Friday, 6 May 2011

ANTM Episode 11

To be honest I'm getting pretty tired of ANTM Cycle 16 because it's obvious Molly and Brittani are the final 2 and that Brittani's going to win, I just want to see what happens on ANTM allstars now!

Sometimes I get so confused with ANTM, was it necessary to feature Brittani's "illness". We heard so much - urgh I feel sick but is the main point of it all to paint Brittani in a good light, in that she fought through it, whilst making Molly look like the girl with an attitude problem? I am by no means questioning Brittani, I'm questioning the editors. Now something like Dani Cycle 6's illness would have been worth mentioning!

Well Alexandria is gone, it was obvious she was going soon, she is just another loose part that needs to be eradicated before the Molly/Brittani final 2. I do love the Molly/Brittani final 2 but I just wish Molly wins over Brittani - Molly looked amazing in judging this week. Though I must say I think the Molly/Brittani final 2 thing is possibly the toughest final 2 in ANTM history if it weren't for how they have painted the picture. The editing quite obviously leans towards Brittani. I feel so sorry for Hannah, she seems like a spare part and probably the least featured Top 3, she's gorgeous though.

Well anyway out of the three Molly is my favourite but it's so so obvious that Brittani's got this in the bag. I'd LOL if Brittani didn't win! Probably the most shocking thing that could happen on any TV show.

No more rankings sorry because there are only 3 left, a bit pointless but Mikaela will always be my fave go lamb-onthe-lam!

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