Friday, 13 November 2009

Goodbye to my first favourite Tennis Player

Marat Safin, I'll miss you! Before I developed an interested for tennis I already liked Marat Safin. I liked his personality and his style, he may have had a fiery personality but that didn't really matter to me. It's a shame to see Marat leave the tennis world mostly because he never achieved his full potential, I believe I share this belief with a lot of people. Marat could have been one of the best in history but he failed to achieve that success, but in my eyes he's still a great tennis player and a fantastic personality as well.

He has won 15 singles titles in his career and has been to at least the SF of all the Grand Slams (no easy feat considering only Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and Nalbandian have achieved that, active players of course) winning the Australian in 2005 and the US in 2000 - I'd say Safin's 2005 Aussie title was his career defining moment as he beat Federer, who he lost to in the Final the previous year (and in fact beat Djokovic as well but Djokovic was a newbie then). Of course Safin's Davis Cup success is also a nice achievement.

Overall we'll all miss Marat, hopefully this won't be the last time we hear about him.

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  1. I totally agree with you. Safin made tennis very interesting to watch mostly because of his personality, talent & great looks. It was a sad day when he said good bye last year!!!