Tuesday, 3 November 2009

My X Factor opinion

Jamie Archer
He's a nice guy and has good stage presence but I think he's been drooping. He's been overpowered by the music as of late and I found him unfocused this week. He lacks the IT factor, he's a decent singer but he's not going to win. I think he'll go in the next 2-3 shows.

Lloyd Daniels
Cute as he is he's not a good enough singer so he really should be in a boyband - though everybody knows boybands are out of fashion now! He has a decent voice but he only suits certain songs, his range is poor and he rarely hits notes out of his 5 note range. Though I like Lloyd it seems that the general public agree that he needs to go soon. He'll go in the next 1-2 shows.

John and Edward
SAVE ME! WHY! They miss beats they have no vocal ability and I stress! THEY'RE NOT ENTERTAINING OR FUNNY! I think there survival goes to show that Britain is slowly getting bored with the X Factor and needs rubbish/"humiliating" acts to entertain them! I don't dislike them as people I just dislike the general public who keep them in and make them even more detestable every single week. I don't want to predict when he'll leave.

Danyl Johnson
I loved him for the first two shows, then I started to think he was repetitive, in every single piece he just booms out his signature big notes without much grace or meaning, he's just flaunting what he has. I still liked him though but this week he made me feel cold. He seemed to act the whole thing out, like a dramaqueen. It didn't look genuine and he was sulking like a child on top of that it wasn't a good performance (though very few performances this week were acceptable). I just hope Simon stops pushing him to be the next big thing, he's good; even in a weak performance he does better than most, but he isn't that good. He'll probably go 4th as he's not having the judges side with him.

Lucie Jones
I had great expectations for her, I like her more now but at the start she annoyed me. X Factor tried to promote her as the voice but now they know she doesn't have it they're promoting her diversity. I think she's OK but she needs to work her vocals and stage presence a bit. I'm predicting about 5th for Lucie.

Joe McElderry
He's become the favourite by the bookies, generally because he doesn't have many/any negative press and he's been consistent. The problem I have with Joe is his voice. It has become repetitive and boring just like David Archuleta on American Idol. He's a decent singer and one of the best on the show but his voice is just annoying me at the moment. He'll definitely be in the final.

Olly Murs
I like Olly. Though I don't think he's the best out of the 8 I think he's one of the best and has a great personality and vibe about him. He's also gaining a lot of momentum so I think he may be in the final 3.

Stacey Solomon
I don't get the craze with Stacey, her vocals are only OK and her presence is weak. She has a great personality though, which is probably why everyone loves her. But I just don't get Stacey that much tbh. I think she's probably one of the highest vote getters so I'm going to say she's in the Top 3.

The thing with all of them is I don't think anyone truly sings from the heart. I don't think they look at the music and really understand why they're singing it. They all just sing to impress rather than sing to convey emotion. They stress on random words and don't truly connect with the songs they're singing. X Factor this series is all about the showmanship.

My predictions
Next Out: Lloyd Daniels
After that: Jamie Archer
6th: John and Edward (by now I don't think they'll be amongst the top vote getters)
5th: Lucie Jones
4th: Danyl Johnson
3rd: Stacey Solomon
2nd: Olly Murs
Winner: Joe McElderry

Just my prediction.
Also wanted to add, if any of these 8 were producing record would I buy them...
Lloyd - I'll probably buy a single - if it was JT-esque, swoon style but I don't think I'd buy an album

Jamie - He's only going to attract me live, I don't think he has a recording voice.

John and Edward - Hell no, I'd run from the shop selling it.

Danyl - His voice is decaying, it scrapes away a bit of me every time I listen to him - so probably no.

Lucie - It would have to be a great album - Avril Lavigne-esque as I find her voice slightly boring.

Stacey Solomon - No, her allure is being from Essex and acting like she's just an average girl - everyone likes a fairytale and she's our fairytale this series.

Olly Murs - I don't think so, he'll lose his stage presence which is the main thing about him.

Joe McElderry - No, I'll be asleep by the 4th song. It'll just be too repetitive.

To our past contestants
Rachel Adedeji - Likely, because I think she'll produce music of my taste. It'll depend on what her album is like though.

Miss Frank - Maybe! If they brushed up on their vocals they'd produce a unique sound which would make them fresh. Definitely one of the better acts this series, just not enough popularity that's all.

Rikki Loney - No, I barely remember him, though I did like him!

Kandy Rain - It would depend. I generally like girl groups e.g. Sugababes, Pussycat Dolls, Saturdays, to some extent Girls Aloud so I guess if they did a decent job then yeah I would.


  1. No one all that outstanding this year - great danger of the show going down hill fast with Jedward artistically trashing it and Louis acting like a spitful kid.........just my thoughts!

  2. I SO AGREE WITH YOU! Louis is such a child.