Friday, 6 November 2009

TVB Nominations 2009: Most Improved

The Most Improved nominees are a bit weird this year well lets start off with the men.

Johnson Lee - I'm not sure Johnson would really appreciate TVB handing this award to him, though he won't get it anyway! Giving someone in his mid 30's a most improved award when he's been in the industry since 1999 seems somewhat embarrasing. I like Johnson, I think he's a better actor than quite a few who have been nominated in Best Support in the previous years however I'd rather he didn't stand a chance in this award than to accept it.

Pierre Ngo - The likely candidate for this award. It's weird that most of those nominated are in their 30's! In a way he also deserves it because his character was probably the only memorable one he's acted in. I guess I wouldn't mind him winning but it seems weird that TVB hasn't nominated anyone that they are really promoting.

Raymond Wong - It must be quite embarrasing being nominated as Most Improved when you use to be in the film industry! His first film was in 1997 and his first series was in 2002 eek! At least I wouldn't want to be in his shoes! But in all honesty I think Raymond probably deserves this award as much as Pierre because at first I thought he was like Michael Miu - Botox Eyes! But in Easterly Showers and Sweetness in the Salt he was more versatile.

Raymond Chiu - He's OK but is he that memorable? Or is TVB just passing the nominations along the Off Peddar cast.

Jim Tang - Along with Him Law these two guys are probably the new line of actors TVB are promoting. They are both in their mid twenties and have been nominated for TVB awards so I guess TVB is trying to mount their screen time (as such). I like Jim but he has a long way to go.

My Pick: Raymond Wong
Most Likely to Win: Pierre Ngo

For the females...
These 5 seem much more like the TVB I know except for Catherine Chau.

WHERE IS SELENA LI! She was in 2006, Top 10 for 2007, in 2008 and now vanished! Why isn't she in this! For once Selena could have won it as no big TVB names are in their but she's not nominated! This could mean good or bad, good in that Selena has risen above this, bad that Selena will not win an award until long long later! I don't understand the reason for the exclusion of Selena when Catherine Chau has been chosen.

Queenie Chu - In a sense she probably has improved. I like Queenie but I don't like her acting but she won't win.

Koni Lui - YEAH! Recognition to Koni! She isn't a fantastic actress but she's OK for a newcomer - remember Charmaine Sheh in her early years! I really like Koni but she's probably not going to win.

Catherine Chau - Poor Catherine Chau, TVB didn't want to nominate anyone else so drew her into the NOMINATION of EMBARRASMENT! Well for someone like Catherine anyway, she has filmed like 50 series and now she's considered for most improved! I like Catherine but yet again I wouldn't want to be in her shoes. It would have made sense to put Selena here as she's always in this category.

Sharon Chan - Poor Sharon she's always in but never wins! TVB really should take her out of her misery and just hand her the award. Sharon is a good actress, better than say Sonija Kwok who's nominated for BEST ACTRESS! But she's probably not going to win this as...

Aimee Chan - It's obvious TVB is promoting Aimee to be their new bunny/Kate Tsui. I really don't think she'll lose this award as she's getting much more promotion than any of the other 4. Aimee has improved and I think she's actually an OK actress but I'd much rather Selena or Sharon win this for a change.

My Pick: Sharon Chan
Most Likely to Win: Aimee Chan

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