Friday, 13 May 2011

Eurovision 2011 SF2

I didn't get to watch the first 5 performances but to be honest I was pretty bored from this SF. But I was mostly right about who would make the final, I got 9/10 only missing Austria. Personally I like Netherlands and Slovakia so I was a bit disappointed they didn't make it through amongst this rather boring SF. (note. just watched Netherlands performance and I take it back, they weren't very good. Just watched Slovakia and they weren't great either but amongst this rather boring SF I think they could've made it.)

As I have said before I hate Jedward but these few days I've switched to Eurovision mode and that means anything goes and thus Jedward is perfect! Though personally I found their performance overrated so I don't think they'll win.

Personally I think most of the favourites from this SF are overrated (Estonia, Bosnia and Sweden) well anyway I'm pretty excited for the finals - see you tomorrow.

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