Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Miss USA 2011 - Pre Pageant

Miss USA fever is back! I've followed the national pageants of two of the world's most pageant crazy countries this year, Philippines and Venezuela and now it's down to the USA. Sadly I won't be able to watch this live, like I did with Binibining Pilipinas and Miss Venezuela but I will definitely catch up when I get back from Australia!

I haven't followed the pre pageant going ons that much but I've had a look at all the contestants and read a few blog posts here and there to make my Top 15 list. Tbh I found it pretty difficult filling a list of 15 at this stage because there are always girls that are better than what their pictures and interviews make them out to be. Anyway without further ado my Pre Pageant Top 15.

1st. California - Alyssa Campanella
2nd - Hawaii - Angela Byrd
3rd - Massachusetts - Alida D'Angona
4th - Michigan - Channing Pierce
5th - Maryland - Allyn Rose
6th - Connecticut- Regina Turner
7th - Arizona - Brittany Brannon
8th - Kentucky - Kia Hampton
9th - New York - Amber Collins
10th - South Carolina - Courtney Turner
11th - Alaska - Jessica Chuckran
12th - Indiana - Jillian Wunderlich
13th - Utah - Jamie Crandall
14th - Kansas - Jaymie Stokes
15th - Tennessee - Ashley Durham

Since the very first image of Alyssa surfaced there was no question she was a front runner for the crown and since winning Miss California she has lead this pre pageant process from start to finish. To be brutally honest no girl in the pageant has a chance of winning Miss Universe besides Alyssa. Please Miss USA don't do a mistake, crown her now!

Miss Hawaii is my No.2, she fought off all the competition from a decent bunch because I love her exotic looks and her styling compliments her well. Hawaii's, Aureana Tseu, was robbed in 2009 don't let Angela follow.

Miss Massachusetts strikes a close 3rd, I really like Alida, she's very fresh and unique on pageantry terms. I think she has a chance of making a shock.

From what I've seen on people's lists is if Alyssa isn't No.1 then it's Channing. She is undeniably beautiful and the best blonde of the pageant.

I've seen a lot of "beauty experts" rate her badly because of her candids, to be honest I didn't like her when I saw her crowning photos but her professional shots look amazing and she looked beautiful in a video I saw of her. What she needs to learn are her angles and how to look fresh every minute of the day!

From 6-10 we have the underdog, Connecticut; Arizona, everybody's favourite; Kentucky, the best black candidate; New York, I wasn't keen at the start but her cosmopolitan style won me over; and South Carolina the Kristen Dalton dead-ringer. I do think South Carolina resembles Kristen but a more beautiful younger sister of Kristen. I'd like to see more candids of her.

11-15 were harder to pick because I haven't got that many favourites at the moment but I think those 5 are my dark horses up till now.

I'll update you on my Miss USA favourites when they arrive in Las Vegas.

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