Thursday, 26 November 2009

TVB Anniversary Awards!

Only about a week left! As I've seen part of Beyond the Realm of Conscience and Born Rich I'll make my Top 5 choices!

Best Actor
Gallen Lo - Born Rich
Wayne Lai - Rosy Business
Bosco Wong - Burning Flame III
Damian Lau - In the Chamber of Bliss
Moses Chan - Beyond the Realm of Conscience

I don't really think I was spoiled for choice, in fact I was reluctant to put some of the Top 5 in the Top 5! Anyway the 5 above are my Top 5. Based solely on acting I'd give it to Wayne Lai with Gallen Lo 2nd.

Best Actress
Ada Choi - The Gem of Life
Tavia Yeung - Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Anita Yuen - Born Rich
Kathy Chow - EU
Sheren Tang - Rosy Business
Charmaine Sheh - Beyond the Realm of Conscience

Oh my god! The Top 5 were difficult to pick! I believe Ada truly deserves a Top 5 whilst Kathy Chow and Charmaine Sheh acted well in both of their series. Sheren Tang has to be in the Top 5 whilst Tavia Yeung's evil role in Beyond is making my mouth water! I don't think I could justify cutting Anita Yuen either! So in the end I was left with a Top 6! In fact I'd like to mention Jamie Chik in Born Rich. She's a really good actress who deserves to be mentioned even if it's not part of my official Top 5 (or 6!) list. I would love Sheren to win it as she hasn't yet and she deserves it, I don't think I could chose who did the best this year tbh!

Best Supporting Actor
Michael Tse - EU
Raymond Wong - Sweetness in the Salt
Evergreen Mak - The Stew of Life
Dominic Lam - In the Chamber of Bliss
Kenneth Ma - Born Rich

I think this section is more competitive than the Best Actor! Special mention goes to the Rosy Business supports' Pierre Ngo and Ron Ng as well as Joel Chan who I really like. But anyway the 5 above deserve my nomination I believe. To be very honest I liked Michael Tse but I also like Kenneth in Born Rich so those are my top 2. Dominic Lam will be 3rd on my list.

Best Supporting Actress
Susan Tse - Rosy Business (I think she should be nominated for Beyond tbh)
Mary Hon - Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Michelle Yim - Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Linda Chung - The Gem of Life
Selena Li - Beyond the Realm of Conscience

Worthy Mentions: Kara Hui, Kiki Sheung, Nancy Wu, Christine Ng, Angela Tong

I'm being sneaky here as I haven't actually seen Selena in Beyond yet! But I love Selena so I had to include her! This group was just tough tough tough! All 4 Rosy Business supports should be mentioned as well as Christine Ng in the Stew of Life and actually Angela Tong in In the Chamber of Bliss.
Like last year I think this is the most competitive group! I'm going to chose Susan Tse simply because she did well in both series and I like an actress who sticks up for her own character! Linda Chung also did well in Gem so she'd be second.

Favourite Male Character

Michael Tse - EU
Kenneth Ma - Man In Charge
Dayo Wong - You're Hired
Wayne Lai - Rosy Business

I'm not going to name 4 as TVB has done stupid things with this category. Moses should be nominated for Beyond whilst Kenneth should be nominated for Born Rich. To be honest I didn't like Dayo's character that much and neither did I like Chai Gau that much.

Favourite Female Character
Charmaine Sheh - You're Hired
Anita Yuen - Born Rich
Kathy Chow - EU
Sheren Tang - Rosy Business
Tavia Yeung - Beyond the Realm of Conscience

Was about to put Charmaine Sheh for 2 characters but that would be unfair to all the other great characters who deserve to be mentioned. I think my favourite character was Charmaine's in You're Hired possibly with Anita Yuen's in Born Rich in 2nd place whilst Sheren and Tavia in 3rd.

My Choice
Actor: Wayne Lai
Actress: Sheren Tang
Supporting Actor: Michael Tse
Supporting Actress: Susan Tse
Male Character: Kenneth Ma (he's had a good year, deserves a mention)
Female Character: Charmaine Sheh

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