Saturday, 21 November 2009

Miss Asia 2009 continued

It's been a while since I posted the start of my Miss Asia review but now I'm back! Spurred on by a comment from an actual contestant I decided to finish it! Oh and for info on each contestant go to the website below...

No. 6 Sheng An
I love Sheng An! She was so cute and nice, in fact she was probably one of the best delegates the only thing she lacked was a confident interview technique but she still went through her interviews with charm and sweetness. She was unjustly barred from the Top 3 in my opinion.

No.7 Lindsey Yang
I think her presence made me naive to the fact that she wasn't the only bitch! I just sensed the bitchiness from her at the beginning even though she was a decent interviewee. She did look a bit old towards the end as well. Shouldn't have made the Top 12 imo.

No.8 Cheung Ka Wai
Supposedly she was really nice but I don't think she should have made the Top 12 considering there were better contestants that lost out before the Top 12. She didn't really excel in any point but I guess each pageant needs a Miss Friendship/Congeniality towards the end.

No.9 Li Xueting
She wasn't a favourite of mine tbh and in fact I didn't really want her in the Top 12. She was an Ok contestant but relatively forgettable in the mist of strong or annoying contestants.

No.10 Wang Chen
What I liked about Wang Chen was how genuine she seemed. She was a likable girl who was also a good orator. She was a sophisticated-sweet type of girl and that's what caught my attention. Imo she should have made it to the Top 6 and possibly tackle the Top 3.

No.11 Wang Zifei
Though I rarely remember her I thought she didn't deserve to lose out before the Top 12. She was on the edge of my Top 12 but I thought she was good enough to deserve a Top 12 spot. Sadly I don't remember much of her so I can't really comment.

No.13 Su Haiqin
Not being nasty but how did she get in? She does not have the pageant look and like No.1 she rarely smiled. The judges were definitely correct in eliminating her in the first round.

No. 14 He Qing
I liked He Qing and I thought she answered her question quite well, honestly how could you justify Hong Kong football to be better than the English Premier League! Local Hong Kong people don't even watch Hong Kong football! She was sweet and sophisticated and did well in her Q&A sections I actually don't understand why she was eliminated before the Top 12 considering she isn't ugly either!

No.15 Xu Ying
The winner! Well I liked Xu Ying, she had the height, the look, the talent, the body but I don't think she had the charisma a true winner should do - maybe it's just my Miss Universe self trying to instill some Miss Universe flair in every pageant. I definitely liked Xu Ying and I do think she was a decent winner but I do think there were better girls for the title.

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