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Eurovision 2011 Final: Live Blog

I will be blogging live on the Eurovision 2011 final in 25 minutes!!! See you then.

7:58 - About to start! Who will win tonight? It's quite difficult to predict this year all I want is for the UK to do well.

7:59 - Starting...

8:00 - Anke and Judith don't look as gorgeous as in the semis.

8:02 - Honestly though what is Judith wearing? She looks like she is wearing titanium sheets and Anke looks like she is being covered by a red rug.

8:04 - Aw... Graham Norton (GN) doesn't think Lena will do well, I personally think 'Taken by a Stranger' is better than 'Satellite'.

8:05 - Besides the vocals I actually like Stefan's version of Satellite more than Lena's!

8:07 - Hey is this somewhat cheating, Lena is getting more screentime - oh well she probably won't win anyway.

8:11 - Who are our jury? Haven't heard of any of them.

8:12 - VOTING BEGINS! Vote UK!

8:12 -
01. Finland - Paradise Oskar - Da Da Dam

I've never liked the lyrics but I guess it's a bit different to normal Eurovision. 
The screen is massive, quite amazing when the earth moved slowly upwards.
I like this track, it's nice and sweet but I don't like the lyrics, they don't work for me however Paradise Oskar sings it quite well.
Da da dam da da dam da da dam da da dam da da DAMN! just needed to do that.

SCORE: 8.5
I'm scoring in relative terms here

8:17 -
02. Bosnia and Herzegovina - Dino Merlin - Love In Rewind

I actually quite like the starting wooh....s but then I get pretty bored of the track in general.
It's quite a nice track to sway to though.
Ok I've actually changed my mind I don't mind this, it's ok, but still a tad boring.
What are half of the guys on stage doing?
Not as bad as I thought it would be


8:21 -
03. Denmark - A Friend in London - New Tomorrow

3rd position is going to be pretty difficult to win from, but then most of the favourites are quite early.
I personally hate the line "you're the diamonds, you're the pearls"  and actually most of the lyrics annoy me.
The music and the singing however is generally good.
Wow that circle is long!
What was the point of sprinting to the centre? He just got a bit breathless whilst doing it.
However it was quite good.

SCORE: 8.75

8:25 -
04. Lithuania - Evelina Sasenko - C'est ma Vie

Sadly at 4th position she isn't going to be in voters memories but I personally love Evelina, she is the best vocalist this year in my opinion.
I don't care what critics say I just love this, the sign language however is a bit too much though I think.
Though I do agree the song could be better to suit Evelina e.g. bigger drama.


8:28 -
05. Hungary - Kati Wolf - What About My Dreams

I love Kati! Her vocals sound good tonight.
I think this is good Europop, totally what Eurovision is about. I hope this does well because I enjoyed it.
The backing singers were a bit crap though.

SCORE: 9.25

8:33 -
06. Ireland - Jedward - Lipstick

JEDWARD! It actually did put a smile on my face.
To be honest Jedward have really improved since X Factor but I'm not going to judge them on singing they are purely entertainment.
They do have a lot of energy which makes them work at Eurovision. I actually quite like what's on the LED screen.
I think it might be a minute too long but still I am totally loving this purely as entertainment

SCORE: 9.25

8:37 - 
07. Sweden - Eric Saade - Popular

I hear teen girls swooning all over Europe.
Honestly the lyrics this year are awful! Who thought these lyrics were good? And I'm the type of person that normally listens to the music before the lyrics.
Yeah Eric is good looking but I wonder if he would get any votes besides his looks. Are the dance moves that great? Because I definitely don't think the singing is great. so voters must be voting for something other than his singing.
Anyway I do like the music, just not the lyrics but Eric seems quite nice.

SCORE: 8.5

8:41 -
08. Estonia - Getter Jaani - Rockefeller Street

I've never understood the love for this, maybe it's just not my type of music.
What does 1-2-7-3 mean btw?
I am a bit bored of this but Getter performs this quite well and I quite like Getter actually.
I think Getter is not in a great position here as she's after two similar bubblegum pop tracks, I for one feel a bit tired of it.

SCORE: 8.25

8:45 -
09. Greece - Loukas Giorkas ft. Stereo Mike - Watch My Dance

Never really understood this, rap and traditional Greek folk music don't mix well imo.
As somebody stated before they feel like two songs badly mashed together.
Sadly I'm pretty bored of this. I think if they stuck with the folk and made it quite traditional it would have been better - in the same tone as Harel Skaat's Milim.
Singing was decent but I was bored basically.


8:49 -
10. Russia - Alexey Vorobyov - Get You

I still don't believe this song is supposedly produced by supposedly an internationally renowned producer because I think the song is a bit shite! The music annoys me so much. I think the only redeeming factor about this is Alexey trying to instil some energy and fun into it because I don't like the song, I don't understand what Alexey is singing and Alexey is slightly on the arrogant side. The dancing however seems better than Sweden.
However if we were to compare Russia with Sweden I prefer Sweden however he is bound to get votes as Russia always do (remember last year!)


8:53 -
11. France - Amaury Vassili - Sognu

It's nice but I think bookies are putting him as favourite because we as Europeans don't want to look uncultured because Amaury must be one of the most talented, if not the most talented, here. However I didn't get the same impact as I did with the MV.
I think his voice is nice but it lacked power tonight imo.

SCORE: 8.75

8:57 -
12. Italy - Raphael Gualazzi - Madness of Love

I do like a jazzy number, it's quite a nice change from opera to jazz. However it's a bit too understated, doesn't really work at Eurovision. My foot was mildly tapping from this but it needed something extra, however decent performance, not memorable enough though.

SCORE: 8.75

9:00 - WOW 1 hour, that went fast.

9:02 - wow the break was short

9:02 -
13. Switzerland - Anna Rossinelli - In Love For A While

The pleasant shock of the year, I love Anna and was so happy she made it, one of my favourite tracks this year.
It's good she got placed on the 2nd half but I thought the interval was very very short so maybe it wouldn't make much difference.
I love this, it reminds me of Anna Bergendahl last year. Anna is so adorable! Everything's working well here I think or maybe I'm biased but I love it.

SCORE: 9.25


9:06 - 
14. United Kingdom - Blue - I Can

Sound problems :S
What were with those portraits at the start?
The start was underwhelming, however I do like their harmonies. Lee wasn't on form.
I am a bit disappointed by this performance but I still love the song, the vocals just weren't working I think.
I don't know how to score this.

SCORE: 8.75
No just for the sake of it I'm changing it.
(9:35) Sorry changed this again.

9:11 -
15. Moldova - Zdob si Zdub - So Lucky

I guess it's good Blue performed before Moldova because everybody is ridiculing Moldova so people might remember Blue more. 
Personally besides the hats I don't think this is as bad as everybody is saying it is.
I am however rather bored of it now.


9:14 -
16. Germany - Lena - Taken By a Stranger

Boo GN doesn't like this.
I like this and I love how it sounds so different from everything else but I'm not sure about it tonight. And how thin is Lena!
Ok I do agree this might have not been a good choice for a live performance as I had feared but I still like it.
I loved the randomness and coolness and Lena was looking awesome.

SCORE: 8.75

9:19 - 
17. Romania - Hotel FM - Change

I don't know but does anyone think this sounds a bit like the UK's act in 2010 with Josh Dubovie? I hope it actually scores though because it isn't that bad. 
Maybe it doesn't sound that much like it but it gives me the same vibe.
I think this isn't enough this late in the day, I'm starting to get a bit tired and this isn't helping. I think the song sounds a bit too karaoke.

SCORE: 8.25

GN: threw those trousers away - lol

9:22 -
18. Austria - Nadine Beiler - The Secret Is Love

Nadine is a decent singer but the song is boring and pretty badly written.
I don't know about this, it just doesn't work and I think her voice is overrated. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and give her a decent score for her vocal however I think she screams too much.

SCORE: 8.5

9:26 -
19. Azerbaijan - Ell and Nikki - Running Scared

I think their good placing means Azerbaijan will most probably feature in the Top 3.
I think this is overrated but then it's still a decent track.
The vocals weren't bad but weren't that great. Everything seemed to merge together imo (not in a good way) and does anyone think that Nikki looks a bit like the TWiiNS from Slovakia?

SCORE: 8.5

9:31 -
20. Slovenia - Maja Keuc - No One

To be honest I'm utterly bored of this, I don't even think it's Maja's fault I just think it's that time of the night and because all the favourites have performed now. I think the song is a bit boring anyway, Maja has a decent vocal though and she is too quiet in the low points.
The song isn't that bad it has some decent qualities but overall it doesn't really work for me.

SCORE: 8.5

9:35 -
21. Iceland - Sjonni's Friends - Coming Home

I do like this, maybe it says something about me i.e. I'm a bit too mature for my years, or something in that tone, it's just quite a nice foot tapping song. I just quite enjoy watching these 6 guys on stage because they look like they're having a lot of fun and doing it for Sjonni. It's a sweet song and it would be great if they got some points.


9.40 -
22. Spain - Lucia Perez - Que me quiten lo bailao

It's quite nice that these rather light hearted and fun songs are near the end.
Lucia is looking gorgeous tonight.
I do like the energy of this song, it's better than some of their previous attempts.
I don't agree with the critics, I actually quite like this - may have needed a bit more umph but it's still a decent entry.

SCORE: 8.75
Wait have any of you realised... I've given the same score to all the Top 5.

9.44 -
23. Ukraine - Mika Newton - Angel

I know the sand artist was the one who made sand artists the it thing but I'm slightly tired of seeing sand art now, it has really been overdone now.
I like Mika but I have no clue what she is singing though her vocals are decent but the whole thing is rather boring.

SCORE: 8.75
ok no I'm going to up her score because she sang decently

9:48 - 
24. Serbia - Nina - Caroban

I quite like the psychedelic colours and it's all just a bit of fun.
I do like this, it does make me less bored so I'm scoring her well.
Wait I'm saying this like it's not good, it's actually quite good.

SCORE: 8.75

9.52 -
25. Georgia - Eldrine - One More Day

The last one! Aw the children are so cute (I'm talking about the VT)
I actually quite like this, I seem to like most things GN doesn't. I don't know, the screaming seems to work for me this time and I think the rapping works (unlike with Greece's performance). The lead singer could have improved on her vocals but in general it's quite mood enhancing and I think it'll do well, Top 10 well - especially as it's last.

SCORE: 8.75


We've survived another year!

I really don't know who is going to win but I think Ireland, Hungary and Azerbaijan are within reach.

Ok a rundown of my rankings tonight.

1st. Switzerland
2nd. Hungary
3rd. Ireland
4th. Lithuania
5th. Iceland - did I really score them this high
6th. Denmark
7th. Germany
8th. United Kingdom
9th. Spain
10th. France
11th. Serbia
12th. Ukraine
13th. Italy
14th. Georgia
15th. Finland
16th. Sweden
17th. Azerbaijan
18th. Slovenia
19th. Austria
20th. Estonia - I thought I scored them higher
21st. Romania
22nd. Russia
23rd. Bosnia and Herzegovina
24th. Moldova
25th. Greece

Ok I accept I may have been a bit delusional with some of the scoring, now that I look back at it Estonia wasn't that bad and Iceland wasn't that good. I think I've been quite nice with the scoring though tonight.

My dad, who came back home right when Ukraine were performing, loves Ukraine, he hasn't seen any of the other entries though.


ARGH! lol. I hope my top 3 + UK do well.

10:16 - Just get on with it!

10:21 - Get Lena on for an encore! I'd much rather here Taken by a Stranger again despite it being quite a non performance song.

I really hope the UK does well as everybody keeps on saying we don't deserve it because we don't take it seriously and send nobodies. Yes Blue were a thing of the past but at least they are well known.

10:25 - OMG cool, love the dividing screen. They have done very well with the staging tonight.



Do the countries at the very far edge of the green room feel cheated because the screen doesn't go that far.


RUSSIA - Dima Bilan - YEAH RUSSIA GAVE US 4. Greece, Ukraine and Azerbaijan - urgh.

BULGARIA - Maria... - Ooh Ireland 3. Ukraine! wow, Greece, United Kingdom! YEAH 12 already.

YEAH we've done better than last year already 16 points :)

NETHERLANDS - ooh Ireland, we may get a high score! Bosnia, Sweden, Denmark - boo no UK.

ITALY - Rafaela - Moldova! United Kingdom! Yeah we are top! TOP, PICTURE PICTURE (GN), Romania - hmm...


CYPRUS - We get 4 :)! 30 Points! wow. Azerbaijan, (Ireland aren't doing as well as I'd imagine). Sweden, Greece - Shocking!

Wow Hungary and Switzerland still haven't scored :S

UKRAINE - Ruslana - Yeah more points for UK, but Moldova are doing well. And Hungary score. Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia.

FINLAND - Iceland, Ireland, Hungary! YEAH! but no Anna :(

NORWAY - 1 point :). Iceland. Sweden. Finland - very varied scores this year

ARMENIA - UK - but we need some high scores now. Russia. Georgia. Ukraine

F.Y.R. MACEDONIA - United Kingdom 5 :). We are still 4th though. Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia

Oh no Switzerland is the only country without a point

ICELAND - We need some higher scores! Azerbaijan. Finland. Denmark.

SLOVAKIA - SWITZERLAND! Finally. Ireland. Sweden. Ukraine

UK - Please don't give any to Sweden, they are doing too well. oh no they did. Moldova! Switzerland - yeah good UK. Ireland

DENMARK - UK 3 ;), I see a lot of cold countries. Germany, Sweden, Ireland

AUSTRIA - Azerbaijan, Germany, Bosnia

We desperately need another 10 or 12

POLAND - Azerbaijan, Italy, Lithuania - wow love you.

SWEDEN - GIVE US SOME POINTS! Bosnia, no we are dropping. Denmark, Ireland - guessed it.

SAN MARINO - Please I beg for some points! Yeah 2... Greece, Azerbaijan, Italy

GERMANY - I love how Moldova is doing well. Ireland, Greece, Austria.

AZERBAIJAN - Safura - I love how Anke looks like she just wants to punch the presenters. Greece, Georgia, Ukraine

SLOVENIA - 1 to UK. Serbia, Bosnia - wait I missed one. was it Germany.

I would not want to see Sweden winning, Azerbaijan winning would be worse in my opinion.

Denmark - 83
Azerbaijan - 85
Sweden - 91

TURKEY - UK 6! yeah. But we still need the 8,10 and 12s. Georgia, Bosnia, Azerbaijan 

isn't Russia feeling very sad they're doing worse than last year! I don't get how Eric is doing so so much better than them though.

SWITZERLAND - Germany, Iceland, Bosnia - wow they're climbing.

GREECE - UK 2.. I'm getting tired of seeing these scores though - I want 12s! Georgia, Italy, France

To be honest I had a feeling Kati wasn't going to do well because Eurovision has been shunning divas lately but after tonight I thought she would possibly get nearer to the top.

GEORGIA - Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Lithuania

FRANCE - Italy, Sweden, Spain - wow!

Wait, wait Estonia - I forgot about them, they're bottom!

SERBIA - Hungary, Slovenia, Bosnia - wow.

CROATIA - So harsh from GN, Serbia, NO UK..., Azerbaijan, Slovenia

This is rather disappointing, I thought UK would do a bit better.

BELARUS - Germany, Ukraine, Georgia

ROMANIA - Greece, Azerbaijan, Moldova..............

I think Azerbaijan have won.

ALBANIA - UK 6! I am getting very bored with being excited for these low scores. Azerbaijan, Greece, Italy - wow they are doing very well - better than us!

MALTA - UK 7! Wait I just said I didn't want to be excited for none top 3 scores! Ireland, Italy, Azerbaijan - why!

PORTUGAL - I am not saying 3 for.... Azerbaijan - NO! Italy, Spain.

I am absolutely shocked that Italy is the highest at the moment of the BIG 5

HUNGARY - Greece, Sweden, Iceland

Does anyone know who have the most 12s atm

LITHUANIA - Azerbaijan, Italy, Georgia

please let the UK get into the Top 10. Well I guess Italy is going to come back next year.

BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA - Azerbaijan, Serbia, Slovenia

NO SHIT WE ARE at 13th

IRELAND - GIVE US 12 or I'll hate IRELAND - 6 6 6 6 6 6  6 6 6 6  6 6 Hate you we gave you 12! Moldova - and Moldova! Lithuania, Denmark - yeah at no Azerbaijan. I think it's the quiffs

I would really hate if my favourite was at the bottom. they are quite far at the bottom.

SPAIN - Romania, France, Italy - why do nobody like us.

ISRAEL - Give us 12! 1 1 1 - well at least it's something. And no shit Estonia gets more meaning Switzerland is far behind. Russia, Denmark, Sweden

I hope we get more than 100.

ESTONIA - Azerbaijan, Denmark, Sweden

MOLDOVA - UK 4, we need 5 more to make 100. Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Romania

BELGIUM - Greece, Romania, France - I can't believe they didn't give us any points.

LATVIA - YEAH UK! 100 yeah. Germany, oh shit we got kicked out of Top 10, Ireland, no moldova please. Italy - 2nd!

And Azerbaijan win

Oh well, in a way I liked Satellite more.

Does Nikki has a daughter called Cider or was Graham Norton pronouncing it wrong?

just kidding

I feel like I shouldn't even bother anymore when my dad who came back for the last two and a half of the performances picked Ukraine and my favourite came last :(

I can't actually believe Switzerland scored so lowly compared to everyone else, 19 and next to last looks like 44.

The backing singer looks very pretty, the tallest one I think.

I'll update this in a bit when I see all the scores on wikipedia.

11:40 - Scores are being slowly updated by wikipedia, so sad that Anna Rossinelli scored so lowly, she only got 9 from countries besides the UK! Well at least I know the UK has good taste.

I honestly didn't expect Sweden and Italy to do that well, I underestimated the teen girls voting for Eric Saade. And I guess the jury did a lot to put Italy up there.

Anyway before I go onto my boring rant thanks for everyone who followed my blog tonight.

I am still rather shocked that the bookies got it so wrong this year with France, I always had my doubts.

So the semifinal results are out of Wikipedia, verified by I am rather shocked Norway placed 17th, I was almost sure they just missed out. Why do people hate Haba Haba so much, Stella honestly isn't that bad. Pretty shocked how Azerbaijan came 2nd from this because if you look at the results this semi didn't have as many favourites for the title. I still don't understand why Europe love Greece.

And wow at Netherlands placing 19th and Belgium 11th! Ukraine came 6th! But they did so well in the finals. Also I'm rather puzzled Estonia wasn't really liked by Europe, I've heard countless numbers saying how they love Getter and think she could win but she scored so lowly, ninth in her semi. Ireland was only 8th in their semis!

This years scoring has been pretty shite actually.

I'm bored now, I'm going to look back at what I've posted and see who got the most 12 points.

I haven't checked this properly but supposedly Bosnia and Herzegovina got the most 12s with FYR Macedonia, Austria, Slovenia, Switzertland and Serbia giving them 12 points, Italy got 4 and Azerbaijan, Denmark, Georgia, Ukraine and Ireland got 3. Though saying that 21 countries got 12 points and Sweden only got 12 points when Israel gave them 12 - Israel was like 39th from the 43 countries giving out scores - so how did Sweden do so well!

Some quick facts - the first ten countries gave 12 points to ten different countries, Iceland broke that by giving Denmark their 2nd 12 points. Azerbaijan had only got one 12 points by the half way stage.

Only Estonia, Russia, Switzerland and Germany didn't get a 12! Shock at Germany not getting a 12 and Russia! Wow, they even got a 12 last year!

I may do 12,10,8 points but remember I missed one of the 10 points

Quite a lot of countries actually gave us points, more than half but they were mostly low points.

Woah United Kingdom gave Lithuania 12 points in the semifinals, maybe my taste isn't actually that different to the UK in general.

Ok I don't think the detailed scores are going to come out soon, e.g. the jury vs voting scores. So I'm going to do a roundup now until I get to see what the jury thought of this years bunch.

Azerbaijan was a predictable winner, the song is ok but the singing was average so in all honesty it wasn't a good year for me. But good job England for not giving Azerbaijan any points. Italy was a shock 2nd place, I guess they'll be coming back next year! However I think they shouldn't have scored that highly. Sweden was also a shock, so was Ukraine. Sweden had a good song whilst Mika was a good singer but I didn't expect either to make it into the Top 5. Denmark deserved their Top 5 place. Bosnia was also a slight shock but I thought they'd get into the Top 10. Greece was predictable but shouldn't have placed so highly. Good job Ireland, before tonight I didn't expect them to do that well but I guess even I was swept off into Jedward land and routed for them to get the title. Finishing the Top 10 were Georgia and Germany. Ah boo UK were 11th. Moldova were 12th! France came 15th, lol, bookies favourite my ass. Russia came 16th - honestly lower than last year! WTF. Austria came 18th but what was more interesting was that they suddenly became 4th/5th favourites to win when I checked the odds after the performances. Finland only got 21st! And boo that Hungary came 22nd and Switzerland were bottom. Overall not a good year for me.

And a little comment on Blue, I still love the song but their performance wasn't good, I think we could have made the Top 5 if we had a note perfect performance. 

See you later

As somebody commented asking what the final ranking was here is the final ranking made clearer

1st. Azerbaijan - 221
2nd. Italy - 189
3rd. Sweden - 185
4th. Ukraine -159
5th. Denmark - 134
6th. Bosnia & Herzegovina - 125
7th. Greece - 120
8th. Ireland - 119
9th. Georgia - 110
10th. Germany - 107
11th. UK - 100
12th. Moldova - 97
13th. Slovenia - 96
14th. Serbia - 85
15th. France - 82
16th. Russia - 77
17th. Romania - 77
18th. Austria - 64
19th. Lithuania - 63
20th. Iceland - 61
21st. Finland - 57
22nd. Hungary - 53
23rd. Spain - 50
24th. Estonia - 44
25th. Switzerland - 19

oh, and loving Bulgaria for your 12 points :)

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