Friday, 13 May 2011

Relic of an Emissary

Relic is a difficult one, at the start I wasn't interested, then I became interested and then my interest started to wane again I think it all has to do with the plot. At first I found it interesting how Michael Tse portrayed a cold hearted character because I thought it'd be interesting to see an evil lead that was out of the ordinary for TVB but then he lost his memory and became a nice guy and the story became more generic. Then towards the end I just felt the story lagged and some of the plots were a tad confusing. I didn't get to see all of the final two episodes so what actually happened is a bit confusing but I feel this drama was a prime example of ok acting but with a weak story, I also felt that there were too many characters.

Best Actor
Joe Ma

Joe always performs well as these "important characters" but then was all that memorable? I'm not sure. It was quite interesting seeing him when he feigned illness but then I also think he could have acted better in those scenes. I nominate Joe because he was decent but I probably wouldn't put him in this years Top 5.

Michael Tse

Michael did well but I found his character pretty odd, I just thought the character wasn't written very well. Personally I think Michael was better as the good guy because I just found he overacted when he was portraying the bad guy.

Sammul Chan

The question, was Sammul a leading man? I think he was but reports suggest he is under the supporting category. I don't think there was enough scope in the character for Sammul to develop because his character didn't emote.

Best Actress
Kate Tsui

Kate overacted at times but I think her overall performance should be considered. I very much liked watching her as Qian Sham and I found her background story the most interesting (though it was swept under the main plot quite quickly). When she became Chor Chor I found it a tad boring to watch her and was missing Qian Sham. I find it ridiculous how she is listed as 20 when she has her own brothel.

Best Supporting Actor
Joel Chan

I find it even more ridiculous how Joel is listed as 20 when Benjamin Yuen and Skye Chan are listed as 30, what is with TVB and totally disregarding age. Anyway Joel did well in this series, his biggest role to date I think (almost a leading actor role).

Best Supporting Actress

Most Improved Actor
Benjamin Yuen

A bit of overacting but he has definitely shown improvement and potential for larger roles

Most Improved Actress
Elanne Kong

The more I watch Elanne's series the more I begin to like her acting, her characters suit her as well so it makes her performances quite endearing however I can't put her under Best Actress because I think she needs more TV experience.

Leung Ka Ki

One of her most important roles, she did well and she has potential but I kind of doubt she's going to get anything big soon.

Favourite Female Character
Elanne Kong

Ok she is more of a filler for this category for me but her character was amusing to watch anyway.

Breakthrough Performance
Skye Chan

I'm not 100% sure if this is Skye's first acting role but she did decently here, one of the better debut performances though she does need to emote better.

Recognition Award
Yoyo Chen

I don't think Yoyo had enough screen time to be called a supporting actress so I can only nominate her here. She is a decent actress so I'd hope she gets more roles in the future.

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