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YEAH NICOLE WON CYCLE 13! I loved Nicole and she deserves to win, she had everything and was a great model too! I was actually afraid that she'd lose out to Laura - if Laura won she'd be one of the weakest winners in ANTM history - sorry Laura fans. I do have to agree that Laura had a better final runway but overall Nicole was better and if you put Laura in an actual catwalk I'd doubt she'd be memorable.

In memory of Cycle 13 I compiled my Top 14 photos - you may say why Top 14 well I guess 14 is the amount of girls in the cycle and 14 is the next cycle!

Brittany - Horse Shot
I love this shot of Brittany, imo it's the best shot of her. She looks sexy, sophisticated and in control. Her legs are also gorgeously long, I love the headpiece and her stare is powerful, she compliments the horse a lot as well, maybe she could have used her hands better but to do that on top of a horse is already very good. BRAVO!

Erin - Hapa Shot
Many of you probably disliked this shot but I loved the emotion and how cinematic it feels. The slight arch just makes it a bit more interesting but Erin's look already makes this image very enchanting. Erin has her distinctive look whilst some may say she's just doing the same thing over and over again as long as she's using it well it's fine by me!

Erin - Horse Shot
At first I wasn't a huge fan of Erin's horse shot but when I was reviewing the photos it did stand out. Her hair compliments the horse's mane and her angles are interesting enough to make her stand out from the image. Her killer stare is also captivating me through and through.

Erin - Pele Shot
I like Erin's Pele shot as it does feel washed up and though the colours don't compliment each other if you look at it in a different perspective it kinds of makes you feel washed out. I think the face is what makes this shot stand out because the body is a bit plain but still this is a good shot.

Erin - Scarf Shot
Another Erin shot! But this one is my absolute favourite of the 4 and will probably be one of my favourite ANTM shots ever. Though not everyone liked this I found her shot very eerie very mystifying and all in all full of emotion. I love the vulnerability yet strength in this shot and it will definitely be one of my favourites for this Cycle.

Jennifer - Hapa Shot
Not everybody liked this shot but I liked it because of the National Geographicness of this shot. I don't think that just because it feels National Geographic that it isn't modellesque. It's very cinematic and a monumental move for Jennifer as it is the first shot (I think) that she closes her mouth! But anyway I love this shot.

Jennifer - Ninja Shot
This is a nice shot, but she looks like a hag in some shots! However I think that increases to the effect to this shot, it feels very authentic and though sometimes she may look a bit off I think it's not off enough to be ugly so it's still modellesque imo. All in all I like this shot because of its movement and authenticity.

Jennifer - Underwater Shot
Though Jennifer's face may seem like a dead fish it somewhat compliments the underwater effect. I love the power she shows and yet she still looks as if she's sinking, there's a story to this shot and that's why I like it.

Laura - Circus Shot
This is my favourite shot of Laura because of her angles! The first time I saw Laura in this shot I thought wow how did she make those angles, now I'm less amazed but I still think its a hot shot! However I'd love if her face was a bit better.

Nicole - Baby Shot
I don't think this is the best shot of Nicole but I like it because this was the shot in which I saw Nicole's huge huge potential. I love the angles and the hair. It was pow, right in your face even though the background props were so so bland!

Nicole - Covergirl Shot
This is one of my favourite Covergirl shots in ANTM history. This shot is near perfect! It seals the deal with Nicole, you'd never expect Nicole to be a Covergirl from her look but here she is overpowering Laura's Covergirl shot over and over and over again! This is possibly my favourite shot of the cycle and definitely my favourite shot of Nicole!

Nicole - Hapa Shot
It feels like she is being chased! I love the movement, it's part of the action and she looks very very very beautiful (love the power of 3!) GO NICOLE!

Nicole - Horse Shot
I like this shot because Nicole is so sweet and endearing in this shot, her eyes speak a thousand words and her arm is weirdly very beautiful! LOVE NICOLE LOVE!

Rae - Circus Shot
BOOM! Rae's Circus shot is utter fantastic! Just look at the fierceness! She stands out even though she's at the back. This shot is just fantastic for her because she looks BAM!

So out of the 14 shots Nicole and Erin tie with 4 each, Jennifer has 3 (more than I expected) whilst Laura, Brittany and Rae each have one. I definitely would stick to my original belief that Nicole and Erin have the most potential out of the 14. If I was Tyra my Top 4 would be Nicole, Erin, Jennifer and Brittany. So sad to see Cycle 13 leave us but if Cycle 14 is as good as what I see from spoilers then I can't wait for the next Cycle!

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