Thursday, 26 November 2009

Miss International 2009

I dislike how 3 of the major beauty pageants are all like within a months of each other especially considering how busy I am as well! Anyway I've been a quiet browser of the Global Beauties site for a while and I've listed 15 of my favourites (I don't even know if 15 go through to the semifinals?)

A short comment for my Top 15.

Belarus - Like her freshness
Brazil - based on photos on hector joaquin
Colombia - sporty athletic image
Finland - captivating eyes
France - Loved her pre pageant photo
Mexico - an all round stunner
Panama - Latina viva!
Philippines - Charming look
Slovakia - A good looking girl
Thailand - She looks like a joy to be around
USA - She seems great, and she's half asian!
Venezuela - Come on it's Miss Venezuela!

Now just wanted to distinguish 3 of the Top 15 as my favourites
India - She has a unique style, elegance and poise splashed with the fun factor that makes her irresistible, definitely one of the strongest Indian delegates of any pageant in recent years. I'm amazed she isn't even considered a winner on the Femina Miss India website! She's definitely better than Miss India Universe and Earth!

Japan - Sweet, demure, a classic beauty. She stood out to me the first time I checked the Miss International delegates. I'm somewhat biased however as I love Japan and Korea but I think she's a top notch delegate who could easily be in the Top 10 of any pageant.

Spain - I love Spain, she's a beautiful girl who looks sweet as well. However considering Spain won it last year already I doubt she'll win.

Here are 15 alternatives I've found
Dominican Republic
Lebanon - Originally had Top 17, she was one of the 2 I knocked down
Macau - she is so much better now compared to her Miss Macau days!
Norway - nearly made Top 15
Poland - Same as Lebanon

Overall I think Miss Earth 2009 had a better bunch of girls but lets see what happens here!

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