Saturday, 21 November 2009

Miss Asia 2009 even more!

No.16 Wang Jin Jin
GO WANG JIN JIN! I loved Jin Jin's personality. She did seem to deflate a bit towards the end. However I was extremely happy, a bit shocked as well, that she won Miss Photogenic however Wang Jin Jin is indeed a pretty girl but I think her personality and interview technique is where she wins out in. Personally I think she'd be a perfect 2nd Runner Up but instead that went to No.17 ughh....

No.17 Hsu Cha Huei
Still don't understand her being 2nd Runner Up the only reason would be that she is from Taiwan and so they needed a Top 3 to be from Taiwan. She just didn't have anything worthy of Top 3! If she had a good interview I'd understand but she didn't, in fact she was one of the weakest. Well what's done is done.

No.18 Liu Yi Hsin
Despite knowing perfectly well that she was fake I decided to like her probably because there were fake(r) girls in the competition imo such as No.7 and No.2. She was sweet and cute and though fake she was worthy of a Top 6 and imo a Top 3. It's not possible for me to know the contestants entire personality just from watching a pageant so personally it comes down to stage presence and pageant technique - in which she was very good at.

No.19 Chiang Ying Hsuan
Not the prettiest girl in the bunch, being nice! But I thought she had a decent personality, I was somewhat shocked that she didn't make the 2nd Round - Top 16, but I knew she wouldn't get far anyway.

No.20 Tung Wen Yi
Call me naive but I like Wen Yi. Her Q&A was funny and sweet so I don't understand why she was eliminated before the Top 12. She definitely deserved a spot in the Top 12 even though I'd probably have had enough of her before the Top 6 lol!

And finally it's done, if I think of anything else I'll be sure to post it but for now I guess it's farewell to Miss Asia!

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