's creating for her evilness!
Linda Chung - Just like Ron and Kenneth I think she'll represent the younger generation and of course Gem.
Fala Chen - She won in 2007 when nobody expected her to so I think she'll be nominated this year.
Nancy Wu - She won most improved last year and was nominated for supporting as well. I think it could happen but I don't think she's got enough of a buzz to catapult her into the Top 5.

Kiki Sheung - It's a small chance but I think possible if TVB doesn't go down the Linda/Fala route.
Elanne Kong - It's not unlikely considering the decent ratings of EU

Mary Hon - I love Mary and she's normally nominated in the Best Supporting but I think this year the category is too strong.
Selena Li - Considering Michelle and Susanna are already nominated for Beyond I doubt Selena will be in, to me it's already a plus that she's in this category along with Michelle, Susanna and Mary.
Kara Hui - Out of the older generation Kara probably has created the least buzz so I'm not sure if TVB is willing to make it an all over 45 affair.
Angela Tong - Chamber of Bliss will not be in any Top 5 trust me!
Aimee Chan - I don't think she'll be nominated for supporting in such a strong year. She's likely going to be a top contender for Most Improved.
Christine Ng - I don't think the Stew is going to get two nominations if Fala is already in the Top 5.
Joyce Tang - Though I love Joyce she's had no buzz at all.

Favourite Male Character Top 5
Wayne Lai - Rosy Business
Michael Tse - EU
Roger Kwok - DIE Again
Wong Hei - Burning Flame III
Dayo Wong - You're Hired

Other possibilities: Moses Chan, Kevin Cheng, Chin Ka Lok

Wayne and Michael are the two that are going to win the award. I think Wayne will probably get this as it would be weird if Wayne got 1 and Michael got 2.
I only just realised that Roger Kwok wasn't nominated in the Best Actor! SHOCKER! So I think Favourite Male Character will surely be a Top 5 for him. Wong Hei got a lot of support for EU so I think he's streamlined for this and Dayo Wong also got decent support for his role on You're Hired rounding out this to be the most likely Top 5.

Moses Chan - Originally he was in my Top 5 until I realised Roger wasn't nominated for a Best so that's why he's now in my possibles considering Gem was ages ago.
Kevin Cheng - TVB love Kevin, he was loved in Burning Flame III, so good possibility of making Top 5.
Chin ka Lok - The only reason to justify him even being in the top 15 is that TVB genuinely thinks he has a chance. Considering A Bride For A Ride was a comedy it's possible he could make it.

Michael Miu - I don't think even TVB can justify giving his annoying character a Top 5 nomination.
Ray Lui - I just don't know why but I don't think Born Rich will be competing for Favourite awards.
Gallen Lo - Same as Above
Bowie Lam - He created minimal buzz and I think my Top 5 are really likely the actual Top 5.
Kenny Wong - Too strong a category for Kenny to even get a look in.
Steven Ma - filler
Kenneth Ma - Very unlikely considering very few probably remember Man In Charge.

Favourite Female Character
Charmaine Sheh - Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Tavia Yeung - Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Sheren Tang - Rosy Business
Louise Lee - The Stew of Life
Anita Yuen - Born Rich

Other Possibilities: Kenix Kwok, Jamie Chik, Ada Choi, Teresa Mo

If it wasn't for my guess that Sheren will win Best Actress (considering it's long overdue and Tavia is too young for this award and Charmaine has won it already) I woud have put Charmaine as the favourite to win this but as Sheren in my prediction will win Best Actress I think Tavia will win Favourite Female. Whilst Charmaine is equally likely going to be nominated for Beyond or You're Hired. I put Louise here because she has been in this category for 2 years already I don't think the trend will buckle especially since she probably not going to be nominated for Best Actress. Whilst Anita being here was is because I think Born Rich wouldn't be barred out in too many awards and therefore it's possible that Anita would be nominated here.

Kenix Kwok - based on my Born Rich theory
Jamie Chik - Yet again based on my Born Rich theory
Ada Choi - She's probably going to be nominated for Best so why not for Favourite.
Teresa Mo - Her character is proably quite likable in Hong Kong and she's Teresa Mo.

Kathy Chow - Just not enough support from media.
Maggie Siu - There's a small possibility but she needs more buzz
Sonija Kwok - Even in a comedy you can't justify Sonija beating any of the other 14 for a Top 5 nomination.
Fala Chen - The Stew of Life received average ratings
Christine Ng - Same as above

It seems Miss Lok is losing power! Her favourite artistes aren't that dominant on the list.

Well I finally made it! I'll post my Top 15 when I've begun watching Born Rich and Beyond, which would be about Mid November.


  1. IMHO if it's all up to TVB then Michael Tse has a better chance of winning 2 awards than Wayne Lai, since Wayne will probably get the biggest award (ie Best Actor) and TVB should give Michael more than just a single Best Supporting Actor award in view of his contributions to TVB this past year, with his spin-off movie's very decent showing at the box office. Wayne getting 1 and Michael getting 2 is not weird at all, in fact if it were the other way round it'd be way too unbalanced and unfair considering they're both equally popular.

  2. I see what you mean but I think "Turning Point" was kind of an award for Michael, on TVB's terms anyway. But I think the Best Actor and Actress awards are somewhat predictable. I'm much more interested in the Best Supporting Actress category because it's less clear cut. I think Susan Tse will win it though.