Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Eurovision 2011 SF1

I can't believe I missed this semifinal - I am so ill informed today! All because of my stupid project! Even more shocked about the results. I did however get 8 of my 10 choices in with Russia being a wildcard for me so on that note I was pleased but I can't believe Haba Haba is not going to make the finals :( I knew it wasn't going to win and I knew it was going to be tough for Stella to make the finals but I expected her to scrape through - another - just like Anna Bergendahl, my favourite last year, Stella didn't make the semis :(

So surprised that Switzerland and Lithuania made it, I personally love them but not everybody does.

Also I can't believe my Top 10 beat my predicted Top 10 which only got 7 missing Switzerland, Iceland and Lithuania - all however in my Top 10. Shocked that Armenia and Turkey didn't make it, I thought they'd be able to get in with anything. So that casts a doubt on my predictions for semifinal 2. I'll try to rewatch this sometime tomorrow - if I can find it.

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