Tuesday, 3 November 2009

TV Gone nuts!

Popularity is so important nowadays that talent doesn't even matter! Both X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing have shown that popularity is all it takes to do well on these shows! The elimination of Rachel Adedeji was annoying. Though I knew she would leave early considering she's always in the bottom 2 she's one of the most consistent performers on the show and is in my opinion the best girl! (talk about my opinions later). Popularity is so important that a show like X Factor harbors a group like John and Edward!

Strictly come dancing is also an outcry, I thought SCD had some sense in them but why was Ali Bastian and Zoe Lucker in the bottom 2! Zoe, though not my favourite deserves at least Top 5! She's a decent dancer and though I find her overated I didn't think she should have been voted out at 9th! And why is Ali Bastian in the bottom 2 with her? Why is Craig still here! I understand why Ricky Groves and Phil Tufnell may get the popularity vote but why Craig? I fear next week we may see Jade and Ian kicked off due to a Jade and Ali bottom 2! If the Final 5 of SCD doesn't consist of Jade, Ali, Laila and Ricky W I may just puke! It's really time for Ricky Groves, Phil Tufnell and Chris Hollins to slowly waltz away from the competition with Natalie Cassidy joining them afterwards! I have faith in Laila whilst Ali, Ricky and in some cases Jade have proved their capabilities.

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