Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Apprentice UK Season 7 Episode 4

Four episodes in and my episode 1 predictions are falling one by one. To be honest once I watched episode 2 I regretted my initial predictions but those were my first thoughts. Now from them I have Natasha and Glenn left, Glenn has a chance but Natasha? No way.

How does the British Museum relate to beauty treatments? They're just pushing in the biggest venues to look like their big business.

It was interesting that one group chose city centre whilst another chose out of town, I think both could have been winners but it did seem rather weird when Logic's treatment room was far away from their stall.

Ok I'm putting it out their, I think men with a little make up, e.g. looks natural, is fine but there's such a stigma around it. I honestly can't believe why Leon was so against it.

Out of the two teams four products I think all of them bar the hair curling thingys were good. I don't understand how Felicity's team spent so much on hair accessories though, imo they looked awful! For £30 as well! If I saw those I would be thinking a fiver. I do think Tom had a lot to speak for in this task but all of them had a part to do in the failure of this task which eventually bodes badly for the PM, Felicity, because she didn't handle the task or the people very well.

Sadly there weren't that many quotable quotes this week so here's a rather lame one in comparison to the classic "is that an orange?"

Leon (to a girl with, I presume, her boyfriend next to her) - "We can get you naked and spray you"
Works better on TV I must admit.

Runner up I'd say was when Jim suddenly appeared in the treatment room when Ellie was about to massage two guys and said something like "Four hands are better than two so I'll do one of the guys as well." His face looked rather creepy throughout as well. Now that I think of it Vincent also contributed to his rather stupid lines with "You've got nice hair, why not get a free massage" I am lost for words.

I really want Vincent and Tom's team to lose next week, I just think it'd be far more interesting if they lost 5 in a row and Lord Sugar saying - are you born losers?

Another thing was why are they all indecisive in the boardroom, first Leon now Felicity and why do they always argue back when they get chosen to go into the boardroom now, I don't remember that happening much in the previous seasons.

It's pretty difficult at this stage to see who's going to win because nobody really stands out. Jim is the obvious Top 5 candidate I think with Glenn another stand out I think. The girls are really starting to fall to pieces, I can't envisage Natasha or Ellie getting very far whilst I have no doubt that Susan and Melody will not win. Helen hasn't been getting much air time, could be good or bad because Lord Sugar doesn't seem fussed with her. The scary thought is Zoe, she seems to be at the start of a rise - the dark horse - but I really don't like her. Does she have any other facial expressions? Wait the Apprentice website has given me that answer. Whilst Edna, we'll see what happens with her. Leon seems to be doing well also so I think this years Top 5 will be skewed towards the boys - be prepared to see a lot of girls leaving. 

This series hasn't really given me a top favourite yet. Susan will always be my sentimental favourite because she is a representative to young East Asians who are so under-represented on TV but she is showing a rather immature side towards business. Glenn, for some reason, is also a favourite of mine simply because he hasn't done anything to annoy me. I think after them Leon, Melody, Edna, Helen, Jim and Tom are all amongst those I like so I'll stand by what I said from the first week which is my least favourites are Ellie, Vincent and Zoe and I think Ellie will be going quite soon tbh.

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