Friday, 27 May 2011

Yes Sir, Sorry Sir

Yes Sir Sorry Sir was a disappointment, for one it was 10 episodes too long and secondly it shamelessly tried to mash up loads of genres together; comedy, detective, school life, romance, they tried to do everything but succeeded in nothing. I really wanted to watch this series because I loved the cast but the story was crap and the acting pretty average because very few of the characters had much depth.

I didn't actually watch every episode of this series but still I only missed three episodes and the whole drama felt disconnected. Whilst I thought it was good how they didn't rush things towards the end I think the story didn't have enough interest to bring it to 30 episodes. I also hated how it shamelessly plugged for a second series with new characters like Kenneth, Skye and Stephen Wong and left the obvious "happy ending" romance plot of Tavia/Moses wide open in the final episode. There was also too much of a change in tone towards the last three episodes where any sort of comedic element was scraped once Moses had captured Savio, it all became a bit too serious for a light hearted drama talking about "student life". On that note was it even a student drama? I honestly feel the drama had minimal relevance to student life and instead was more about Moses/Tavia and Linda, the school part felt like a gimmick, a mere add on to promote a "comedy/detective" series. I don't even remember the stories of "K4", Cilla was an escort or something but where did the story develop? One of the guys did Ketamine, I think another had some family issues and the last I have no idea what happened to him. also I always find it annoying how "school dramas" always only have one class, I understand the problem of hiring a lot of "ker ler fer" to act as students but it just seems odd to me. 

Another thing that irked me, would a sister (Queenie Chu) ask a man that had no feelings for her sister to woo her? I am dumbfounded by how that could possibly happen. All in all I thought the series could have easily cut out the school section, it didn't create any impact and wasn't the main focus of the series for more than half of the show. 

Best Actor
Moses Chan

I say this tentatively but as I've nominated worse before I'll just put him in the running. Moses did ok but there were too many areas where I found him to be pretty bland. There were actually a lot of lines where I felt he was very forced in where it felt like he was reading a script and I still think he doesn't have that comedic instinct to make a bland scene become instantly funny. Dak Dak Dei from Heart of Greed was definitely his defining comedic role but besides hard work from Moses his success also had a lot to do with the script.

Just of note, I have not nominated Ron not because of bad acting necessarily but I just don't remember much of him, his character was boring and pretty unnecessary which could also be pinned down to bad acting.

Best Actress
Tavia Yeung

Yet again I hate to say it but I've put her on the list more because of her rather than her acting, she wasn't bad but I found her character bland and very un-engaging, she was totally overshadowed by Linda, not acting wise but by how intriguing her character was and actually how much screen time she got. Maybe it's just me but I felt that I saw very little of Tavia, or maybe it was because her screen time was generally pretty uninteresting to me.

Linda Chung

Personally I think Linda did the best in this series, she was on the whole natural and very convincing as Miss "Cool". Her character was more interesting than most of the others but it was also rather poorly written at times. I also think her character changed too quickly and too drastically but that may have been her appeal. I think Linda is starting to pave her way as one of the better actresses of TVB.

Best Supporting Actor
No Nominations

Best Supporting Actress
Queenie Chu

She wasn't great but I saw enough redeeming qualities to give her a nod but also because I have so few nominees for this award this year, which is pretty weird because it has always been the toughest to chose for me.

Anyway Queenie still strikes me as too stiff and she still lacks expression when she tries to move away from certain emotions. I think she excels at portraying the stronger woman rather than this role but with more series under her belt I'm sure she'll improve.

Sorry no nominations for K4 because I don't remember much of any of them besides one looking mixed and one looking like someone I know.

Most Annoying Character
Moses Chan

His character was annoying whichever way you looked at it. I don't care if he was a detective but getting close to Linda to find evidence to infiltrate "Jun Hing" was plain despicable and unforgivable in my terms and how he loved Tavia - for what reason? There's too many annoying things about his character I just can't write them all down because I just can't be bothered on him.

Recognition Award
Mandy Lam


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