Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Apprentice UK Season 7 Episode 1

Can't believe I hadn't posted about this years Apprentice and I nearly missed the first episode! Good thing there's Iplayer. Anyway, I quite like the crop this year, there are enough personalities but nobody seems too crazy or illogical - yet! At the moment I'm fine with everybody besides Edward but he was fired this episode so that's good.

Personally I didn't see any difference between this task and any task in the past so I don't get why Lord Sugar  implied this was basically catered for the new prize.

Melody's "Don't tell me the skies the limit when there are footprints on the moon" actually sounded quite good - ego overload yes but it's one of the more interesting lines I've heard from the usual froth like "My social life, my personal life, doesn't mean anything to me" - hmm... great to know you have no life. I'm pretty intrigued what she did with the Dalai Lama and Al Gore.

I always wondered why nobody takes notes of what Lord Sugar says - Tom did it! Kudos to you.

Venture is a good team name but Logic... where's the logic in that! Doesn't sound very entrepreneurial. Loved how Vincent was trying to push Ability - no way Vincent!

Quote of the week
Vincent: "Is that an Orange."
Edward: "I don't know."


I don't understand why the guys chose two liquid based products, wouldn't it be easier to sell a drink and a hard meal? Who would buy tomato soup with orange juice? Both are good ideas on their own but they don't make sense together. Juice sold decently but the soup didn't - which was interesting, you'd think it would be good profit considering it's cheap to make and you get a lot of it. I think in the end nobody trusts these random people to actually make things that's why the orange juice and fruit salads sold well because you only need to cut or squeeze them. Both however were good ideas - the pasta was not.

I don't get how they calculated the teams profit because the girls didn't spend all their money so where did that extra £80 or so go towards?

In the end even if the boys did make enough orange juice they may have won but the profit margin of the fruit salad would be better because the girls made £555.05 off of ~£100 of fruit whilst the boys made £339.20 from 156 bottles of orange juice, lets say they made 470 they'd get ~£1000 but they spent £210 on oranges. Both are around 4:1 but then you'd need to account for the time spent on actually making the product and orange juice will always be more time consuming and the thing is we don't even know if they sold all their produce.

Leon Doyle - 26 - Fast Food Marketing Entrepreneur

Haven't seen much of him but I think he'll be an early fave of mine. Don't get why Lord Sugar doesn't like him.

Alex Britez Cabral - 28 - Estate Agent Manager

He could potentially be annoying because he seems slightly argumentative but I think he'll be an early fave of mine as well. I personally thought he was correct in his argument, there needed to be somebody producing but Lord Sugar doesn't think like that.

Melody Hossaini - 26 - Founder & Director - Global Youth Consultancy Business

I like that she's motivated and confident but I can see her as either one of my favourites or somebody I'll hate, at the moment I like her.

Felicity Jackson - 23 - Entrepreneur Creative Arts

We didn't get to see much of Felicity but I have a feeling she'll be amongst my favourites.

Edna Agbarha - 36 - Business Psychologist

The oldest this year, dare I say but Edna is showing that she is more mature, calm and confident than some of the other girls - almost like a mother hen! But then I think I'll like Edna.

Susan Ma - 21 - Natural Skincare Entrepreneur

FINALLY somebody Chinese! And she doesn't fade into the background either! My favourite just because of that. She's also the youngest - ooh that doesn't help.

Ellie Reed - 33 - Managing Director

She seems rather quiet, I didn't expect that. I'll need to hear more from her to gage an opinion.

Helen Louise Milligan - 30 - Executive Assistant to CEO

Didn't get to see much of her either, but I think I'll like her.

Natasha Scribbins - 31 - Divisional Manager Recruitment

I think I saw her, did I? She was selling fruit salads right. Or was that Zoe? Well if it was her I liked her.

Vincent Disneur - 29 - Sales Manager - Telecoms Software

Not my favourite but I don't mind him. His vanity could get on my nerves but at the moment he isn't vain enough to annoy me.

Jim Eastwood - 32 - Sales and Marketing Manager

He seems like a nice guy who can also do the job, however he could be a little quiet from what I've seen, difficult to predict whether he'll do well or go early.

Edward Hunter - 25 - Accountant

Thank god the most annoying guy with profession and height insecurities is gone.

Gavin Winstanley - 27 - Managing Director - Opticians

I like him and praise on the first episode, we'll probably see much more of him.

Tom Pellereau - 31 - Inventor

He speaks wisdom! lol. To put this in the nicest possible way he's a geek but I think he can also be a good candidate.

Glenn Ward - 28 - Senior Design Engineer

Patience might be his problem, I can see him in a few arguments this series but he has put himself as a favourite of mine.

Zoe Beresford - 26 - Project Manager - Drinks Manufacturer

I have no recollection of her whatsoever, that's bad - I don't remember not remembering a winner on the first episode because she was earmarked as favourite to win before the series - though those are normally wrong.

I can't stand by this but at the moment my favourites are:
Susan, Felicity, Glenn

I like all the others but Ellie, Vincent and Zoe are the three I like the least at the moment.

Potential winners? I'd say Felicity, Natasha, Gavin or Glenn look like the top dogs atm.

I think the next to go will be a girl, if so Ellie, Zoe and maybe Natasha will be prime choices. If it's a boy then Liam, Alex or Jim are likely candidates.

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