Thursday, 19 May 2011

ANTm Cycle 16 Finale

I realised I didn't update last episode but to be honest it was all pretty predictable and a tad boring. I just finished watching the finale and to be honest I don't really care anymore because it has been an age ago since I "knew" Brittani was going to win and I'm much more invested in All-stars. I stress knew in speech marks because I obviously didn't know but it was as obvious as Ann winning Cycle 15.

But I must say if I wasn't so sure Brittani was going to win based on the final episode I would have given Molly the edge because 1, she got great feedback in the final panel - I'd say better than Brittani's 2, she didn't fall on the runway but obviously if you take these two points out Brittani was billed as the favourite from the start - even she once said it halfway through the episode and Molly herself thought she would lose. When Molly came out crying after the panel had deliberated something didn't seem right, I might just be looking to deep into things but something seemed to scream "Molly is crying because she know she isn't going to win" or it could just be the stress and emotion - as would obviously be said as a response. Well anyway I support Molly over Brittani but Brittani is still a decent winner.

Personally I thought Molly looked better in the Covergirl Ad. I also thought she walked better in the runway show, yes a bit too much bounce but Brittani was slightly too rushed imo. The commercial was a difficult one, I think both were bad. Molly looked prettier and said her lines better but Brittani was more approachable.

Well another cycle is over, what can we say from it? I don't know but I hope Mikaela, Molly and Brittani tackle the HF world, not that I don't like the other girls it's just that they have the most potential to actually make it.

In memory of the first 16 cycles of ANTM I will be posting an All-time Top 40 of my favourite ANTM girls. I personally think I don't share the love for some fan favourite girls such as the fan favourite who got eliminated early during Cycle 11 and the runner up to the only plus sized winner of ANTM, it's not that I don't like them I just don't LOVE them! But I do think they had a lot of potential. Anyway enough of my babble lets forget Cycle 16 and look forward to ALLSTARS and all the best of the past 16 Cycles.

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