Friday, 27 May 2011

Eurovision 2011 Jury Voting

I'm back with Eurovision madness, it seems ages since Azerbaijan won Eurovision. Yesterday the EBU released the jury/televoting results. Last year I was fine with the jury votes cause they pulled up some decent performances such as Tom Dice from Belgium and Harel Skaat from Israel but this year I've got a few negatives (but also positives) to say about it.

For semifinal 1 I was rather shocked to see Greece leading the televoting, thank god the jury did not see eye to eye placing them ninth. But I realised the jury were the reason why Norway's Haba Haba didn't go through - boo to the jury! Because without the jury she would have placed ninth. Turkey and Armenia were taken out by the jury as well in favour of Lithuania, Serbia and Switzerland - good job there jury. But the weirdest thing is that the jury put Malta sixth! What were they thinking? How can a camp acting Michael Jackson wannabe score so highly with "professional" judges?

Semifinal 2 wasn't as interesting in terms of voting but the televote did put "I Love Belarus" into the Top 10, however the jury threw them out and put a song about Manhattan through (Estonia).

Finals voting was much more varied. So did some of you find Italy's second place placement a bit too high, well it was obviously the juries doing and I was definitely right, the jury put Italy first with 251 points, Azerbaijan came 2nd with only 182!

And naughty Jury for scoring the UK so lowly, yes there were a lot of pitch problems but the song doesn't deserve 22nd place! We would have made the Top 5 without you! Russia suffered a similar fate, though I thought their song was rubbish I was scratching my head upon their low placement. And WTF with Slovenia and Austria scoring so highly with the jury, they were talented but they made pretty average performances. Also I was shocked that Denmark's high placement was because of the jury, they only placed 18th after televoting. And sorry I can't understand why Anna Rossinelli only scored two points after televoting - it makes no sense at all. Well hopefully I'll see you all in 2012 where the UK will finally get back into the Top 3!

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