Thursday, 19 May 2011

The Apprentice UK Season 7 Episode 3

To be honest who thought Gavin would go early in the first week? I earmarked him for great things but this week he just fell under pressure, pretty disappointed. He was talking himself up quite a few times and looking like he could do better but in fact he couldn't and now we have three guys out already! Get a grip guys! However I think next week we'll see a girl on You're Fired.

To be honest from the very start I thought Logic had a weaker team. Zoe, Ellie and Natasha haven't shown any strengths yet, Tom was decent but till now we've only seen him talk really well, Vincent... well he's Vincent whilst Melody is a good orator and keeps her calm, could possibly close a deal but unsure how effective she'll be. I honestly thought Gavin would be the strongest in the team when the teams were divided.

So Susan's team Venture got 9 items costing them a total £1381.69 with fines whilst Logic got 6 items costing them £1389.20 with fines.

I was pretty shocked how close it was. What did Susan's team not get to cost them £200 whilst the other team did get? Anyway the tea nearly cost them but I think in that situation if I had bargained from £910 to ~£400 I would have taken it on the basis of that task and getting as much as possible. I think that 6 items is just not good enough so Logic should have lost just on that basis anyway. Susan did show good leadership skills but what I found odd was how they chose some of the most expensive shops to go looking for goods, this was the fault of those that found the leads, how difficult is it to go through a yellow pages and cold-calling a lot of numbers? I think if I was doing the task I would do exactly what Susan did, delegate a product to every team member, possibly two if one was easy to source and then see what links I've got from them and weed out those that look improbable and then dot the locations on a map and split them into east/west or north/south. That shouldn't take longer than an hour to be honest with seven team members. Maybe it would have been necessary to send a sub team out to get a load of things and then have a sub team look for everything else and have one or two items of their list to go buying as well.

Anyway enough of my babble about me being capable of doing well in this task.

Quote of the Week:
Not really a quote but...
Gavin goes into a shop called Top Hat Dry Cleaners and asks the owner if they sell Top Hats! couldn't get over that.

So Vincent and Tom have been in the losing team 3 times - will their luck change?

So after three episodes I think the stronger candidates are starting to emerge. Out of the boys left I think the obvious favourite at the moment is Jim, he'll do well I'm sure. Glenn is another good pick for the Top 5. Tom could go both directions but I think he's more likely going to make it past the halfway mark and potentially even the Top 5. Vincent I doubt would make the cut, he'll go around the mid-point mark whilst Leon I doubt will make it much further.

On the girls side we still have 8. Melody will probably go during the mid-way mark because whilst she is a decent all rounder (atm) I think her strength is talking and Lord Sugar doesn't like that. Susan could go far but she'll never win simply because she's too young and acts a bit too childish sometimes. Zoe is a bitch! Sorry just had to say that but I'm not sure with her. I think she'll go soon but I can equally see her making it further. Ellie is a dark horse I think whilst Natasha will probably be weeded out soon enough. Edna will probably make it past the midway point. Felicity will probably be going near the halfway stage whilst Helen... hmmm... need to see more of her, she's scoring lower screen time than Zoe!

Well favourites for the Top 5 at the moment have surely got to be Jim, Glenn, Tom. It's much harder with the girls, any of them besides Zoe and Natasha imo look plausible candidates but Edna or Ellie or Helen and Melody or Susan or Felicity look a good bet because I think it will be one younger girl with one older. Susan is very much a dark horse because I think she's had the most screen time out of the girls, she's present every week and that's got to be saying something about how far she makes it.

My favourites, I say this tentatively because everybody annoys me slightly, are Susan, Glenn and possibly Jim. Susan because she's not a bad candidate, she's got a lot of energy and passion and I like watching her on the Apprentice. Glenn because he seems to have a lot going for him to win this and Jim because he has shown that he can be good in many aspects of this show.

Tom, Leon and Melody fill out the rest of my Top 6 atm leaving Ellie, Zoe, Felicity, Natasha, Edna, Helen and Vincent behind. Zoe and Vincent are the ones I like the least atm. Zoe is quite nasty actually whilst Vincent is just annoying me from every direction. I want to see more of Helen whilst Ellie is looking like a dark horse. I've lost my initial interest in Felicity for some reason and Natasha looks like she'll be going soon. Edna doesn't seem to fit into any of this atm.

See you next week.

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