Tuesday, 10 November 2009

X Factor

Before I get off to work I just wanted to put a quick comment on the uproar that Simon Cowell has produced. Quite funny actually how Simon always said he didn't want Jedward in but in the end basically saved them. Yes I do think Jedward are awful singers and yes I do think Lucie should have stayed, but was Lucie going to win? If you had read my previous post I'd predicted her to be 4th, behind Stacey, Joe and Olly. But I didn't think she had a chance of winnning! Out of the 8 I'd say she had the least chance of winning - but she could have gone further in the competition. Honestly though it's a TV show stop putting so much hate against it, watch it, comment on it, then leave it behind - I like to criticize but I let it go quite quickly. If you don't like what happened then just don't watch the show - simple!

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