Sunday, 22 November 2009

Miss Earth 2009 Results

I was quite shocked when I read Brazil won Miss Earth but as I haven't really seen much of it I can't really complain but I thought it was a shock that a lot of girls didn't make it, here's a list of girls I thought were hard done by...

5 girls who I thought were sure fire bets
Cuba - disappointed she didn't make it
Czech Republic - same as above
Slovak Republic - was on the edge on whether I thought she'd make it
USA - Very shocked
Turks and Caicos - shocked

6 girls who I thought should have been considered
Indonesia - because supposedly she was really intelligent.

Well this years contest was really strong, even I got that vibe from looking at 2 photos or so! Congrats to Philippines, Venezuela and Spain for making the other spots - 3 of my favourites as well. Looking at Brazil in the photos I think I'd have liked her, shame about her pre pageant photos.

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