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ANTM: My Favourite 40

The arrivals of All Star made me consider forming a definitive list of my favourite girls from the first 16 Cycles. As you may know I'm a fan of ANTM, I think I enjoy continuity that's why whenever I watch a show I watch it till the end which is probably why I still bother with ANTM but anyway after a lot of time looking through all the girls that have ever competed I made a list of my favourite 40. I stress these girls aren't the most modelesque or the prettiest they are just the girls I like the most (actually some of the girls on this list I don't even like!), I did however find that some girls I may have liked in their respective cycles but after a while they just fade from my memory that's why my list is dominated by girls from more recent cycles. So here we go...

Felicia Provost - Cycle 8

To be honest I don't remember Felicia much, I don't even really have an opinion on her but I remember for Cycle 8 I didn't watch the series but looked at the photos and Felicia was one of the girls who I thought was robbed because she looked so gorgeous. A lot of her post show work looks a bit lame but I didn't want to have an odd numbered list so Felicia made it...
Note, I have watched Cycle 8 since then.

Dionne Walters - Cycle 8

I don't actually remember Dionne much, nor do I remember liking her either but a few weeks ago I saw a recap clip of Cycle 9 and I remembered the joy she gave the world when she wanted her model nickname to be "Wholahay", honestly that has got to be one of ANTMs funniest moments.

Alexandra Underwood - Cycle 14

Nearly every post I saw during cycle 14 had at least one comment about how Alexandra should not be in the final 4 of cycle 14, I myself was also a culprit I believe but take Alexandra out of the craziness that was Cycle 14 and you have a beautiful "real size girl" as Tyra likes to call it. Alexandra is the best plus sized model ANTM has ever had (imo) so she gets kudos just for that.

Kyle Kavanagh - Cycle 5

Why is she here? Because she's god damn gorgeous, that's why! Yeah I know she was as memorable as a pea and hasn't really done anything after the show but Kyle was one of my favourites amongst the very random Cycle 5 (which I didn't watch during the time). I just remember thinking to myself she can't honestly be going before Kim the lesbo who looked ugly in photos, Lisa the girl who peed her pants and Jayla... who? 

Anchal Joseph - Cycle 7

Cycle 7 was one of those weird cycles that doesn't register in my memory but out of all the fuzziness Anchal's cat eyes pierce through! There was a lot to love in Cycle 7 such as the craziness that was Caridee, the even crazier Melrose and the twins but I just remember feeling so sorry for Anchal when she was bullied by the other girls because she thought she wasn't pretty enough - how cruel the world is.

Kelle Jacobs - Cycle 3

Something about Kelle made me love her. Maybe it was that slamming body! Maybe it was her self-confessed oreo-ness or maybe it was how cute she acted just something made me really sad to see her eliminated.

Brittany Markert - Cycle 13

Maybe it was a mistake to extend my favourites list to Top 40 because I don't remember much of Brittany M but I just remember how gorgeous she looked in her cycle and how she was eliminated before the shortest girl ever on ANTM Sundai Love - hell I feel like going to church now from typing her name.

Lisa Jackson - Cycle 9

What I liked about Lisa was that she was very down to earth and very beautiful, it was a shame to see her eliminated from her cycle because she produced some stunning photos. I think her vulnerability made her very beautiful and I felt really annoyed when the other girls picked on her because she was an exotic dancer.

Jessica Serfaty - Cycle 14

Personally I think Jessica was overrated during her cycle but she is indeed very beautiful and made a lovely team with Raina. I can't forget how she nearly burnt the model house down when she put tacos over a toaster and then all hell broke lose.

Gina Choe - Cycle 6

This is purely biased because in my opinion Gina is the prettiest Asian girl to have ever been on ANTM. Some may call her annoying but I found her perfect for reality TV and it was great to see her feud with Jade and how every audience stood at her back when she finally stood up for herself against Jade, however brief it was.

Simone Lewis - Cycle 14

Simone is gorgeous but she didn't produce the goods on Cycle 14, however I loved her on Cycle 14 which had a gorgeous cast. I will forever be baffled how she was the first black or mixed girl to be eliminated from her cycle.

Chelsey Hersley - Cycle 15

I think Chelsey may feature so highly because I only saw her less than a year ago. To be honest even now I'm clutching on straws as to why I like her but it was great watching her battle against Ann and how she saw her as her mortal enemy and how she futilely tried to take the ANTM title from Ann, oh how I hoped she would create the biggest shock in ANTM ever.

Chantal Jones - Cycle 9

My list is still in the depth of 'I like her because she is gorgeous even though I don't remember much of her', I swear up near the top I have better reasons. But honestly Chantal is one of the prettiest girls ever to have been on ANTM and she looks gorgeous in most of her post show work I'm ashamed I don't remember much of her.

Jenah Doucette - Cycle 9

Right above Chantal is the one she beat to make the Top 2 - well actually it was Saleisha who made the bottom 2 with Jenah but Chantal still needed to overcome Jenah. Honestly I must have long term memory loss because I don't remember much of cycle 9, or 10 or 8 or 7 or 5 or 4 or 2 or 1! But I do remember she was my favourite and she is GORGE! Enough of a reason?

Jade Cole - Cycle 6

I don't like Jade but I love how she made Cycle 6 the best cycle ever. Jade will forever live amongst the hearts of the ANTM fanatics who remember her as the crazy woman with the poodle fro. How she provided some of the best moments on ANTM history and how she will forever live on as the true all star of ANTM.

Furonda Brasfield - Cycle 6

Furonda was another girl who made Cycle 6 the greatest ever. Though she didn't have as big an ego or personality as Jade she was great entertainment and produced some stellar shots to go with it, who can forget her house rules on how to get along with her.

Aminat Ayinde - Cycle 12

I think everybody was shocked when Aminat made the Top 3 of Cycle 12, calling her Tyra's little project but I loved Aminat she was fierce man! And had one of the hottest walks on ANTM history. She has a lot of potential, I say that tentatively, but she was just so misunderstood.

Teyona Anderson - Cycle 12

Teyona, the first ANTM to feature on my list. I loved her wind in the face alienesque beauty and she did deserve her win. Sadly I don't know what Teyona has done recently and I fear she'll just be one of the many forgotten girls of ANTM.

Ann Ward - Cycle 15

I don't actually like Ann that much but she was incredibly intriguing and this Covergirl shot was one of the things that changed my opinion. There wasn't much I liked about her on Cycle 15 but she features on this list because she made Cycle 15 the most relevant cycle in terms of modelling.

McKey Sullivan - Cycle 11

Sorry McKey I don't actually remember you much but I know I loved you on Cycle 11 because you were reserved but had a feisty edge and weren't afraid to break out of your comfort zone. McKey was a great winner but five cycles on she doesn't register that much in my memory.

Monique Weinhart - Cycle 16

I actually amazed myself by how high I placed Queen Monique but you just couldn't forget her quips and her amazing body and how she thought it was hard having an amazing body - I honestly don't know if she was joking or not.

Ann Markley - Cycle 3

I find it amazing how even up to 19th spot my reason for putting Ann this high is because she's gorgeous! She is stunning... But I do remember her "friendship" with Eva, vaguely, and how it all blew up towards the end.

Alasia Ballard - Cycle 14

Alasia, Alasia, Alasia, she was one of my favourites on Cycle 14, I honestly didn't get all the hate for her. Yes her first few photos were dreadful but then she produced some stellar shots and she wasn't that bitchy compared to some other girls coughAngeleacoughKrista. Alasia provided the humour the drama and the BODY to cycle 14.

Molly O'Connell - Cycle 16

It only occurred to me a few weeks after Mikaela left how much I actually liked Molly. She was gorgeous and had a pretty interesting personality edit. She could also take amazing photos so what's not to like. I hope Molly does well after her stint on ANTM because she deserves it.

Joanie Dodds - Cycle 6

Joanie will forever feature on my favourites list as long as she stays amongst my favourite Top 2 on ANTM ever. I loved both of the Top 2 on Cycle 6 and they provided healthy competition to a crazy cycle. Cycle 6 was the perfect mix of drama, model potential and humour (and Thailand produced a beautiful backdrop to all the photos). Joanie is beautiful and she took some awesome photos and would have been an equally good winner to Cycle 6.

Jennifer An - Cycle 13

I may be biased but I championed Jennifer. She was one of my favourites on Cycle 13 and she could have done so so well. I loved her personality and it was great she made the Top 4 I just really hope ANTM has another Top 4 Asian before it finally gets cut off of its saggy ass.

Jaclyn Poole - Cycle 16

JACYLN! She is so cute it's acidic! Oh how wasted she was on Cycle 16, not in terms of modelling but in terms of quotable quotes. I just loved her and shame on you Alexandria for making Jaclyn cry, my poor baby :(

Erin Wagner - Cycle 13

I'm not sure why Erin ranks so highly but I just love her, even her brattiness doesn't stop me from loving every bit of her. I think one reason might just be because she is a whoop ass model, she is one of those girls that doesn't need to do much to look awesome - if only she were 3 inches taller...

Fo Porter - Cycle 12

I just loved Fo's personality and it's great the success she found after ANTM. It was quite funny seeing her take amazing photos and then take some very questionable ones right after but I was so sad when she broke down because of a boyish haircut.

Brittany Brower - Cycle 4

I just remember her being the life of the Cycle, how she was basically a mini Janice Dickinson and how gorgeous she was - that's why I'm so excited to see her back. I really hope she does well on All stars or it'll be such a disappointment.

THE TOP 10...

Kendal Brown - Cycle 15

I'm not going to lie, success after the show makes me like the contestant even more only because it means I get to see more of them and be happy that the ones I like are successful and the fact that Kendal signed with Wilhelmina in New York is enough to catapult the most beautiful girl on Cycle 15 into the Top 10. Say what you will about Wilhelmina but signing with any top agency in New York is a feat of its own. Cycle 15 gave us a lot of fantastic contestants but Kendal was the most robbed of all time in my opinion, yes she didn't perform that well but her potential alone should have shot her into the Top 6 alone.

Fatima Siad - Cycle 10

Drama, we had it, Beauty we also had it, Success after ANTM, relatively so but yes we also had it so of course Fatima makes my Top 10. Not only that Fatima also had a story - perfect ANTM punchline so why was she eliminated over Whitney - we will never know. I must add what makes Whitney's win all the more confusing was how the cycle had Anya, Fatima and Katarzyna - all who had so much potential to break the HF drought of ANTM, I think Whitney's win was one attribute to ANTMs steady decline in ratings. If only I could turn back time I would crown Anya or Fatima and have Alexandra Underwood of Cycle 14 be Tyra's token plus size winner eliminating Krista from our memories.

Jane Randall - Cycle 15

Besides Kendal Cycle 15 also gave us Jane Randall - quickly becoming one of the most successful ANTM alumni. Jane signed with IMG after coming 3rd/4th, a major feat, the only girl to do so I believe. On the show she produced some stunning moments, if it weren't for Ann's presence as the token weird girl who would go on to dominate the show I think Jane could have won and be given a more interesting edit. Jane is on the way up not only in her career but in my rankings.

Yaya DaCosta - Cycle 3

Something about Yaya I loved, it's difficult to keep Yaya so high up my rankings despite having participated thirteen cycles ago but I just can't ignore her because in my heart I love her for some odd reason. I think it has to do with how entertaining she was to watch, how beautiful her photos were and how robbed she was of being the third ANTM winner and first black winner. Yaya I salute you for staying in the Top 10 despite participating in 2004!

Alison Harvard - Cycle 12

I see blood! Or how Alison would wish it. I think that alone made Alison stand out, just the creepiness of her fascination with blood (which would be reciprocated by Tatianna Kern, or more specifically corpses, but she didn't stay long enough) but she managed to take shot after shot of stunning photos. Alison must be one of the favourite ANTM candidates of all time by the fans and so if she loses All stars there must be a very very good reason or there will be blood! 

Mikaela Schipani - Cycle 16

Out of all my favourites Mikaela must have been the most robbed but anyway I've voiced my disapproval too many times already. I just love that HF face and how down to earth she is. I'm so sad she didn't get a better edit and how her weave problems weren't even talked about because of Queen Molly's disaster but anyway Mikaela is a goddess and I hope she does well in her trip to NYC to get signed.

Nicole Fox - Cycle 13

Oh how we all mocked the short cycle but how it produced some of the best contestants ever. Nicole is just perfect ANTM material, takes gorgeous photos and is rather quirky. I am so ashamed how I put her amongst my pile of "Why is she here" girls when I saw her pre show portrait but once I saw her in action I knew she would be one of my eternal favourites of ANTM history, she may be shorter than most ANTM girls but she packs a bigger punch.

Analeigh Tipton - Cycle 11

I think what made me love Analeigh was not only because she took gorgeous photos, had an amazing personality, was so lovely on the show and was so beautiful but the main contributing factor was how I thought she was a gonner by week two or three. The judges obviously disliked her and I think most of the viewing public thought she wouldn't last (especially because of spoiler photos) but week after week she stayed and week after week she produced stellar photographs until the point came when she even looked like a contender, it just made her fans back her up and happier every week when she proved the initial deserters wrong - for that reason alone Analeigh will be one of my favourites forever.

Raina Hein - Cycle 14

Raina was such a personality and it was the biggest disappointment when she lost out, though we all knew it. Some may think she's fake but they're just scared of how someone can genuinely be so nice and positive about life - that's why I love her but taking amazing photos, having an amazing look and having so much potential does help! Never has a pre show portrait defined my favourite as much as Raina's. From the first image of her that surfaced I knew Raina was going to be in the Top 10 of my all time favourites. So who could honestly knock her off the top spot?

Dani Evans - Cycle 6

So to cap it all off we have an actual ANTM winner! Dani was possibly what made me continue watching ANTM she was part of the best cycle and she is my favourite ever. She was so charming and her personality was awesome and her twang - perfect! She was great to watch especially because she produced awesome photos and looked awesome anyway. And her dedication was second to none - she thought through her illness to produce this awesome shot which is possibly what made her edge in front in Tyra's mind. Dani will always be my favourite even though I think some of her recent work looks a bit awkward it doesn't matter because honestly she was the main reason why I love ANTM so much.

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