Friday, 13 May 2011

ANTM All Stars/Cycle 17

The cast is out and most of the contestants are expected, though most of them would have been in my second list  of predicted candidates - I only got 4 :( But lets see who will be gracing the all stars cycle.

Lisa D'Amato - Cycle 5

Lisa was amongst my "Drama 13" so hopefully she'll bring the drama like the classic lines of "Everybody needs to calm down, calm down, take a break, eat a cookie." If not I'll be disappointed because she should not be on this show unless she aggravates and annoys because she looks rather old now.

Bre Scullark - Cycle 5

How could I possibly forget Bre! Personally I don't remember much of her besides the always repeated granola bar incident but because of that she automatically should have made my predictions.

Angelea Preston - Cycle 14

I think once we heard about all stars Angelea was one of those contestants that popped into everybody's heads but tbh I dread seeing Angelea again because she caused me so much grief on Cycle 14 as I really wanted her gone. She'll provide good drama - hence I put her in my "Drama 13" as well but I think I might get a migraine from watching her.

Shannon Stewart - Cycle 1

This was a shock to me, I didn't expect anybody from cycle 1 to come back let alone Shannon. I honestly don't remember much of Cycle 1 so I can't comment whether Shannon will make a good contestant but I just wonder.

Brittany Brower - Cycle 4

I AM SO HAPPY! I love Brittany, however I am somewhat worried that she is not going to be as outspoken as she was on Cycle 4 for some reason I think she's going to be somewhat of a filler.

Camille McDonald - Cycle 2

Ok I'm sure I watched Cycle 2 but I have no recollection of it at all - maybe I dreamed I was watching cycle 2... anyway supposedly Camille was one of the more outspoken contestants so lets see.

Allison Harvard - Cycle 12

I can't believe Allison is back! I didn't expect her to do it because she doesn't want to model anymore. Anyway I hope Allison wins because then this series would actually have a logical winner.

Isis King - Cycle 11

To be brutally honest besides her transgender issue she was a rather boring contestant. I'm not really excited for her besides seeing whether some of the contestants will argue over her.

Sheena Sakai - Cycle 11

I loved Sheena and really hoped she would do well in Cycle 11 but however much I wished it never really happened, I don't know whether I could go through seeing her do weakly another time but I am happy that Sheena is back.

Dominique Reighard - Cycle 10

Ok I am speaking the truth here, during Cycle 10 I loved Dominique, I honestly thought she was the strongest contestant I don't think so now but I'd love to see her again.

Laura Kirkpatrick - Cycle 13

Personally I don't want to see Laura again, I didn't like her in Cycle 13 so why would I like her on all stars? I didn't expect her to be in this either but I guess she was the most plausible from Cycle 13. But honestly if they wanted sickly sweet then get Jaclyn back!

Alexandria Everett - Cycle 16

YEAH! I wonder which Alexandria she would bring to the game? The "I don't know I'm a bitch but I'm a control freak bitch" or the "I'm a reformed bitch but I'm not stupid, bitch" jk. Cycle 16 was Alexandria's in terms of drama so I would love to see her in Allstars - I wonder what some of the "real" girls will think about her.

Kayla Ferrell - Cycle 15

I didn't really like Kayla in cycle 15, in actual fact there are quite a lot of girls on allstars I don't really want to see again but I fear she'll be a huge contender for this.

Bianca Golden - Cycle 9

I don't mind Bianca and she has been quite decent after ANTM so I am actually quite intrigued.

I'm so disappointed Aminat didn't come back, I'd love to see her again and I was fooling myself that Fatima would come back as well. Elina would have been cool to watch especially with Sheena back and OMG where is Jade! Allstars is nothing without Jade! Really quite shocked Renee's $11 ass isn't in this actually. Can't wait to watch Allstars though.

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