Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Strictly Come Dancing Week 7

Best of the Night
Ricky and Natalie - Smooth and swift!

Worst of the Night
Craig and Flavia - Though there was obvious improvement I was bored.

As I thought most couples got just scores I have to say Ricky and Natalie as I'm not sure if it really deserved 39.

I'm going to give this to Ricky and Erin as I think they deserved better than 24, maybe 27.

One to Watch Out For
Jade is slowly becoming one of the main contenders - a dark horse, but Jive may not be for her and I worry that next week if Ali places around 3rd or 4th and Jade gets like 30 and places 5th we may see Jade and Ali in the bottom 2 with Jade leaving!

Just thought that their should be a name for the James Jordan curse! Discounting Georgina Bouzova all his other three partners left earlier than expected. Gabby Logan considered a definite for the Top 7 but they left 4th out of 14 couples. Cherie Lunghi who was a favourite early on but withered out to an 8th place below that of John Sergeant, Jodie Kidd and Christine Bleakley and now Zoe Lucker, considered a Top 4 definite I'd say but goes out 10th! Well female celebrities, beware of James Jordan if you're ever going to go on Strictly!

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